Two Curtains

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Submitted: October 09, 2018

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Submitted: October 09, 2018



The thick purple curtains opened for the circus to come through. The crowd cheered as the elephants danced out on their hind legs. The acrobats followed, then the clowns, and finally the ringmaster, but one circusier wasn’t going out to perform tonight, and that was Marco. Marco was a star, he was loved, but now he was replaced. He was replaced by the ringmaster’s son, Daniel, who was younger and more graceful, but was a brown-noser and a tell tale. It was a comment that Marco had made about the ringmaster that had led to his benchment. He now had to watch the circus, not be in it. The ringmaster threw his beton into the air, and shouted, “Ready!” He then looked at the crowd as if the question was meant for them, and the circus began. Marco turned, and headed to his dressing room, his plan was in motion.

As Marco entered the dressing room, he turned a corner that lead him to his massive closet, where had stashed a clown’s costume. He quickly changed and exited the room, leaving his acrobat’s outfit on the floor. With all the commotion in the crowd it was easy to see how a crime could go down and no one would notice, but Marco needed something that would distract the circus too. He closed the door and walked around the outside of the tent, destined for the elephants station. His plan could only work because of the double layered tent the circus had purchased to keep the audiences and the circusteirs warm. He squeezed through the curtains until he heard the thumping of the elephants the loudest, and peaked his head through the curtains and found Thumper, the shyest, jumpiest elephant. He snuck through the curtains and made his way to the elephant’s tail, and with a hard tug the grey mass was sent hurring into the stands. There were screams and yells, but no one seemed to be horribly hurt, not yet anyways.

Marco pressed on through the jungle of cloth, and found his way to the other side of the circus, the acrobats station. He ran out of the curtains and found Daniel, still atop his pole. Quickly Marco climbed the steel rod ladder until he could climb onto the wooden disk that Daniel was standing on, his attention, like most people, was to the stands. When Daniel wasn’t looking Marco cut one of Daniel’s cords that attached his swing to the ceiling. Earlier that day, Marco and taken the net below them and burned it in the woods, so the acrobats were helpless. Daniel felt Marco behind him and turned around, surprised to see a clown all the way up here. Realizing Daniel was confused, Marco took off his mask.


“Oh! Marco! Are you here to get us down?”

“Why, yes. You could say that.” Marco replied, “The people are making this entrance so crowded, so you will have to swing to the other side…”

“The entrance isn’t blocked! I can easily get down from here and out from here! Are you okay, dear Marco?”


Marco saw that Daniel was beginning to be suspicious of him, so he grabbed Daniel and glared into his eyes. Cracking a smile, Marco whispered in his ear. “You have very much wronged me, my dear Daniel, but I offer forgiveness…” Marco that pushed Daniel, and watched as Daniel threw his arm wildly, trying to grab anything to save himself, but it was useless. With the final thud, Marco was satisfied, took off his jester’s hat, tossed it down to the stiff body of Daniel. Then he climbed down the ladder, and disappeared into the crowd.


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