Ritual of womanhood

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What do you expect to gain after you've overcome danger?

Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



We all went through it. Every mermaid eventually had to do it. Or at least the lucky few that got chosen to become a mermaid. The ritual of womanhood. A sacred right that we went through and that marked our entrance into the world of the grownups.

Last year had been my sisters turn, this year it was mine. The two merfolk guards that would guide me to our mistress were already waiting for me. All i had to do was swim a few feet forward and take the hand that the left one offered me.

I was so nervous, my entire being trembled. My entire life i had waited for this event. A full 57 years. The age that one was considered to have reached maturity.

Finally, I took one deep breath, then closed the distance, sealing my fate.

He had a firm grip, reassuring me of my decision. his gentle smile gave me courage. A thought crossed my mind. Maybe He’d be chosen as my partner, after the right was complete. Just maybe.

For now all I could do was stare into his gorgeous eyes, while we whispered the ancient lines

“You, who now has reached the age of completion, do you accept your place amongst the Mermaids?”

“Yes, yes I will”

“Then from today onward, you will forget your old name. From today on, your name is ‘Rose’. Carry it with honor and vigilance”
“I won’t disappoint”

I was proud of myself. I had perfectly remembered the lines, even if there was only two. My mind was blank, only containing my excitement and fear of the unknown that still lay before me. I looked back, at my mother and younger sister. Neither of them had been chosen to become a mermaid, they would stay Merfolk forever. A sad smile curled my mothers lips, while my little sister was out of it from glee and joy. She kept bouncing up and down and only my mother’s harsh words could keep her from swimming to me and hugging me one last time.

I would have loved to properly say goodbye, but i already felt the hand of the guard gentle tug on mine, ushering me forward. Before us yawned the abyss, deep and dark, it’s walls lined with hundreds of holes. A labyrinth and at its end lay salvation.

I looked down and saw my own feet, long, gracefull and with fins, that perfectly accustomed to the invisble water streams. Not long then they would be replaced with a tail. a beautiful, long tail, that would allow me to be even faster then any other merfolk could ever dream of swimming.

I was lead to the utmost edge of the abyss. I could already feel the torrents that stormed through the tunnels pulling on my, like a lover trying to pull me into its deathly embrace.

“Go forth and may you return to us in glory”

I nod and took one last deep breath, preparing myself for the inevitable. Then I let myself drift into the powers of water.

I immediatly was pulled downwards, into the seemingly endless nothing. Grey walls flashed before my eyes and many more curious things. Bright lights that moved through the dark on their own. plants trying to grip my feet and arms, their slimy tendrils pulling on me  before the streams pulled me free of their grasps. My instincts told me they were hungry. I shivered at the thought what would happen to me should one of them actually manage to grip me.

I at last entered some sort of grand chamber, with darkness all around me. I couldn’t see anything, but I felt the presence of something else within the same room. It was big, very big, and moved around me. sometimes closer, sometimes far away. I could have reached out to touch it but I didn’t dare. There was no telling what it would do.

A shower of light illuminated the creature. it was a giant kraken, Electricty sparking around it’s tentacles, making its outline visible to me. A giant, terrifying and unblinking eyes was staring at me. What i had throught to be something getting closer and farther in reality were the tentacles, moving around me, trying to encapsulate me.

A voiceless scream left my throat, as I hurried to try and escape. In the same moment my foes realized it had been spot and gave up it’s sneaky approach to hit me with full force. I was quick, but it was quicker. A hard hit on my head made my vision blur. In my frenzy I blindly threw a magical attack back to where I thought the Kraken to be. Crackling stones told me that I had missed by a long shot, instead hitting the cave wall.

A tentacle wrapped around my ankle, pulling me back rapidly.

ThIs time my attack couldn’t possible miss. the blast of water hit the kraken right in its eye and with a painful screech it’s grip on me lessened, allowing me to slip out and quickly get away, right back the way I cam, into the tunnels.

Behind me I heard loud cracking and booming noises, as the kraken tried to follow me, furious that its prey had escaped. The tentacles almost managed to grip me a couple of times, yet I always managed to escape at the last second, by furiously hurling one water blast after another behind me. My fear of death, my will to survive drove my magical capabilities beyond their normal strength and what would normally have cracked the walls now made large portions collapse.

At last the entire tunnel broke down, crushing the kraken’s appendages that had followed me.

It was only now, after I had calmed from the near death experience for a little, that I realized the tunnel I fled into to be a different one than the one that originally led me to the cavern. The water was absolutely still. Almost deathly still. no current moved down here. I had in my haste lost my sense of direction and the tunnel could have led in any direction, the only thing i knew for certain was that it went downwards, deeper into the darkness.

The encounter had made me cautious and i placed a hand on the wall, slowly making my way along its surface. The rocks felt sharp and even though I took care to never tightly grip anywhere, I still managed to cut my skin in multiple places.

With my limited Darkvision I could barely see the other side of the tunnel. With every foot I advanced, it crept a little closer, as the tunnel kept getting narrower and narrower. The water pressure was starting to make me woozy, my thoughts getting sluggish and slow.

There was no other choice then to push on, so that’s what I did. Ignoring the many small cuts that the sharp edges of the walls left in my skin, I swam onwards, until I reached the utmost narrowest part of the entire tunnel. I could see that behind was light, some sort of exit, or maybe cave. Or maybe another monster.

I quickly considered my options, having to really focus, to fight against the drowziness that threatened to take me over. I could turn back, but the exit was blocked by many hundreds tons of rubble and behind it waited a hungry kraken for me. Here, I could smiw through this tunnel and maybe get out, yet in the attempt I would take a severe beating. The edges were sharper and reached deeper into the cave, I wasn’t even certain if i could fit through at all. Yet it seemed to be the only possible solution. after all I hadn’t seen any other path or tunnel that connected to the current one.

I took a deep breath, trying to clear out my head and focus on the task at hand.

Very slowly, I started swimming forward. I immediately felt tiny cuts on my skin, the shards easily piercing my soft skin. I had to focus hard so I wouldn’t flinch, which would mean immediate death. I made my way through, trying my best to evade the shards, yet It was a task that was incredibly hard. Yet I was driven onwards by the fact that I could see light at the end of the tunnel. For a second I got excited and trashed my leg, wanting to swim faster. Another voiceless scream left my mouth as I felt my hind fins cut in half. Suddenly it got really hard to keep my balance and I flailed my arms, starting to panic. Just this small movement was enough to pierce my arms, making them stuck in place. Blood darkened the water around me. This time I actually screamed. I screamed my throat out. I was on the edge of instanity. The water pressure made my head hurt by now, making me feel trapped. My arms were skewered and every single movement only increased the pain. Finally, I managed to force myself to stand still, to seize all movement.

Saying my thoughts aloud helped me focus.

“Slowly… pull your arms out… slowly…”

I  was panting, but I managed to calm down enough where I could think rationally again. once I had managed to, I slowly slid my arms off of the spikes. It hurt, my arms felt like they were burning. More blood kept pouring out of the wounds, until I finally managed to pull them out entirely. Only now did I dare to cast a minor water spell that would keep me from loosing even more blood. The fight with the kraken had weakned me and I needed a full 5 attempts to pull through with the spell.

Then, concentrating to the best of my abilities, I continued squeezing my way through the tunnel. I took way longer for every inch now, since I could only maouver with one fin. The other being cut to shreds.

At last, after long struggles, I managed to reach a point where the spikes got wider again, allowing for a little more room. I even took a few more cuts as I eagerly left the dangerous environment behind.

Not wasting a moment I quickly swam towards the light I had previously seen. A sigh of relief passed my lips as I felt the water pressure once again reach a bearable level. The Tunnel got even wider and I accelerated in speed further. Faster, I had to go faster. Something within me urged me to go towards the light. it was my destiny.

Finally, almost reaching the speed of sound, I reached whatever the light was, and pierced the water surface, jumping high into the air.

I was confused, since my inner compass still told me that I was miles below the surface.

it was only when I realized the gloom and the dark walls, that I knew where I was. A underwater cave.

And before me was the unicorn of water, Lust. All of this i realized while I still was midair, and my sluggish brain only now realized that I would hit stone. I’d smash right into ground and with a speed that was impossible to survive. I paniced and started to loudly scream. I screamed like I never had before, the fear of death gripping my heart. I closed my eyes and waited for doom, yet it never came.

A ball of water engulfed me, formed without any effort by Lust. I was still screaming, not able to calm down from the panic. It was only once I heard her voice that I did.


It was a deep, alluring voice. It felt like a wave crashed over me, washing away all of my panic. I opened my eyes and stared at her, not able to avert my gaze.

She had bright blue hair, that was floating, as if gravity couldn’t affect it and reminded me of waves, with every shade of blue somewhere visible.

She had 7 tails, each of which was in a different, yet distinct shade of blue. out of her forehead grew a small unicorn, twirled with black and blue. The unicorn of Lust.

“Welcome, to your ritual of womenhood”

She whispered once more and got up from her seat. With elegant steps she walked closer, at last reaching the bubble and entering it without it seeming to hinder her.

“You’ve come so far, You’ve deserved your reward”

She placed a hand on my cheek and I felt energy washing through my body, closing my wounds and clearning my head. She looked at me with longing in her eyes. I couldn’t help but notice that her lips parted in an incerdibly seductive way. Then she placed her other hand on my cheek as well and leaned in, passionatly kissing me.


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