above and below

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twin sisters unaware of it. sunna the goddess of the sun and queen of daytime. luna goddess of the moon and ruler of night. kara the witch. Micheal the archer. will they make it to the all powerful. the one controlling there memories. who knows. read and find out. though this currently is only the start of the full book hopefully to be about 20 chapters in the full book though this one only have 5 its mostly for feedback since me and my partner dont have any feed back from friends of ours.

Submitted: October 11, 2018

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Submitted: October 11, 2018



by Nina.S & Eowyn.P 

Above and below






‘FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!’ i opened my eyes, i was lying on the ground. My chest hurt, it was hard to breath. There was a ringing in my ears and my vision was blurry. Tsk i had a concussion. This was against the rules Of cores. but the reff got paid off.  i guess that i’ll have to play by the rules… the reff wont let me win if i break them…


hmm. I put all my weight on the top half of my body put pressure on my hands and flipped myself up. launching myself feet first in the air then landing on my feet in front of the seven foot tall man. this of cores was stupid, i hurt my ribs and i got dizzy in the process. He laughed and swung at me. i dodged easily considering i'm 5 foot. I was behind him and jabbed at his pressure point in his neck he yelled then turned. He lunged at me. i ducked under his legs then hit him in a pressure point on the back of his leg he stumbled a sign that he had an injury in his leg.i rapidly hit him in all of his pressure points in his bad leg he crumpled from the use of his leg being gone. I kneed him in the groin and kicked him in the gut and he was on the floor…”one….two...three..four...five” i whispered the bell went off and the reff yelled “ALIA HAS WON!” everyone was cheering. My head spun and i stumbled to the exit. when i got out


there was a crowd of people i ran to the left and down an alleyway. This was not just because i needed to be alone and treat my wounds they also don't know my real identity. If they did i would be know as a criminal… my name is Sunna but i go my alia just because i'm a wanted dead criminal soooo yeah… i took a few tunnels my dad made when i was young after mom left. He is dead now of course but still… i like to use these tunnels it remind myself of him.

When i got to the hut my dad and i lived in, it was on the outskirts of town in the woods i went to the mirror and looked at the big gash on my forehead it went to my scalp. It was bleeding...badly i'm lucky i'm walking. I ignited a flame in my hand and lit a candle to light up the room. I got the first aid kit out and got some water to clean it up after that i grabbed a needle and thread, and started to stitch up the gash. I've done this before but not on my head. it hurt. A lot but i got


threw it i lifted my shirt to look at my aching ribs they were bruised black,purple, and blue splatter on my chest  i simply left it alone, there was nothing i could do about it. I laid on my bed to get some rest

My rest was interrupted. when i heard the sirens.



“STOP RIGHT THERE, DON’T MOVE!!!” said a cop behind me as i run full speed through traffic and up some stairs to a hotel room where i griped a brown rusty bar above a window i swung through the window and smashed the glass with my bare feet. As i sprint through the door of the hotel room and down the left hallway. I find stairs and dash all the way to the 13th floor i then see a ladder as i climb it i see the roof of the building. i jumped from roof to roof. But when i saw the helicopter flying above me creating wind fast


enough to bring a phoenix out of flight. the helicopter had some letters written on the side but i couldn’t quite make it out, i was trying to concentrate on not falling to my death off a 14 story building, the helicopter flew closer when i realized it was for the FBI. they had two beaming lights following my every move until i jumped off the building. The helicopter keeps moving. while i'm falling of a building, everything goes quiet as i start to feel shivers down my arm, i quickly reach for my cat whistle and blow it, when i'm finally caught by my companion she’s a melanistic (opposite of albino aka mostly black) panther leopard hybrid with giant black bat wings her name is the beast. Flying at the speed of light, the police and FBI are no longer able to see me as i fly into a dark patch of the so called city forest. As me and beast land at my navy blue tent beast hides her wings so they are no longer visible to mortals. As i head to my tent to get some shut eye i hear sirens and soon after


some footsteps in the woods i reach for my jagged edge sword with a curvature feature at the end for an easier kill. I didn't see anything but a blur of white, i assumed it was just a deer or racoon so as i stared into the woods checking for threats i saw nothing. I put my sword away hoping no one saw it. As i started opening the door to my tent for the second time i heard yelling and sirens toward the direction of the school. I assumed it was being handled so i tried to sleep.




Something was wrong i lived in the woods next to a school there should not be cops here at this time of night…. I got up and got dressed. I got in my usual fighting outfit long black skinny jeans with maroon socks, a dark red wine tank with a white jacket my hair was


long it went to my hips i pull it up in a messy ponytail, grabbed my weapons and ran to the sounds of sirens.


When i got there the whole school was surrounded with cops “HOLD IT RIGHT THERE WE HAVE YOU SURROUNDED!” they yelled at the school. i ran to the ladder in the side of the school that led to the roof then i went down the emergency stairs into the school. It was dark and hard to see i heard shuffling and whispers. I walked down the hall as if i lived there and went to the door that had people in it. I moved fast and opened the door, threw my throwing daggers at them i got one by the shirt and pinned him to the wall. I nicked the other person on the arm who wailed in pain. I shut the door and grabbed her mouth to shut her up i held up my long skinny sword that i had attached to my belt up to her throat.


“Stop!” the man yelled on the wall. I looked at him and realize who they where. “Kara? Michael? What are-”

“OW let go!” Kara yelled. I did as told and let  the taller girl go. she held her arm and glared at me. Michael was trying to get my dager off of his shirt but failed. I put my small sword away and walked up to him and grabbed my daggers off his shirt. “What did You do!” i said in a cold voice.

“Michael opened his mouth to talk. That’s when the cops busted in the school.




As i lay in my tent unable to fall asleep i realize, i have a job to do in a few days and i need to start planning my attack. As an assassin and wanted criminal i must plan my attacks strategically so i don't


just a fake identity i use so no one recognizes me. I switch my identity every time i'm discovered as my true self, luna is the wanted one as well as the real one, cryptic is just a regular citizen and everyday mortal. As i plan how i'm going to capture my victim and kill them. After every kill i use the victim's blood to draw something called a seal of solomon its a 6 pointed star surrounded by a circle and is used to trap evil spirits and demons. As i finish planning i head outside to see if the footsteps i herd happened to be a person and if they happened to steal anything of mine. i checked my whole campsite and i didnt see anything out of place or missing so i headed back to my tent and finally went to my bed or as i call it my kacoon, not to sleep but to wait until i hear those footsteps come back from what sounded like the school.







“Run!” Kara said in a hushed tone. “Run where!?” michael said back.

“I don’t know! Alia how did you get in?!”

“I came in through the roof emergency exit.” i said bluntly

“Damn they'll have that covered by now.” michael said.

“Come with me.” i led them to the back of the hall way we heard


them down stairs on the first floor of the school. “Crap!” kara whispered. “Shut! Up!” Michael snapped

“Both of you quiet.” i said.  as i led them past the stairs to the back window. i use my small knife its curved and perfect for detail work. I used it to make a whole big enuff for michael who is 6 foot or something. I pushed kara out and told michael to go. “NO! Are you CRAZY!!!???”  he yelled, the cops stopped talking and moving down stairs. I cursed in ancient greek. “MICHAEL!” i yelled at him in a whisper then i pushed him out the window he landed on his feet and i could hear the crack from here. He opened his mouth to scream but i jumped out and covered his mouth. All he did was glare at me.

“Don’t look at me like that i'm not sorry.” i said in a cold tone that scared both of them. “Sooooo.” Kara said. “Where do we go now..”  

“you guys go tell carter to piss the F off and not do stupid stuff” i


said still in my cold voice as i let go of Michael. “Listen AL.. i don’t want you to get in trouble with him….” Kara said

“HAHAHA. Have you seen that so called ‘man’ fight? I don’t think he can hurt me that bad.” i said with a smirk  “AL…” she said with a sigh.

“Just don’t.”

“AL?” michael said. “Where did you get all of those weapons??”

“.... i made them.” i said as i walked away “this is probably the last time you will see me…”

“WAIT. AL-” karra was cut off when i left into the woods.




As i lay in my kacoon just waiting for the footsteps, i'm wondering who or what it could be. I know for a fact it's not a human because


no human can run that fast. except maybe the ones living on mars but there technically not humans there actually womahus. But anyway off subject, ok so as i was laying in my kacoon waiting for something to happen i heard it. It was the same noise as before the same brushing of trees, the same wind blowing, th-the same footsteps running by. As soon as i heard it i ran outside and yelled at the top of my lungs





I was not in a good mood right now and had no time for a fight. All i could think to do was throw a dagger at her, i did not hear her yell so i might have missed her. Since i was being an idiot who was not watching where i was going. I almost ran into a tree. i used all of my


will power to turn myself into smoke.(witch by the way is

hard when you are running at the speed of sound.) when i reappeared i just barely dodged a branch i felt a sting of pain in my arm and i knew i was leaking blood… how? I had no time to look at it i had to get somewhere so i was alone.



After i asked the now known as a humanoid figure of some sort who it was. I got no answer but a dagger that hit the tree directly behind me while cutting a slit in the side of my black cargo pants. As i looked back and forth from my pants to the tree i was thinking how happy i was it didn't make a hole in my favorite black hoodie vest. I then went back and followed the trail of poison i had strategically placed on the branches of trees towards the direction of the sound i had heard when this figure first ran past. Then i saw


a tree branch pending by the rough oak bark of the tree as i inspected the branch i noticed a drop of blood on the tip of the narrowed branch. The poison i placed on the end of the branch should soon start taking effect. as soon as it does ill be able to figure out what sort of being was running this fast past my tent. Even though i can run faster it was still amazing two things with this kind of speed would be at the same place at the same time.




Once i got to my hut i ran straight to the mirror. There was a long gash on my arm. I was bleeding a lot more than i thought i was..”how bad did i hit that branch!” i said to no one. It was turning black.. That’s not good. What did i run into! I could not see straight then it all went black.


Once i woke up i was… wait where am i. I tried to get up but my body felt like led. i looked at my wound it was black i cursed in ancient greek. I could not see straight. I should go to Kara she was a witch she could heal me but when i turned to smoke i reappeared  in the woods maybe a mile from where i was cut? i did not know. but all i could do was call for kairo.. Surprisingly he came to put me on his back. It was turning day so of course he was here “kairo….hey buddy” i said in a low voice. it was getting hard to breath.. And he could tell “go..get- AHHH!” i screamed as he lifted me on to his back. He apologised but snickered at the same time “go get help.” i said… wait a second you guys don’t even know who Kairo is. He is Alias best friend. she ran away from her dad when she was six a year after her mom left. She met baby Kairo a baby manticor pure white he was camouflage in the light sky so only came out in the day. Al can understand him of cores. Anyway back


to the story. As Kairo took me to go get help i was laying on his back. his fur was soft and i was tired from the poison so i slept.




As i woke up at 5pm the next day i realized the poison i had placed the tracking spell on was now in the shape of a G which meant the being was some sort of god like creature. So i new i had some sort of connection to this being since all goddesses and gods had a family connection because of our ancestry. After all my discoveries i walked out of my tent ready to search for days possibly weeks for this godly being when suddenly i saw a young girl about my age with a white jacket a red wine tank top and dark navy blue jeans


along with freckles just crossing over her nose, dark pink hair pulled up into a messy ponytail lying on an albino manticore  matching the

dagger thrown at me last night to the dagger that fell out of her pocket when she landed i knew she was the godly being. I waited as she started opening her eyes






I woke up to Kairo licking my face. “K-Kairo- dude quit it” i spat trying to push the giant manticore off of me. I sat up and looked at my wound. It was better? “How-” i was cut off when i saw a girl about my age. I could not see her completely, my vision was still blurry ”who-” Kairo  houled and flew away… “damn really” i said “so who are you?”.

“Who i am is not important.” she said back.

“Really...you don’t have a name?”

“I do i just don’t want to tell you, what's your name hu?.”


“. . .well you got me there. You can just call me Alia”

“Well then, you can call me cryptic”

“umm ..ok so why did you help me?” i said when i looked at my white jacket and sighed in disgracefulness.”damn i got blood on my jacket”

“You’ll be fine you big baby”

“Who you calling a big baby”

“Well im not talking to the tree” cryptic said with a grim on her face

“I'm not a baby” said alia in grumpy voice

“Ok that's off topic, so what are you”

“Im a person obviously”

“I already know your not a person, because that poison on your shoulder showed me”

“I don't know what the freak your talking about, i have never been poisoned in my life” said alia trying to cover up her arm


“Don't lie im not an idiot. I know your not mortal!”
“Fine you got me im not mortal but i'm under no obligation to tell you who i am”

“Fine, be like that. Baby”

“I'M NOT A FREAKING BABY!!!” alia said while her eyes started turning white and she started to levitate

“Wow jeez don't have to go bezerk, calm down dude”

The plants around alia started to die and shrivel, they seemed to be sizzling and burning in some ways

“I SAID, CALM DOWN!!!” cryptic yelled as she

Why you launched an icicle out of her hand and pinned alia to the tree behind her. Alia started to calm down, her eyes faded back green and she started to fall back to the ground.

“Wow you should be glad i through a handy dandy icicle through your shoulder or else you would have fallen on your face”



“Impaling you so you don't fall on your face, like duh” said cryptic in a playful voice


“I'd like to see you try” said cryptic in a confident manner


“Wanna bet?” i said sternly. I put my hand on the ice and ignited a flame to melt it. I did end up falling but caught myself on my knees.

“See.” cryptic said. She was still smirking... UGH i just wanted to lava smack her in the mouth. S-she’s just so-UGH! I stood and pulled out my daggers then held one to her throat “i could take you on poison or not.” i said with a glow in my eye. not the same as the white glow i get. But like a fire in my eyes to start a fight.

“Are you sure you wanna go there” she said with a dark bitter voice.


I tried to go for an attack but she was much quicker then i. She reached for my wound and pushed. I felt a stabbing pain in my arm and screamed. She pulled her weapons out and held them to my throat. It was a curved sword perfect for cutting someone's throat.

I used my willpower to make the ground under me grow hot. The dirt and rocks turned red and started to crack. I yelled as i pushed her off and flipped up. I pulled out my small close range weapon it had a handle and on each side had a blade. Great for stabbing. As we fought ice started to cover the ground and the rock where bursting into molten lava. The two elements crashed together on the ground. She was able to kick right under me and i fell she won again had her sword to my throat. My arm was burning and i was getting il “who.are.you.” she said one word in between breaths. We were both worn out. I spat blood out of my mouth the stitches from the night before came out. “Funny.” i said taking a breath.. Or trying


to with my even more damaged ribs. “I was gonna say the same thing” as i said that i pulled my blade up to her side. she had a good pain tolerance so when i brought my dagger up her side she only stopped for a moment in shock. In that moment of shock i pushed her off and stumbled away trying to get to Kara to the opposite direction of my house. I was moving from tree to tree trying to keep balance. “ k-kara” i whispered and passed out. I don’t know where but i was far enough from tha- that ‘girl’.




As soon as i saw her using fire abilities it reminded me of three gods in particular aries, hades and well, my dad who i never really new very well since he left me and my mom when i was 5 and i never really saw him again but my mother used her magic abilities


to show me my past memories of when i was a baby i never really liked my father but when i saw her a girl around my age with the same abilities and powers as my dad. She even looks like my mom in some ways. But when i saw what she did next i couldn't hold in my anger at dad anymore. She got up from falling and ran to me at the speed of sound then held up a dagger to my neck as soon as i feel a threat i react unconsciously. So when i felt the thin cold felling of the dagger against my neck i pushed her down to the ground with the force of  a bus falling off a ten story building i pulled out my tormentor as i call it it's a 2 foot long sword with a scythed tip and a jagged edge on one side its colored blue on the sharp side but it's mostly black everywhere else. I held my sword up to alias neck i asked her for the final time “who are you” in a slow dark voice. But before i realized she was using a dagger to slice up the side of my chest. At least i wasn't wearing my black hoodie vest at the time or


else i would've been outraged and many killed her accidentally. But because i wasn't prepared for the cold dagger to hit me i stopped for just a moment to realize what was happening. But in the small moment it took for me to stand the pain of being sliced open with a dagger she had pushed me off and ran away. She had let me there to bleed to death but little did she know i was immortal but emortality won't prevent pain, just death. So as i lay on the ground of my campsite partially sliced open leaking blood like the hellians on shish kabob day down in hell. I whistled and called for the beast my melinestick panther leopard hybrid so she could use the powers of the moon to heal me enough so to the naked eye i didn't look like i should've been dead. Because with this kind of wound any near mortal would be dead by now.






“AHAHAHAHAHA. Stupid.” i said to my sister. She glared at me and then punched me in the arm.

“DON’T call me stupid,stupid.”


“Luna don’t call your sister stupid.”


“She said it first!”

“I don’t care say sorry..BOTH of you.”

“Sowy.” we said in sync. Luna got up and walked to one of the Happy birthday balloons then came back.

“Hey take this and walk up to daddy.” she said. I did as told and took the balloon. Dad was sleeping on the couch something about a rough day? I don’t know. I held the balloon up to dad and Luna ran up popped the balloon with a needle and we both ran laughing. Dad jumped and screamed like a little kid.”SUNNA,LUNA GET BACK HERE” he boomed. As we played an aggressive game of tag mom called us in for cake.

“Oh so now your up.” she said to dad.

“Yeah sorry about that.” he gave her a kiss on the cheek then went to get the candles. Mom just glared at him the hole way. then looked at us.”you guys ready?” she said with a smile


“YEAH!” we both cheered. The candle was just a number five.

“Ok sunna you go first.i blew out the candle after i made my wish

They relit it for luna and she blew it out in an instint “hey you're supposed to make a wish!” i complained.

“Only baby's believe in that,” she answered

“I’m NOT a baby!” i shouted and my eyes started to glow.

“Oh here we go again.” dad said as he went to get the fire extinguisher.

“YES YOU ARE!” luna yelled back  her eyes starting to go black.

As we fought the candles went into flames and the who room got cold the walls where ice and the table was a flame. “KIDS CALM DOWN.” mom yelled we stopped and looked at her. Dad was putting out the fire and mom was melting the ice.”UGH look at what YOU did sunna. Now we don’t have a cake!”luna yelled

“That’s what happens when you call me a baby!


Then i woke up. Kara was standing in front of me i was healed but i knew i was still in the woods. “You need to go home it’s night time!” she yelled. “I-i can’t” i said stumbling over my words.”it’s too dangerous.”

“Well to bad let’s go” she dragged me along till i got on my feet and followed. I was crying but was trying to hide it.

“What are you crying about. what were you dreaming about?” she said

“I saw someone i miss” i said but didn't explain.

Once we got to my house she left and i just sat there on my bed waiting till she was out of earshot. Once she was i screamed. I saw someone i hate someone i love and someone i miss. I was full of anger and sadness. I went to my mirror to fix my hair i was brushing it out. Even though i have curly hair it never frized brushing it just made my curls bounce. When my hair was down and brushed it


looked like a wildfire all the different shades of red and orange pink yellow made it look like fire. I went in bed and cried myself to sleep.




As i woke up from almost 4 hours of sleep it was 9:34 pm july 10th. It was technically my birthday tomorrow but i don't celebrate with anyone. Usually for my birthday i'll grab a funnel cake or something and that's it. I had a good day sleep today 4 hours is long for me since im the moon god so i basically have built in sleep so i really only need about 3-3:30 hours of sleep and after that intense day with that being alia i needed a bit extra rest but as i got up from my long day sleep i remembered the dream i had and it shook me i usually don't have dreams unless i make them myself but this was something different, i didn't make this dream on my own. It was a


memory from when i was a young goddess and lived with my father and mother along with my sister sunna. Who was my twin along with my best friend. Since there weren't many young gods or goddesses our age we pretty much had to just play with ourselves. ut this dream was weird it was of our birthday is was more a telepathically transmitted memorie than a dream. But how could that happen. It's not possible unless, unless there a force that's been created strong enough to take an old memory of mine and turn it into a dream then transmit it to my brain while im asleep, it's not mortally possible. But while i was sitting up in my cocoon i knew i needed to find this being who was powerful enough to project a memory into my head and figure out why they choose this memory. A memory of my birth day the day my mother told us why our family couldn't stay together. And when i say us i mean me and my sister sunna who i haven't seen in over 7 billion years, not since i was just a little goddess nearly 1999 years old that day i was turning


nearly 2000. But why this day today its july 10th my birthday is july 11th so why today, why at all. As i stood up to make sure my hair looked decent.t was a black fading to blue, green and a slight but og yellow at the tips fading out of the green. My hair was wavy and curly so when you brushed it. Which took forever by the way, since my hair was super long. When it was brushed it was like a big frizzy fluff ball but i liked it so sometimes i brushed it anyway and i usually put it into a few braids on the top of my head like a mohawk so it would be out of my hair when im in battle. After my hair was up and outta my way i put some black gloves on and packed up my weapons for my gig in about an hour. It was taking place at exactly 11:41 on the dot. I didn't know much about the victim only that it was a wanted criminal. I was supposed to kill them and as i always do draw a seal of solomon on the wall next to the crime scene. so the doctors and crime people can test the blood to make sure its the right victim so they can confirm the death.




The victim

Sunna:  i woke at the break of dawn “Ugghhh” i groaned i can usually wake up at this time with ease but. I had a hard night. My sleep schedule was completely off i usually go to bed at sun set and wake up at sun rise. As my mom used to say “like how your


sister rises with the moon you rise with the sun” it is true of course but still i wish i could sleep in sometimes. I sat up and walked to my mirror i looked like crap but i fixed my hair washed my face and looked at my new scars. Hmm i don’t quite know what to do with my hair today. So i just did two small french braids on the left side of my head and left the rest alone. My hair laid over my right eye but i don’t care. I grabbed my weapons and headed out making sure not to run into that ‘girl’ again.


I walk down the parking lot of the school to town i did not take my tunnels today for the fact i was lazy and the sun felt good after a night with the devil. It was about 10:00 am now. “Alia!” i looked over to my right to see Kara and michel. I rolled my eyes. “I'm not in the mood guys.” i said clearly worn out. “For your info i'm a girl.” Kara said offended. “It’s a way of saying she talking too both of us Kara.”


michel chimed in. “uhg anyway what do you want.” i said

“Well miss grumpy we are gonna take you out.”

“Kara you're cute but not my type.”

“What? OH N-NO that’s not-!”

“I'm screwing with you” i said with a smirk i started to walk again.

“Aila by the moon goddess come here!”

“Just walk with me then.” i said “so where do you guys wanna take me? And why?”

“Well we heard from a little birdy that your birthday is tomorrow.” michel said.

“By little birdy do you mean carter?”

“Haha does it matter?”


“Anyway” Kara spoke up. “We are gonna take you out to a  fancy restaurant. “


“Ohhhhh no.” i said. “Not on my birthday please. That day i use for myself maybe in two days?”

“No we are going today. We are gonna take you to get a nice outfit and we have to get there by 11:15.”

“HEY what’s wrong with my clothes.” i protested

“Hunny you need to change and wash that!” michel said in a mocking voice of Kara. i giggled as Kara hit him upside the head. “Ok ok i’ll go.”



We were at some fancy clothing store. Me and michael were ready but Kara took forever. “Kara that looks great on you.” michael said.

“NO it doesn't look at it its..blue”i said in a grossed out tone.

“Not helping Al!”

“Pffft yes i am.”


“Ugh your like a red tulip yelling at a horse.”

“WHAT!. Call me that again. I swear i otta!-”

“Would you both SHUT UP.” Kara yelled “i don’t know what your talking about michael she looks good,”

“ i did not need the compliment.” i said even more mad. i did not take compliments well. But i guess she’s right i'm in a flowy loose maroon dress it was a non shoulder sleeved dress.

“Al are you gonna get some nice shoes to go with that?” she asked holding up a pair of black heels.

“I would rather have died of blood loss in those woods then where those.”  i said bluntly. Even tho i can’t die i would should have this is

torture. “I'm wearing my docks. And that's final.” i said when she opened her mouth to protest.

Before i knew it we were at the restaurant it was 11:30 and we just got are food.



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