my fisrt touchdown

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Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



My First Touchdown

When I was nine, I didn't really understand football at all.It was all new to me,meeting new friends,different playing field,and a lot of stuff to remember. My very first practice was rough. Started with stretches,then position work,drills,and then the worst part, conditioning. Stretches wasn't all that bad,I actually enjoyed that part. When position work came along, i didn't  know where to go. The coaches called me over, “Louis come here”, I jogged my way to three huge coaches, they asked “what position do you think you would like”. I said “I don't know, I've never played football”. The coaches all looked at eachother then looked at me. “We’re going to try running back today” the head coach said. Not knowing what that was i smiled and nodded. Little did i know that mighty mights was going to be a big deal in my life.

Mighty Mights is a youth football program that came out of Springfield, Missouri.It is youth football programs that is fun and safe for the participants (“Mighty Mights”). It was a good experience because i enjoyed the physical contact and the rush you get when lowering your shoulder waiting for the moment when your pads clash.

I'm back on the field for the first day of my practice I Went to the running back station, Coach lined everyone up, then started to explain the gaps. I easily got used to the gaps. Gaps are basically holes the offensive line opens up so the runner can get through. Then he started to explain where to stand before the ball was hiked off, that was also a breeze. He told me that once i get these things down everything else will fall into place.

Then pre season came along, where we played two games before the actual season started. I was really nervous, but i knew to just go out there and do what i'm supposed to do. Coach called me over to stand next to him so he could just throw me in and not have to search for me search for me. He told me to watch closely to the running back that's starting. Coach would call out every play so i could understand better. Then he asked me if i was ready. My heart started pounding, but I didn't feel nervous, i was excited. As i was walking out on the field i kept thinking about the bad things,”what if i mess up,what if i drop the ball and what if i fumble the handoff. The quarterback nudged my pads and said “You're getting the ball”. We started to line up, my heart was pounding, my legs were trembling with excitement. The quarterback started the cadence. DOWN he yelled, SET, when he was at set it felt like everything slowed down. HIKE. I bolted off the ball, grabbed it and cut up b gap, there where to linebackers but one blist and missed me, Then it was just a one on one mid field. I cut right and ran along the sideline hoping I was fast enough to outrun him. He dived at my feet grabbing on my inside leg. I was dragging him up the field but he was slowing me down and more of his teammates were catching up. I kept yanking my leg as hard as I could. I finally slipped out and ran as fast as I could even though i was tired. I finally reached the end zone, whistles blew and the crowd was cheering. I made my first touchdown! It felt good but i knew it was just the beginning.

For me, Mighty Mights football has brought many people together and gave a positive outcome on people's future. According to the article “Flipgive” The participants can develop character and know what it feels like to be part of a team. Participants also learn the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. This is why i think you should put your child in a youth sport.

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