Hell To Pay

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Ixis is a cat burglar with a son that is 8 years old. With troubles about his son being bullied in school, he reconnects with an old friend from school, followed by romance with her. He is shortly put in a situation that he doesn't want to be in which involves a girl named Annaleise. He has to get her out of the situation, and still has to think about the dangers he puts his son through. Find out what happens in 'Hell To Pay'.

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



Hi, my names Ixis. I’m a professional thief and pickpocket. I can sneak anything valuable from any wallet, and can steal anything with stealth. I have the stealth of a cat, and the strength of a lion. I had never been caught. I was also a very sneaky cat burglar.

I had a kid at my run down apartment on the bad side of town, that I had to care for. He was 8. A very young age. His mother wouldn’t be in his life. I had to support him somehow. I had hired a babysitter for the nights I was to be out on the town. My son’s name was Ben. We were fairly happy.

One night, I was out sneaking into a house, when I spotted a nice, beautiful woman on the same street. I stopped to greet her. She looked like she was in her early twenties.

“Hi, who might you be?” I asked casually. Then a man stepped out of the car beside us, and said, “Beat it, before I beat you. Don’t talk to my girlfriend.”

I looked at him. He was a big hefty man, but I knew I could take him out.

“How about you beat it,” I said to him.

He got out of the car, and attempted to punch me. I dodged, and counter-striked, hitting him with all of my strength. He fell down, then got up, drawing a knife. He attempted to stab me, but I high tailed it out of there. I was gone out of sight within ten seconds. They had no idea where I went. I over heard their conversation.

“You are such a jackass,” the woman said.

“You know, Annaleise, I do my best to keep you safe.”

“He was just saying hi,” said Annaleise.

“Yeah, and probably gonna try to get with you.”


I left, hearing enough of the conversation. I got some valuables from some houses, including $200, and went home. I thought about Annaleise that night, thinking if I would ever see her again, and if she would get rid of that scumbag boyfriend she had.

I received a call from an unknown number. It had been a girl I had went to school with. She wanted to grab lunch with me tomorrow. I told her I could, cause Ben would be at school.

I went out with her the following day. She looked stunningly beautiful, in all black, with her dyed black hair up in a pony tail. Her blonde roots were showing, but I didn’t say anything. She was very polite.

“It’s so good to see you again, Ixis,” she said.

“It’s good to see you too, Rosa.”

Her name was Rosa, but usually people call her Rosy.

“What do you do for a living now?” she asked, looking at me with blue eyes sparkling.

I lied and said I was a construction worker. I didn’t want Rosy to know my profession. She probably would never talk to me again.

“Oh, do you enjoy doing that?” she asked.

“Most days,” I said. “Sometimes it’s hard. But it pays the bills, ya know?”

“Yeah,” she said.

We chatted for a bit, ate some sub sandwiches, and then she had to leave. I said my goodbyes, and told her to call me anytime.

When that was over, I drove home. I slept for what seemed like a good minute before Ben got home.

“Hey buddy, how was school?” I asked.

He looked sad. “I was bullied,” he said, and started to cry.

“It’s best to stick up for yourself. Fight back, Ben.”

He sobbed. “I don’t want to get into trouble.”

“It’ll be okay if you do. I won’t punish you for it.”

“But the school will.”


After our little conversation, Ben did his homework. He was a very smart kid, and made straight A’s. Maybe he would do something with his life, unlike being a cat burglar. I sure do hope he goes to college, and leads a normal life.

That night, I went out on the town after the babysitter came. I made up a plan in my head, and mapped out where I would be going. There were big mansions on the other side of town. I quickly drove there, and parked a few blocks down from where I would be going.

I snuck into the house, to see a bald man sleeping in a bed. I stole some money, $1,000, and got the hell out of there.

I quickly walked back to my car, to see Rosy leaning up against it.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her, not knowing how she knew I would be here.

“I followed you,” she said. “You’re a cat burglar. I should have known.”

I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing at all, until a question popped up in my head.

“You’re not gonna tell anybody, are you?”

She smirked. “No, why would I?”

I smiled. “You should do it with me. I could train you.”

“Maybe so, but I can’t risk going to jail.”

“Hah,” I chuckled. “That’s not a risk if you’re with me. But you look pretty flexible, and light on your feet.”

She laughed. “I took gymnastics growing up.”

“See? I could really use your assistance.”

“Okay, I’ll let you train me, but we better not get caught.”

I smiled. “We won’t. I guarantee you that.”


We drove to my house. I dismissed the babysitter, and made Rosy some coffee. We talked a little, and then the unimaginable happened. She kissed me. I kissed her back, and we made love in my bed. She used her flexible body in ways I could never imagine. I fell asleep afterwards, and had a dream. In the dream, me and Rosy were out being cat burglars, and someone shot her. I woke up a heated mess, to see Rosy had left. I assumed I would be hearing from her in a couple of nights. I still had her number, in case I needed her. I got Benjamin up for school the following morning, and fed him breakfast. He smiled as I kissed him goodbye, and he got on the school bus. I watched him out the window. I went back to sleep afterwards, I was still tired from last night. I woke up to my phone ringing. It was an unknown number. I picked up saying, “Hello, who is this?”

At first the other person was silent. Then in a muffled voice, he said, “I know where your bitch lives.”

“Who are you?!” I screamed into the phone, but then the person on the other line hung up. I quickly called Rosa, to see if she was alright. She was concerned. I asked her to stay with me for a couple of days, to make sure she would be alright. She complied wholeheartedly, and came over as quickly as I had called her.

“So what did they say?”

“That they knew where you lived,” I said. She looked horrified.

“In any case, Ixis, I can handle myself, you know?”

I chuckled and said, “Yeah, I know you can, but I would rather be safe than sorry.” She hugged me, and thanked me for being concerned. That night, I didn’t go out to steal. I was too worried about Rosy, and would probably wait awhile before we went out again. I put Ben to sleep after dinner, and I decided to start training Rosy. She did extremely well. I taught her how to hold a knife, and started to teach her how to throw it when I received another call from the same person I was presuming. It read that it was an unknown number.

I answered and said, “What now?”

“We have the girl… Hmmm… Her name is Annaleise. If you want her to live, meet us at 113 Industrial Rd, in the alley way beside the bar. Come alone or she will get killed. Be there in an hour.” They hung up.

“Great,” I said. “Just great.”

“Who was that?” asked Rosy.

“Them,” I said. “They have a girl I met. I gotta meet them in an alleyway in 30 minutes or she’ll get killed. I have to go alone.”

“Are you gonna play Mr. Hero?” she asked.

“Yeah, I have no other choice. I want you to stay here and look after Ben while I go. If I die, please take good care of Ben.”

We kissed each other, and then I left to pursue the villains of tonight. I drove in silence. When I came upon the alleyway, I saw pitch black darkness. I held a flash light, and saw 2 men, one holding a knife to Annaleise’s throat. The other with a gun in his hands.

“I’m here I said, a knife in my boots, another around my waist. I would not hesitate to throw one at a motherfucker.

“Give us the cash you stole from Sir Walker’s mansion,” said one of the affiliated assassins.

“What are you talking about?” Sir Walker could be anybody.

He back handed me with the gun, “You know what I’m talking about!” he yelled. And then he beat me to a bloody pulp with his fists and his guns.

“You stole $1,000, where is it?” The other guy started to cut Annaleise’s throat, and she yelped out in fear.

I threw a knife, and It landed in the guy that was holding Annaleise, and hit him in the jugular. He instantly went down. I heard a gun shot, but as dark and as quick as I was in the dark, the guy didn’t stand a chance. He must have been new to this. I had my knife up to his throat in a heart beat, and slit his throat.

I took his gun right out of his hands and shot him. I grabbed Annaleise, and we ran to my car.

She looked beat up, with bruises all over her, and her hair was messed up. She wore a sun dress, and had smeared makeup all over her face.

“Are you alright?” I asked very loudly, and concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine besides this cut.”

I looked over to see she was holding her throat, and blood was dripping down on her dress.

I gave her a towel that I had in the back of my car. She held it to her neck. I quickly took her to my house, where she showered.

“Who is she?” asked Rosy.

“She’s a girl I met a few nights ago. Me and her boyfriend got into a brawl just because I had said hello.”

I thought of Benjamin that night. What if that guy had gotten a hold of Ben instead of Annaleise? Then everybody would have hell to pay. I decided that this line of work wasn’t going to cut it because the safety of my kid. I instantly gave it up, and got a regular full time job as a construction worker. A year later, Rosy had a baby by me, and we got married.

It’s strange how life could turn out to be, but I was happy with my small family. I was happy that I had gotten out of such a horrible lifestyle. I was happy that I was done with being a cat burglar. I had a decent life, and began to live for my family.

Things in my life were great. And would remain that way until the day that I would die.


The end.

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