My Place in the World

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Another Rant, this time about the world and our place in it

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



Your place in the World

It is a phrase we hear often, whether it is referring to our roles, titles or abilities. but what meaning actually lies behind the phrase other than just the basic information already explained, well I'm here to give a guess at it.

It all starts when we get born into the world, as of then you fulfilled a vacated place in your parent's hearts etc. etc. when I first thought of our roles when we are born, i believed that you just had to observe the things that were going around your own mind and body and just keep within those boundaries. It was rather easy for me to decide, that this way of thinking is very egotistical, in the way that just keeping to yourself defies one of the groundbreaking rules, we as humans have, learning and sharing. with that rule in mind, I continued my search and then stumbled upon my own life as a teenager, one filled with doubt about my own involvement in other peoples affairs. again I thought if this trail of thought were justified, or just as egotistic as before. 

Then we come to adulthood, and whether I looked at the early 20ies or later, I came to the same question:

Are you allowed to deny advice or just basic knowledge in the search of inevitable failures?

It is a question that has dazzled me, not in its rather basic manner of questioning your right to make mistakes, but in its way to bring to mind the battle between right and wrong, and the lack thereof.

I continued to look for answers to this question, with no success, it seemed destined that I will live my life in uncertainty if any people around have the same thoughts, the same desire for answers as I do until I saw a debate with Stephen Fry in it

What he said changed me in way of thought and belief

He said

"It is not a matter of being right or wrong, it is about being effective"

And that was the seemingly obvious answer I have been looking for, it does not matter whether or not you want to share or not, it does not matter if you think what you are doing is right or wrong (not too excessive of course). 

the question was not "Are you allowed to do that and to do that" it is rather:

If you are being held back from sharing knowledge if you truly want to grow in the sense of debating and being openminded, then always look for answers and share those you find, no title or place in this world can hold you if you truly want to create a legacy or just like me are looking for answers. 


Last off I can see that my thoughts and beliefs may be hard to follow, I'm not even gonna try to defend that. What I am going to do is try and share my knowledge, whether it may be wrong or right, because trial and error is the way forwards


Thank you for reading :) hope you enjoyed the cluster**** that was this piece. Will be writing something a bit more readable sometime in the future.


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