natural ice

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some rambling thoughts

Submitted: October 09, 2018

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Submitted: October 09, 2018



There's no joy when you find yourself groping in the dark for the bottle rather than the light switch. Alcoholic is never a word I've used to describe myself but the bottle has become my only friend. There's no desire to stop, but there is a need. Alcohol isn't an escape but a temporary reprieve allowing me to stop the rushing water of thoughts that keep me on the verge of a mental breakdown. Substance abuse become a method of self-regulation and the cigarettes and alcohol flow more often than the water. When your brain is in a perpetual state of overuse who can blame you for hitting the reset button every night. The bottle can be allowed to stay even at its current frequency but you must first come to terms with your own thoughts and emotions because compared to them the drink might as well be water. 

There's no man alive who can claim to have control over his thoughts and emotions but liquor and spirits allow him to exercise a small amount of control over the chemicals flooding his synapses. The assault on his conscious mind is relentless and unearving and there's no off button available to him without chemical assistance. As humans move forward technologically and socially the human mind quickly becomes more and more overwhelmed and has no chance to acclimate itself to its new environment yet progress marches ever onward and so a method of unloading must be available. In the absence of another mind to unload onto or vent to humans will do what comes natural, kill the source of the problem.

This self destructive nature has been ever present and has been demonized throughout all of time yet any attempt to reduce or regulate has been meet with swift and unrelenting resistance. You can take away almost any right from a persona and they will almost always follow blindly, but deny your fellow man his methods of escape from himself and he will sooner die than comply. 

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