Friday Night Lights

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It is about a girl loving football.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



Friday Night Lights


I with no doubt in my mind can say Friday night football games are my favorite thing to do. I’ve been watching football games since I can remember because my brother is older than me and has always played. In the community I grew up in everyone showed up to watch the game no matter how far away it was. No matter how many losses we stuck by our team. There are many reasons why I love Friday Night Football.

Being in high school the student section is a big deal for football games. Every game there is a theme: USA, camo, white out, black out, orange and black, country, or beachy. It gives such a fun environment to be in.There are certain chants they have when we get a first down, score a touchdown, or when the other team gets a penalty. Even if were down by a lot of points our student section cheers on our boys no matter what. I love how supportive our student section is for the tigers.

Another reason I love football is the way it makes me feel. Watching football gives me a rush of excitement. Watching someone run the ball, you feel like you’re down there running with them. If one of our teammates get tackled and it looks bad everyone goes “ooo” in the crowd. Being in the stands, yes we're not playing but it’s like we are on the field with them because it’s like we feel everything they feel. It makes your adrenaline shoot up for sure. The thrill fans perceive is well worth it.

One of my favorite football games in recent memory was this school year. It was a Friday night football game and the weather forecast showed rain, a lot of rain. I thought it was going to get canceled because other games for different schools around us were getting canceled, but it didn’t. I geared up for the rain because there was no way I was going to miss it. I got a rain jacket, a poncho, and umbrella. It was funny looking around seeing everyone else dressed the same. I know one thing for sure, there was no one that supported our boys like our fans did.

As the boys got called out onto the field, I kind of just forgot about the rain. In the first quarter we were at the 50 yard line. They handed off the ball to my boyfriend, he grabbed it and took off running. It went from 50 yards to 40, 30,20,10,  I stood up screaming and so did everyone else. My heart was racing, we needed this touchdown. He was dodging boys left and right, no one could catch up to him. He ran right into the end zone, and scored!

“ Touchdown by Riley Sigman!”

The crowd was crazy, I was screaming at the top of my lungs and so is his family. As I calmed down I noticed I had the chills; what an amazing thing to watch my boyfriend score a touchdown. Seeing him so excited on the field after the touchdown made me feel ecstatic for him. It’s games like those that make me love football even more.

Even though we didn’t win that game, we played amazing. The boys fought hard. After the game when they lose it’s always so sad to see the boys upset. Especially when you know they were fighting so hard till the end. They don’t let it get them down, they have a mindset of we’ll get them next time.

Fans know how important it is to leave it all on the field and want our boys to succeed. The fans want to protect the boys from the bad calls that the ref’s make. Even though when something good happens we feel excitement, but when something bad happens we feel mad. Sometimes at the ref or the other team member. We don't always agree what they call, but we have to go with it because it's there jurisdiction. When kids on the other team do something to one of our guys that’s not necessary we tend to get mad and defensive. You have to control what you say because you're around other kids and you could get thrown out. To me, this is us being protective because as a community we all love our boys.

Community involvement is a big thing in our town. The parents make dinner for the boys the night before every game. We make shirts for people to wear to support the boys. We have event where people bring gatorade so we can provide the boys with gatorade. No matter how far away the game is, we always come to support the football players. There is local newspapers always talking about our boys and including them and their accomplishments in the paper. I love how supportive our community is for the football team.

Regardless football is very intriguing to me, I absolutely love Friday night lights. Every week I look forward to our High School football game, it helps me get through the week. Thinking about the stadium lights and the fans cheering, makes me so excited. I love football for many reasons; the student section, the feeling of being on the field with them, how protective we are over our boys, and the community involvement.


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