Broken Doll

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Another song I'm working on

Submitted: October 09, 2018

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Submitted: October 09, 2018



She's broken and not okay
She'll pretend for another day
She is hurting and unable to speak aloud
Unable to make a sound lost and alone in the crowd

She's not pretty enough they say
She's too fat they say
Ignoring the tears running down her face
She's a waste of space

She is listening to the whispers of rejection
Looking in the mirror at her reflection
Nobody likes you and why won't you die
They always laugh when she wants to cry

My little broken doll you're so much more than you know
Look how far you have come and grown
They want to tear you down and break you in two
Destroy any good left in you

My little doll don't be scared I'm always here
I will chase away your fears
You not alone pretty girl
You'll always have me and one day you'll have the world


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