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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

Its something that needs to be read to really grasp. A few words just won't do.






My name is, ah, was, Albert Blinkaster. I remember the event of my death with perfect clarity. It was my own fault, well, I should say I died thinking the fault was all mine. The truth is, it wasn’t. I was murdered and this is how I found out.

I was texting on my phone and walked into the intersection. I car hit me so hard I died instantly. My head hit the windshield and split open spewing out my brains all over the car and surrounding onlookers/ witnesses.

For the record, I crossed the street on a green light and the driver of the car did not stope..


Just like the movies I found myself hovering over the scene looking down at my demolished body. Some might have been in shock or at least confused but I was different. I realized what I had done but was a little surprised that I was hit while walking on the green light.

I was just beginning to become comfortable when I was accosted by two men in police uniforms, grey uniforms. One said, “You are here prematurely and it seems you have been the victim of a hit and run accident that was not scheduled. In short you were murdered but no one here knows why. You will have to be questioned.”


They took me by the elbows and guided me away. I glanced back to see the living gawking at my remains. Someone vomited at the site, right on my corpse.

A few eye blinks later I was sitting at a table in a small room with grey walls, a table in the centre of the room with two opposing chairs. I was settled into one of the chair and left to myself for nearly an hour. I was about to leave when a man dressed like a courtroom lawyer, wig and all entered the room carrying a manila file folder.

Albert Blinkaster. You are not suppose to be here but you are and that creates a paradox for our administrators. Do you have any knowledge why you were murdered?”

“I don’t have the foggiest idea.”

“Well, in that case you must go back and find out before you can move on.”


“What if I do not want to go back. My life was not exactly a nice bowl of cherries. I was barely surviving.”

“Yes we know all about that. That is the path you chose in this incarnation. Too know what it is like to spend an entire life striving to succeed but failing miserable because of making one bad choice after another.”

“Oh yah I did.” I replied recalling that day I sat around with a group of other spirits deciding what they wanted to experience in their next life. I remembered one fellow who was going to get reincarnated as a rock in a mountain side so he could experience an avalanche from the inside out.


I asked, honestly innocently; How do I go back to investigate my own murder without a body to walk around in. I do not think a spirit functions very well, if at all in a mortal environment.”

“True but there are ways, for example you could employ the body of a friend. You could use that body while the owner naps for a while. They will think they had had an incredible dream or nightmare as the case may be. When you have discovered your killer yoyur vehicle can be deposited back to consciousness a few hours after….oh… having to much to drink or taking a sleeping pill.”

“That sounds almost immoral and certainly cruel. I won’t do it.”


“The alternative, Albert Blinkaster is to wonder around aimlessly forever in purgatory or as a ghost in the mortal world. Ghosts can never be seen, at least not clearly, nor can they mingle with other ghosts though there have been some who have stolen bodies and caused havoc in the mortal world. I believe that occurred in England in the area of white chapel and that ghost has gone on and on creating many horrible memories for the living.”

“I suppose I must do as you divine and solve my own murder, but where do I begin.”

“I suggest at a place where someone decided you needed to be murdered.”

“Or maybe I was mistaken for another who was supposed to be the intended victim.”




“Do I at least get to choose who I possess for this spirituous cover operation?

“Of course. We would not want you to possess someone you actually like. That would be a terrible thing to do.”

“So I pick someone I don’t like and when I am done with them they get the hangover.”

“Crudely put but essentially correct.”

“Then I know exactly who I will choose. He is a cop. That will give me a legitimate way to affect an investigation.”

My interviewer nodded his approval then led me into a processing room. Even though I was not scheduled to arrive in dead peoples land yet I still needed to be processed and have my files updated, just in case I failed to discover why I was murdered and who killed me. At least if I failed and gave up I would be able to move on into a special area of death for people just like me.


FYI. Purgatory and its administrative staff have not advanced to the use of computers. In fact everything is still done with quill and parchment and thick black ink. It could also be mentioned that they do not use English or even Latin and I did not bother enquiring further. So the only thing on my documents I could actually read was my name. I was compelled to sign said document with out reading over the content but the secretary assured me that there wasnothing more than an account oif my life and my current situation.

So I went back to the world of the living as Inspector Jarron Janice a man no one really like but had a knack of getting anything he wanted. I learned before I invaded his body that I could tap his knowledge of the investigative process and his skill which was considerable. He was one part cop, one part creep and one part demon.

Be sure to join me for the next part of my dark adventure in death. Part Two: Deader.

Submitted: October 10, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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Perfect, DH!

Wed, October 10th, 2018 9:35pm

r futrell

Love it. and they always tell me when it's your time to go it's your time to go.! I knew that wasn't correct. Wonderful story.

Thu, October 11th, 2018 12:31am

Keke Serene

This is a great read. A nice voice and some witty humor! Looking forward to the next part! :)

Thu, October 11th, 2018 3:50am

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