Trapped at Bugsy’s Pizza Place

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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



Bugsy's Pizza Place 


Trapped at Bugsy's Pizza Place

By RC1123

I was not in the best mood that night. I had to babysit a seven-year-old kid named Seth. I was getting paid a hundred dollars by Seth's parents. I was sixteen then so I would be spending the money on DVDs of my favorite bands. I was told to take Seth to a restaurant called Bunny's Pizza Place. Apparently, Bugsy's Pizza Place was a Chuck E Cheese type restaurant. It had one of those creepy robotic mascots. I think it was named Bugsy Bunnie or something like that. I thought it was super corny but my parents were making me do this as they said it would "teach responsibly."

I drove Seth down to the restaurant. When I walked, I was not surprised. Except for the different mascots, the place looked exactly like a Chuck E Cheese. Seth ran off to play some of the games and I sat down at one of the tables. I was trying not to look at the mascots because they were creeping me out. The mascots were the bunny, some kid holding a cake, and a pig looking thing. They had abnormally big eyes even for a cartoonish mascot. It was too real. I scrolled through my social media feeds in an attempt to forget about them. Suddenly a really loud song came on. It startled me and I glanced up at the stage. Right then, I noticed Bugsy was staring straight at me. This scared me so much that I went to go find an employee. He told me that the robots are programmed to make eye contact. I told him that it helped reassure me but deep down it scared me even more.

Nine O'clock rolled around. It was the time when the restaurant closed. Seth was one of those definite kids so he threw a huge fit when I told him we had to go. As I was trying to get him to go, I noticed how quickly how all of the employees were leaving. It wasn't like they were just wanting to get out of there, it was like they were afraid of something. Seth ran off and I had to chase him all around the restaurant. Suddenly all of the lights turned off and I was in total darkness! "Great," I muttered. I turned on the flashlight on my cell phone and began to search the building

I ended up in the hallway behind the main room. I doubted that anyone that did not work here came back here. It was creepy. I tried searching for a cleaner or someone like that but there was no one. I called out for Seth but got no reply. Then I heard a strange sound. It sounded like someone walking but it was too heavy to be a person. I turned around to see the outline of a ginormous figure! I didn't want to see what it was so I bolted down the hallway. '

I found a closet where I could hide. I jumped in the closet and ducked behind some cleaning supplies. As I lay there in terror, questions were racing through my mind. What kind of place is this? What is that thing that was standing at the end of the hall? I got my answer to the latter question at that moment. I heard the thing walking down the corridor. Instead of hiding as I should have, I opened the door and shined the light from my phone at the thing. It was Bugsy! Why would they let those robots walk around like that? I stood there frozen in fear as it came closer to me. The artificial grin stretching wider and wider! I took off running. I was so scared that I did not care where I went.

I ended up back in the main room. The pig robot was walking around in the dining area. I had no idea where Seth could have been. I took out my phone and dialed 911 but no one answered. I felt sick to my stomach. The only plan that I could think of was to sneak out of the place and then call the cops to find Seth. I stood up, my heart pounding harder than ever.

I snuck back into the hallway behind the dining room and I found a small window that I could fit through. The window was hard to open but eventually, I pried it open. As I was climbing out, I felt something grab my leg! I glanced back and saw Bugsy and all of the other mascots trying to pull me back inside. "Stay and play," Bugsy said in an awful distorted voice. With all of my strength, I was able to yank my leg free from its grip. I jumped out the window and ran until I got back to my house. There I called the cops and they closed the restaurant down for investigation.

They could not find Seth but they found that the mascots were missing. They also found that the janitor that had gone missing a few weeks ago was murdered by something. The hardest part is that I could not tell them what really happened. Who would believe that some mascots for a place for little kids would turn into monstrous killers at night? No one blamed me for what happened. I'm trying to move on, but every night those robots flash in my mind. To this day, when I wake up at night; sometimes, I see the outline of Bugsy.

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