The Wick

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



No one knew what was wrong at first. All they knew was that the school lost power. Not a huge deal. The PA system was still up and everyone was getting all the information they needed to be safe. Except for Abby, she was stuck in the hallway and couldn’t see anything. A classroom door was left open and she snuck inside, only to find no one was there. She took a decorative candle that felt very expensive from the teachers deck and sought out to find a lighter. She was very thankful that this was a chemistry room and that having a lighter wasn’t uncommon in here. She eventually found her way to the cabinets in the back and found multiple lighters and matches. She chose a match because she knew the teacher wouldn’t notice one match missing, and found something to strike it against. With a swish of her wrist, she light the match, then the candle. Shaking the match out, she carried the candle out of the room and back into the hallway. Although she still couldn’t see much, the simple glow of the candle helped her see more of what was right in front of her.

The lockers were now eloominated, the chipped paint and dented padlocks were now visible. The yellow lockers were older than most of the teachers at the school, and so were the textbooks. This school was a poor one, private, but poor. It was less than a hundred dollars a year to go here, so there wasn’t a lot of money that could be put to new lockers or padlocks or sports. It was a school many kids stayed at for no more than a year, before they decided just to except they didn’t have money and go to a public school, where they were usually better off. The empty hallway echoed Abby’s steps, and as if the darkness took away any sounds or people, she felt completely alone. Which was an accurate feeling, seeing as far as she knew, she was alone. The hallway then started to make noises to, as if it were whispering to itself, and it troubled Abby. She wasn’t the bravest person in the world, and she knew it. She could still get scared of her brother jumping out from a corner and yelling boo, but this time it seemed more ominous, more...deadly, than her brother. She started to walk slower, now taking in all sounds and noises, hearing herself in the hallway with no else there, hearing the whispering darkness, and the silence between it all that was too silent.

The PA system sparked up again, and with a high-pitched shriek the principal came on the speaker again. But this time his voice wasn’t calm like it was before, it was nervous, trembling, and without any restraint, he broke down in front of the whole school-


“This is an alert that we have an unknown creature in the building, it is crawling at classroom doors and breaking glass but is unable to get into the rooms, if you are in a classroom please close any blinds and stay as quiet as you can. This is not a drill! This is not a drill! If there is anyone in the hallway we advise you find a classroom or leave the building, we have had one student and one staff member attacked already in the halls, please get to your classrooms!”


With that, Abby ran down the hall to her class, she realized that running made her loudly but she didn’t care, she needed to get to her classroom. She her more whispers and ran faster than she ever had before. She ran past something that smelled of rotten eggs and trash mixed together, it was a strong smell that made her eyes water. A smell that got caught in her throat and stayed with her for a few steps, but went away. Suddenly she heard something behind her hiss, and then the cracking and crunching of something walking on broken glass. Then she heard more footsteps...they were someone, something, else’s. As she reached the door to her classroom she banged on in, begging the residents to let her in. All she heard was screams of them inside. Then she turned, and the candle burned out, just as she was knocked to the ground by an unseen force. She screamed but it did nothing, she was it’s now, and she closed her eyes and heard a crazy growl.


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