The scary creature

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



One time there lived a village named vishvaasathali. There was a forest in that village which people even don’t see as there lived a scary creature in the forest. One day a boy called Nikhol went to the forest. He saw some footsteps which were very big. Then Nikhol followed those footsteps and saw a scary, strange and wild creature sitting. Nikhol got very scared and started to run back. But the creature followed him. With all his courage Nikhol ran very fast. Then Nikhol saw a tree which had a very sharp point on the top. With all his courage Nikhol climbed the tree point. The creature jumped very high to reach Nikhil and eat him. As fast as he could Nikhol jumped off the tree and the scary creature fell on the tree point and died. THE END



A short story by: Arjith karnam

© Copyright 2019 Arjith Karnam. All rights reserved.

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