Delivery at Haunted Hollow

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It is not such a strange tale, the Tailor has a delivery to make. But to who and what is it?

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



"Who is at my door?" was the question asked by a crackling, raspy, female voice.

"It is only me, Wigget the tailor," replied a timid male voice from just outside the witch's door."

The crackling voice replied by saying, "Do come in, Mr. Wigget, I hope you have something for me on this festive afternoon."

Wigget opened the very old and rickety door, ("Creeeeeeeeek!"). Then he stated as he looked around into the darkened room, "I have your mended dress and the new dress you ordered, I hope you like them."

"You had better hope that I like them, you can guess what would happen if I don't!" replied the raspy voice from the shadows; then a cackling laughter soon followed.

Wigget ignored the witch's taunt and continued by saying, "Would you like to try the dresses on before payment?"

Suddenly a naked arm reached out from the shadows and snatched the dresses away.

Mr. Wigget waited patiently.

As the witch stepped out of the shadows Wigget saw a very shapely and beautiful woman standing before him. She did not look so appealing last week.

Then the witch stated, "The mending of the dress is perfect, I dare not guess where the old fabric ends and the new begins.

As far as the fit of both dresses, well, that is a bit of a problem. You see, I went to the Shape-Shifter after our last fitting, a few adjustments were needed.

The old dress is fine; it was on the baggy side anyway.

But the new dress, well, maybe it is showing too much. What do you think, maybe too tight in all the right places?"

Wigget smiled a sleigh sort of smile and stated, "The men will gawk and the women will gossip, it is perfect."

"Oh Wigget, these Halloween parties always set my nerves on edge," said the smiling witch, "but you always seem to know just what to say to make me relax."


"Will that be all?" Wigget asked as he took payment for his work.

The pretty young witch smiled and replied, "Oh no, nothing more Mr. Wigget.

And do forgive my bad manners, on a night such as this I'm sure you have places to go and, --- well, --- you know."


Wigget left the residence in a hurry. And as he jumped into his delivery van he noticed that the full moon was about to rise.

Mr. Wigget needed to get as far from the party house as possible. Halloween Party Guests would be arriving soon and the Dark-Witch of Haunted Hollow would not take kindly to some of them not arriving at all.


Howlllllllllllllllllll !!!



D. Thurmond / JEF


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