Thanking God for you

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



It seems like it was just a bad dream. Yet I know it was real, the pain of my sins. The depression caused by my own deeds. Poor choices is where it all begins.

Darkness and despair not helped by alcohol. Took me deeper in my affliction than I ever wanted to go. So much happened it happened so fast, my world was crashing down. The misery, pain, the feeling of no escape I wish no one to know.

At my lowest and darkest hour, I cried out to God. In tears, I confessed the things I tried to hide. The rooms in my heart that I had locked away, areas I never wanted to see again. What I had forgotten during this storm, that Christ was by myside.

Confession brought mercy, mercy brought forgiveness. The forgiveness showed the love that I thought I had lost. The one who I hurt the most, even though she went away returned to me again. As I look back thinking I was going to end it all, it really wouldn't be worth the cost.

The love I have in my life, is something I don't understand. When others would of left, and never returned you really never left my side. I am truly greatful and blessed beyond measure. Your love is something to celebrate, and my love and admiration I can't hide.

Tomorrow we will celebrate 23 years together. How we ever made it this far? Only God truly knows. No matter how much more time we may have. Ever day I want you to know of the love and admiration I have and that it truly shows.

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