My Unended Story

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I am lark a person who can't move on amd trap im the past.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



The kiss of the wind is getting colder. Lightning is striking, and the thunder is breaking the silence. The stars are fading and the darkest clouds cover the evening sky. Yet, I am standing still on this side of this tree situated at the middle of the park. The tree where my saddest memory resides. It is 9 years already since it happened. I am trying to forget my past but still it's torturing me.

I was standing on this side of the tree while waiting for John. He was also 19 years old that time, tall with fair skin and had an average body built which was enough for his 6ft height. Our secret story lasted for almost 5 years. Yes, we were an item. The happiest couple you can't dare to imagine. We've been through many misunderstandings and conflicts but our love was stronger that you thought. We managed to over come those trials. Until, one day our both family knew about us.

Our happy story started to fade. They did everything to make us apart but no one can stop us. We planned to meet in this park and to run away.

I arrived early that evening and fainted. I called him but he did not answer my calls. I waited for an hour. I was nervous and thingking what if he wouldn't come. Until, I felt someone tapped me from my back.

"Babe!", I cried and hugged him. " I thought you will not come", I continued, "let's go". "Babe!" he said while his tears are falling. "We need to talk", he said. "But babe, I thought it's already clear? We will leave this place and live together, right?" I said. Confusion was evident in my voice. I did not understand him that night. We were crying and the rain was falling. "Babe, I'm sorry but we need to end this. It will never work out as we planned. We both know that we can't stand alone. We have nothing", he continued to cry. I tried to convince him, " But babe, we have us, right? As long as we are together, we can make it." My voice is almost breaking. "I'm sorry babe! I love you so much! You know that right? But I can't give up my life with my family. I'm sorry", he turned his back and left me.

I didn't knew what to do that time. The person I chose over anything else gave up on me. The person I want to live with for the rest of my life, left me hanging.

After that night, I decided to go with my parents abroad to cure the pain. Nine years have passed, but why are my tears still falling? Am I not yet over him?

Suddenly my phone rang and picked the call, "Yes, hello?", I answered. "Lark? Where are you now? Manang Jane told me that you went out and until now you are not home. I thought we clearly agreed that during our stay here in the Philippines, you need to ask permission from me before you will do the stuffs you want?" I can almost hear my mother's worried voice. "I'm sorry mom. I went out to buy something". I replied apologetically. "Anyway, I'm on way my home. I'm currently waiting for a taxi." "Where are you now?" my mother asked. "I am here at -" she cuts off before I can continue. "Just wait there, we will pick you up. We will pass there, anyway." "okay mom, thanks!" I replied.

The rain started to fall. I went to the near coffee shop in the area to shed and have a cup of coffee. I ordered and had my seat near the glass wall. I can see the outside from my seat. The place was in to silence as there were only few customers. I texted my mom for my location. I even switched on my mobile GPS so that they can find me easily. The rain continued to fall, Few minutes later, I found my self stiring outside. Thinking with the gone memory. Memories which will forever hunt me.

By the way, I am Lark Criss Ponce, a victim of love and trap in a long gone past aand this is my unending story.

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