Crown Of Kings V-V

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The spar between Sho and Shisui has begun. Raw power vs Experience who will win.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018








(Sho and Shisui began sparring)

(Sho) Here I go!

(Sho cast a spell)

(Sho) I hold this power only to protect what I hold dear, Piercing Light!

(Sho intentionly avoided hitting Shisui and created a smoke distraction)

(Sho(Thinking) There, now he can't detect me. I'll attack from the right side.

(Sho attacked were he thought Shisui would be but he wasn't there)

(Shisui) I see, your smart I'll give you that.

(Shisui appeared behind Sho and knock into the ground)

(Sho) Ahhhhhhh!

(Sho(Thinking) When did he get behind me?

(Shisui) That diversion wasn't half bad. If I hadn't had the experience I wouldn't even have a chance.

(Sho(Thinking) What was that, nobody should be able to move that fast without magic.

(Sho got up from off the ground and cast another spell)

(Sho) Light magic, Mirror Dance.

(Mirrors began to pop up and started rotating. Sho walked in a circle around the mirror. Before long he looked like he was multiplying)

(Sho(Thinking) Right, for now at least he doesn't know where I am.

(Sho cast another spell)

(Sho) Light magic Clones.

(Sho(Thinking) I'll watch from far away until I find an opening.

(Shisui) Clones huh, not really effective but really annoying.

(Sho found his opening and decided to attack. Shisui took the wooden sword then swung in the direction of the clones. They vanished leaving only Sho and him. Soon as Shisui defeated the clones, Sho stopped the attack)

(Sho(Thinking) What was that feeling just now? It felt like I was going to die.

(Shisui) You moved exactly when I was going to attack. It was smart but just not enough.

(Shisui attacked but Sho jumped backwards to try to avoid the attack. Although he couldn't because Sho forgot about the barrier he set before the fight. Sho bumped into the barrier and as he looked up the wooden sword was to his neck)

(Shisui) What's the matter kid, oh don't tell you forgot about your own barrier?

(Sho) Tch, you only won because I limited myself.

(Shisui) Oh so when you lose, you just find some excuse. What a shame.

(Sho) Whatever I'll just get stronger until I can beat you.

(Sho disabled the barrier and left)

(Sho) I promise I will get stronger than you, Master.

(Hime and Sanae rushed out the dojo)

(Hime and Sanae) Are you okay?

(Sho) I'm fine but I can see why he was one of the Kings. It's was like he predicted my moves. The fight didn't even last long, I'm far too weak.

(Shisui) You're not weak, you just don't have enough experience. Like I said, if I didn't have any I would've probably lost.

(Sho) So do you really think I could get stronger than you are?

(Shisui) In time, I'll say you'll be faster and stronger than I am.

(Shisui(Thinking) This kid has the same attitude I have. So is this why you wanted him to come here, who knows.

(Sho, Hime and Sanae left to their rooms. Then they each finishing taking their baths)

(Sho) Hey Hime did Master say what were going to eat today?

(Hime) No I don't think so, but I think he'll make a big meal.

(Sho) Really?

(Hime) Yeah, Sanae and I saw him fixing the table.

(Sho) Well let's go see what he prepared for us.

(They took off to see what dinner Shisui had made for them)

(Shisui) Oh good I didn't have to call you here.

(Sho) Woah there's a lot of food.

(Shisui) Yep, and it's all for me.

(Sho and Hime) What do you mean all for you?!

(Shisui) I mean if you want some food you'll have to go get it yourself.

(Sho) Is something wrong with you we just got out of the bath, why would we go back outside?

(Hime) Besides it's way too dark out there.

(Shisui) You scared or something?

(Sho) Tch, fine we'll go.

(The suprise training has begun, Sho and the others took off to look for food)

(Sho) I hope he doesn't want us to do this everytime.

(Sanae) It looked like a couple other students had left before us.

(Hime) Does that mean that we will have to get food by our selfs the whole time we're here?

(Sho) I think so. He's so annoying but super cool.

(Sanae) I thought you didn't like him?

(Sho) I don't know, I guess we kind of bonded with each other through the fight we had. Not so much that I can't call him annoying from time to time.

(Hime) You can really bond like that?

(Sho) Yes, but it's kind of a man thing.

(Hime) Are you saying that women can't bond like that?

(Sho) Hmm, I guess so.

(Hime) Hmph, I'm not talking to you anymore.

(Sho) Oh come on Hime, I'm just saying that girls can't do what most boys can.

(Hime) Idiot.

(Hime had walked further up to get away from Sho)

(Sanae) Maybe you should apologize to her.

(Sho) What for, I don't think I said anything wrong.

(Sanae) Look Sho it's not what you say it's just how you say it.

(Sho) Alright if you're going to pester me about it then I'll say sorry.

(Hime) It doesn't matter, it's not like you mean it anyways!

(Hime sped up until she faded under the night sky)

(Sho) Hime wait up!

(Sho and Sanae chased after her)

(Hime) Light magic Shining Death Star!

(Sho) That's Hime's spell.

(Sanae) Let's hurry.

(Sanae and Sho caught up with Hime)

(Sho) Hime, did you cause all of this?

(He was refering to all the dead animals)

(Hime) I did.

(Sho) You know you can't use your powers, their unstable.

(Hime) So what if they are maybe I shouldn't hold back my powers anymore.

(Sho) Look I know you feel mad right now but you can't control your powers yet.

(Hime) Then take back what you said.

(Sho) Fine, I'm sorry I said that girls can't do stuff that boys can.

(Hime) So do you really mean it?

(Sho) Of course I mean if you can cause this much destruction then I know what I said must have been very wrong.

(Hime) Thank you and since we're on the subject, I'm going to become a king too.

(Sanae) Can women be Kings though?

(Hime) I have no clue but I'm going to become one by whatever means.

(Sho) Then that means I won't be able to protect you for to much longer. If you want to be one that badly then I'll support you anyway I can.

(Sho walked over to Hime and gave her a hug)

(Sho) Don't let me down then, sis.

(Hime and Sanae both began to cry)


(Sho) Okay I get why Hime's crying but what's wrong with you?

(Sanae) Nothing it's just very pleasent to see you and your sister getting along.

(Sho(Thinking) This is going to be a very long journey, but I hope we get to stay together at least until we find our own paths to follow.

(They ended their late training and headed back to the dojo. While someone was planning to start a war)

(King Servil(Thinking) In two months all will be mine and there's not anything or anyone out there able to stop me. No one even has a clue.

(Narrator) In two months King Servil is planning to have war with all the other nations. How will this turn out? Will Sho and the others be able to sustain Tomoya Shisui's training? Well that all depends on fate doesn't it?


© Copyright 2019 shinosuke iori. All rights reserved.

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