Galaxy Dust, first interlude

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: The Imaginarium
Space travel exploration, part 1.

Created: March 22,2019

Submitted: October 07, 2018

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Submitted: October 07, 2018



I am flying,

not in a rocket nor a plane

but in the mind,

where all these same things,

wandering intertwine,

calling out simultaneously,

searching for change. 



  I left that Earth,

hoping my death would be the same,

as beautiful as my life,

compared to my birth,

what only seemed like moments ago;

for here I am on the last stretches of this universe,

a place undiscovered

in this unknown. 


I visited them, one by one, every moon, planet, star shaped sun.


How far the distance seems to be, from the past, finding a new way of love in between.


I only a spent a day or two on each world,

comfort fleeing the grasp within my reach,

of this girl

fucking around in so many different flavors of dust unfurled,

kissing at the darkness

with wettened lips

of bleach.


  I journeyed on,

never looking back,

no more fear, no more stress, no more money to worry upon,

eye brow raised at,

in only god we trust,

and the face of girl,

whom from this world has gone,

but never from me has left alone,

her ashes I carry in an urn,


my tears will make from this dust;

into stone,

just to bring her back to life.


  I finally landed,

just on the outskirts of my new home,

traveling for a millennium,

tricking time

in this dome. 


  I just got into this celestial town

about an hour ago,

seeing which way the wind blows,

I don't need to look around anymore.

  This is my story of

all the worlds I have I known

and all the places I have explored; 

how I brought an angel back to life,

sending her home.


At the edge of the universe,

I stand with her

one last time;

I remember

our first kiss.


This is about our last goodbye. 


I lit a candle for you, that one you always told to me,

never burn because it was a decoration.


Now that your gone,

I'm breaking the promise of,

 keeping all those wishes;

these are the things I wish I had done when you were still here,

to see them.


So I'm burning this damned candle for you,

I won't blow it out,

when it darkens out and the flame drowns,

in its own liquid,

then so be it.


Until then,

the room will be lit up,

in your spirit. 

I suppose the thing about this is,

the room I am locked in, air tight,

and your flame taking up the precious air I need,

to breathe.


I don't care.

Soon, when my ship lands on the first moon,

before I travel off to the next planet,

I'll pour this candle wax on its surface with a sprinkle of your ashes,

and they will always last forever.


Nothing  will ever separate this,

first step I had to take,

as I travel onward to find you. 


When I get there,

I will find water and turn a tea spoon of your ashes into clay,

making your life possible,

long after the time you passed.


One more long day,

and I will be with you,



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