The Burley Wind

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



As a crisp breeze blew through Burley Avenue, Christopher walked along the brick sidewalk. It was fall and the multicolored leaves covered the streets and roads. The leaves crunched and crackled under Christopher's shoes, and he pulled his coat collar up higher to cover his face. His long dress pants were no help to protect his legs from the wind. The wind bite and attacked his legs with all its force, and the worst was yet to come. The wind blew east now, bringing in bad weather and pushing out the good.

By around five o'clock, Christopher started his way back, the wind had gotten stronger and the sky had turned a dark grey. The animals started to hide away and so did the people. There were less and less people on the sidewalk every minute, and soon Christopher was the only one left. After walking about two more blocks, Christopher remembered the words his mother had said all those years ago, “A happy view can change the environment around you.” At first Christopher had thought it was a poem, or maybe a quote by one of his mother’s favorite authors, Shakespeare, Poe, Maurier, but it was her, speaking from the heart. Something people rarely do nowadays..Christopher thought. The skies opened up and it started to rain, and Christopher was still far from his home. Walking through the rain and wind, he was joyous, he had never stopped thinking positive since what his mother said, and he couldn’t even force himself to think otherwise. He was a strong optimist, and he prided himself on it. Now there wasn’t a single animal, person, or car, outside. People in this age are scared of the elements, scared of what they can’t control, but Christopher loved it. He loved being at will to something greater than him, he found it relaxing. If he couldn’t control it, why stress over it. He found people now stressed more over what they couldn’t control than what they could.

The trees around him shook and the leaves ran with the wind beside him, but he could now see his home. He got to the street corner, the end of Burley Avenue, and stopped. He felt a burst of warmth, he loved this feeling, and is why he kept coming back here. The clouds in the sky parted and gave way, and soon Christopher wasn’t in a storm anymore, he was in a sunny, bright day. The slight circle above him started to glow with sunshine, and Christopher smiled. He had changed his environment, again. The rays grew stronger and brighter, and Christopher was lifted off his feet into the hole in the sky. He disappeared in the hole, and was greeted by his mother.


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