Deadly Consequences

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

On a long night of patrolling, the turtles find their lives turned upside down, when they discover a trail of mutagen, leading into an old, abandoned building. Inside they find something horribly unsettling. A woman, crying in pain as a monster climbs out of her! Can the turtles develop a cure before the city is completely overrun? Or will they fall victim to a twisted truth?

Table of Contents

A Night, Worth Unseeing

Michelangelo stood atop a dark warehouse near the docks, shell cell in hand, while an even bigger - sized chuck of pepperoni pizza sat ... Read Chapter


By the time the turtles returned home that night, the time on Leo's T-phone read 12.00 AM. The first thing he did before entering the l... Read Chapter

Frightful Sickness

The next morning, the worst pains crippled his body. The pain sent him rushing to his knees a couple of times. The pain he was feeling, ... Read Chapter

What's MIne, Isn't Yours

  ''What is that thing?!'' MIkey screamed, terrified at the sight of the Leo lookalike, standing before him. Mikey was right to ... Read Chapter

New York Monsters

*** Splinter staggered backwards from where he stood, a wave of dizziness coming over him, in painful waves of metallic white, stream... Read Chapter

Family Pressures

Donnie refrained from looking at any of the others, fear of displaying the shock he felt towards the discovery of another problem, c... Read Chapter

The Transformation of a Friend

It was a cold and unsettling night. The streets of New York were unusually lonely. The sidewalks plagued in darkness, where midnight... Read Chapter


*** Something beneath the shadows growled, multiple rows of long, narrow, and sharp, pearly white, teeth shown through the... Read Chapter

Pull My Strings

The first thing Leo felt when he opened his eyes, was the horrible pressure tightening around his shoulders. The pressure he felt re... Read Chapter

Turn My Blood

The thought of an evil, black skinned, yellow eyed, mutant turtle bounced around his head, first in sheer disbelief that the monster... Read Chapter

Return To Consciousness

For what felt like an eternity, Leo faded in and out of consciousness. He felt cold, hard, strong arms all around him, supporting him, gr... Read Chapter

Injured Soul, Fainted Eyes

*** Donnie focused on his microscope, once more, then slumped, defeated, back in his chair. It was no use. He'd been up all night, an... Read Chapter

They Deliver

Mikey paced back and forth, anxiously. The time was close to reaching 6 P.M. and still there was no pizza delivery boy. It would be 7.0... Read Chapter

Don't Open that Door

''GAAAHHH!'' Raph screamed as he was thrown across the room, where his body slammed against the back wall. A crack and crunch erupted int... Read Chapter


''Rise and shine, reptiles.'' Donatello was the first one startled. Jumping a little at the loud, booming, echo, of the Shredder's deep, ... Read Chapter

No Free Rides

The cold wind from the train's fastened speed, rippled past Leo's bare skin. The end strings of his bandana were left waving back and f... Read Chapter

The Twisted Audience

Silence. Dead Silence. Nobody moved. Nobody breathed. Electricity shot through his body, every time, he couldn't hold his bre... Read Chapter

Stay Alive

It was a massive, fierce aura. Like a thunderstorm, vibrating the air and overwhelming his senses. His body ached something fierce. And h... Read Chapter

A Brother's Sacrifices

Mikey's eyes fluttered open slowly, taking a look around, making sure he took in everything there was to see, everything including the du... Read Chapter

The Sibling Saver

It wasn't too long before Leo's eyes looked up to the sight of the door opening, and the black haired man peered inside. His eyes held cu... Read Chapter

A Black Nightmare

Donnie started to stri, he was waking up. Then finally, after a couple of seconds, he opened his eyes. But when he did, he found out no o... Read Chapter

Strange Sterling

Leonardo was suddenly aware of a soft pillow under his head and a blanket covering him. His body ached and he felt limp, but something wa... Read Chapter

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