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Submitted: October 08, 2018

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Submitted: October 08, 2018



The things I write, come from the heart and deep in my soul. I don't have to think to hard for the words to flow. Something that was lit in me way back in school. If I would of pursued this gift where I would be, guess I'll never know.

I write to express myself, feeling I have buried deep inside. It is a kind of an escape for a short time. If I would get serious how far could I go? Would it be a price I would be willing to pay, or a mountain I would climb?

It is a gift, nothing of my own to be able to write my thoughts down. If I would gather my poems from all the years. It would no doubt fill a book, one of a broken life that was restored. I believe it would melt the hearts and tingle the ears.

Words and rymes at times, others just have flow. It is definitely a passion that I have, brought to life by a teacher I once had. The poem that started it all was "The road less traveled" To think if I ever neglected this gift, it would definitely be sad.

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