The Test

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Small Story on How I ended up getting terrible marks in my summative exams

Submitted: October 09, 2018

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Submitted: October 09, 2018



The Test

In everyone's life there comes a point when they realize that things don't always go their way. I too had to at some point in time realize that but I was an arrogant asshole. Not that I claimed to be one or took pride in being a so-called "asshole", but people around me had clearly stated it that my arrogance was reaching new heights and I should control it.

I was always an A grader. I mean I still am an A grader. But the effect of my previous success has clearly drowned by now. As I was saying. I was an A grader until I discovered affection.Let Me Explain:-

Since childhood, I had a special gift. Now at least that's what I was made to believe. I never had to study to get good grades and It had become a sort of legend that Sam never needs to study to get good grades. Even the teachers had started to believe it. This all clearly fueled my arrogance. I was never really competitive because I didn't care about anything or anyone. But then just like all teenage dramas I too had a twist in my tale.

I developed a tiny crush on this girl in my class. An A-grader if nothing less. She was better than me in everything. Somehow I had failed to notice her for the past 4 years. Maybe my hormones hadn't developed enough. I had no communication with her for 4 years, we were just casual classmates. But then again we were in only 4th grade. It's kinda funny that I was good friends with her friends but not friends with her. Anyway by the time we were in 8th class. We were assigned a sort of duty together which was kinda the beginning of my epic love saga. I and she developed a casual friendship but I didn't fancy her just then. It was in 9th class I think when it all actually took place. I started noticing a change in the way I felt about her and before I knew it. I was in an affection? It clearly wasn't love or maybe it was to 14-year old Sam.

Anyway. I finally had someone to drool over all high school. However, it all changed with the entry of my ex-best friend Jay. I met Jay in 9th class. He was a new kid and since I was a former new kid I wanted to make sure he didn't feel isolated. So we bonded somehow. Things changed and then we were best friends. For a point in time, I, that girl who I'll call Aish and Jay were great friends. I knew Jay had noticed that I clearly fancied Aish but he didn't really ever confront me about it.

Then slowly I started to get bored of Jay. I started realizing that I had befriended an idiot. I was a shallow bastard then so I was getting tired of this friendship. His Stupid jokes, his dumb comments, and just utter awkward vibes had started smothering me. So somehow, with a dumb reason, I forced a fight. He apologized relentlessly and begged to stay friends but I denied him.

Again. I was a shallow bastard, or maybe I still am. At least I am still self-aware. I was clearly evil. And I regret doing what I did, but then again it wasn't like he was all innocent and sweet. It wasn't just old Sam brutalizing a poor Jay. It was constant back and forth from then on. He would make fun of me, I'd do the same, he'd say bad things about me, I'd do the same. Now, since I broke up with Jay, It was kinda awkward that where all three of us used to meet up, it was either him and her or it was me and her. 

Now, he knew I had developed a tiny crush on Aish, but despite this, he would go James Franco from Spiderman 3 on me from time to time. He would interrupt my meetings with her and we even had this stupid love/hate triangle for a while.

Now, I know what y'all are thinking. But Sam the title is "The Test", why are you telling us about your dumb old school romance.  I'll tell you why because as a great man once said:- Context is Important.

So, now that you're all caught up with Sam's stupid high school affairs. I'll get to the test part. Now, the competition wasn't important to me earlier but now it was a whole new thing. It was about showing the girl who the real man is. Or more like who the real patriarchal asshole was. Anyway, I had to defeat Jay. Otherwise, I would seem small. (really I know how dumb this is, don't enlighten me). Now, by 10th grade I had actually started to study a bit believe it or not. And my marks were fair enough. I was an A+ student. So was Jay and so was Aish. 

We had our upcoming summative assessments and long story short I messed up big time by skipping chemistry. I ended up with a mere 16/27 on my final test. Which might seem good to you if you are nothing like me. But trust me, it was really bad. I had never lost so many marks in one fell swoop. I was under extreme pressure by my teachers, parents and friends alike to do well in the summative and I had just destroyed everything. I was broken up. I spent the next few days not talking to anyone and Isolating my self. But then I remembered Aish's birthday was coming up so I couldn't stay upset forever. Anyway, I ended up with a 360/400 at the end of the summative. That meant I had secured the third position. Number 1 is my crush, number 2 being my ex and number 3 being me. So yeah. I know what you're thinking  Well that is still a good score and you should be happy with what you got, Which is exactly what Aish had said. But I'm a terrible person and I felt extremely guilty of not just letting my parents down but also myself.

So what did I do?

Did I turn around my life and started focusing on studying instead of messing around with some girl and some random guy? 

or did I keep being an idiot?

I think You probably know the answer


Thank You so much for reading this short. I am not a professional but I am trying my best. Also the events in this are highly exaggerated versions in all truth.. It wasn't as dramatic.

I tried my best and thanks again for reading

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