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this is an essay that i had to write for english.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018






Procrastination, the official Google definition of procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing something. A Highschool blog page on stated that eighty-six percent of high school students procrastinate on assignments (me being one of them). The number jumps up to eighty-eight percent in college. In college, ninety-two percent of males procrastinate.


In this paper we will discuss many things about procrastination, those things including

How procrastination affects your grades

Procrastinations negative impacts

Mental health

Physical Health

School / Work

3. How to manage procrastination


Warwick school of business in England held a survey for students, It read that every hour you procrastinate the more your grade will drop. The survey concluded that students who worked a day before an assignment was due averaged a lower grade than students who worked on the assignment for many days before it was due.


Procrastination has many negative effects. A 2010 study from an article named “I’ll Go To Therapy Later” revealed that stress and procrastination are related. For example, Student A and Student B get an assignment on a Friday, the assignment is due on the following Monday. Student A gets his assignment done on Friday, therefore if Student A has any questions about the assignment Student A can email the teacher. Student A then hangs out with his friends for the rest of the weekend stress-free knowing he does not have homework. Student B decides to Hang out with his friends until Sunday night. By the time Sunday night rolls around he has been stressed all weekend knowing that at some point he will need to get his work done. When Student B comes upon a question he does not understand his chances of getting a response from his teacher has decreased because the teacher might be asleep. Student A, however, can go to sleep knowing he has everything is done rather than Student B having to stay up later trying to figure out the problem and falling asleep later which also causes more stress.


Have you ever felt sick or hurt yourself but instead of going to the doctor to have it checked out you decide to wait it out and see if it heals on its own. That is a form of procrastination. Procrastination has been linked to physical health problems. A site named states “In a 2003 study, Fushia M. Sirois and colleagues found that procrastination was “related to poorer health, treatment delay, perceived stress, and fewer wellness behaviors.” Treatment delay meaning that even though you have obvious signs that something needs treatment you decide to procrastinate on it and wait until later when it may be too late. Fewer wellness behaviors relate to delaying treatment, such as what I used as an example above. (paragraph 1) (paragraph 2) (paragraph 3)


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