Someone in the bushes

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



There's someone in the bushes

I saw him there myself

I stare on in terror

He smiles to himself

I told no one of this nightmare

Afraid that I might be insane

I kept it so, so quiet

Then I saw him again

He watched me through my window

And then I dared to go outside

Every slow move that I made

Was joy to his dark eyes

"I think I'll go and meet him"

I say proudly in my mind

Once more I venture out my door

In search of lovely times

Confused I look around

My secret friend is gone

Heat swells in my eyes

Inside myself I'm drawn

I hear a lowered whisper

Hope sparks in my heart

I turn to see my hidden love

Waiting to tear me apart

I fall into his arms

Breathing in the scent of death

He caresses my intention

Quickening my breath

This monster seems so gentle

It had almost slipped my mind

That he is here for one thing alone

To steal away my life

© Copyright 2019 Marie Lane. All rights reserved.

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