last september

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this short story is about a group of friends who go through a traumatic experience and learn new and threatening things about each other.

Submitted: October 12, 2018

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Submitted: October 12, 2018




It was the last weekend before summer, we were all going to stay at my lake house. It was like an annual thing that we did every summer, just the five of us: Natalie, Lillian, Camryn, Olivia, and I. We were all going to meet Olivia at the Meadow hill cafe; she just got back from her vacation in Mexico. That family always goes places constantly, like last summer they went to Sri Lanka. Like what! who goes there?

“Olivia, Hey,” I said as I walked up to the cafe. I think Olivia and I have always been the closest out of the group. I always have told her everything, after my dad had died about two years ago next week. I can't remember a lot from that time it's all a blur in my mind.

“Oh, hi Mila” said Olivia. She seemed so off compared to the normal Olivia, I wanted to ask what was up but then everyone started to show up.

“Hey Lillian, Hey Natalie, Hey Mila, Hey Camryn!” Olivia said at ease to see us. I never really thought about it that much but the reason we're all friends is that of Olivia, she was so kind and gravitating everyone wanted to be close to her and guys wanted to be with her.

“Mila hey, is your lake house ready for our sleepover,MILA!”

“Sorry what I wasn't listening?”

“Well, that's obvious,” Camryn said in a mood.

“We're just a little worried for what's coming up,” Lillian said.

“Lillian we said we would never talk about it again,” Natalie said with such urgency.

“Talk about what guys,” I said confused.

“Nothing Mila it's just something that happened a while ago nothing important,” Olivia said like it was nothing and changed the topic abruptly.

“Okay so we're all going to meet up later tonight at the lake house,“ Olivia said.

“Well duh,” Camryn thought shed add.

I walked out of the coffee shop with Natalie because our house is on the same street as mine. “Hey, Nat did you noticed  that something was up with Olivia.”

“No, I think she is just still thinking about her vacation and probably wishing she was back.”

“Oh, you're probably right.”

They were definitely keeping something from me Natalie couldn't even look at me when I was talking to her, know that I think about it they have been this way since my father passed away. I wasn't super close to him, my parents were divorced so when I did see him we always ended up fighting, my mom got him affair with his co-worker, that is definitely a homewrecker. My mom was suffering from breast cancer so I spent most of my time in the hospital, he used to vista tone and then started staying later and later at work saying he needed to work more because of all the hospital bills.

Until my mom was free to leave the hospital and stay at home because the worst was over, she wanted to surprise my dad at work and found out what was actually going on behind closed doors. Two months later he left, then 6 months later he committed suicide. It was hard at first but I had my friends there to help me deal, and I had my mom too. I turn away from Natalie to go into my driveway when I saw something suspicious, a note sticking out from my welcome mat.


The lake house

I bend down to pick up the note under my feet when I get a text from Olivia telling me to meet her at her house as soon as possible. So I grabbed the note real fast and jigged by bag around to find my car keys, which were in the bottom of my bag. From my house Olivia's house  was 6 min away but there was a shortcut that I could get there in 3, when I pulled up to her house her car was gone, which was out of the ordinary because she never lets anyone use her car and she just texted me that she needed me to come here.

I walked up to her front door and heard a crash inside, I had one of her spare keys so I open the door and see Lillian at the bottom of the stairs. She was passed out she wasn't responding I was freaking out. I yelled throughout the house for someone to help and no one answered, as soon I was about to call 911 my head felt heavy and my knees were weak.

“Mila wake up!” I wake up to see Camryn standing over me and Lillian slowly gaining consciousness next to me.

I heard Camryn talking to Nat about something but I couldn't quite understand. Natalie grabbed my bags and picked me up off the ground as Camryn did the same with Lillian, and put us in the back seat of the car. All I could remember was how frantic Natalie was when we were driving to the lake house. As Lillian and I gained full consciousness on the way there we called our parents to tell them we left from olivias and we'd be back in the afternoon around 1:00 pm.

“Guys are you alright back there,” Natalie said as if she was afraid of our answer.

“Yeah we're good, “ Lillian said confidently.

I was about to ask the question I was dreading and then we pulled up to the lake house and there she was I hopped out of the car and said, “Olivia what on earth happened back there.”

“Guys we can't talk out here we need to go inside.”

We all were going inside but first I had to dig around for the key in my bag, “Got It!” I opened the door and we all followed in eager to hear what Olivia was going to say.

“Olivia what happened today at your house”, I said sorta anger since she texted me to come over as soon as possible and in the process, I just got a big bump on my head.

“ I am sorry about the Mila and Lillian I thought you'd be safe at my house.”

“Wait what do you mean I thought I would be pretty safe at my house, ” I said concerned.

We heard the doorbell ring, no one else wanted to get it so I got up and opened the door nobody was there it looked like I saw someone running away but it was pitch black outside with no porch light, so I shut the door.

“Guys It was just a ding dong ditch,” I sputter out trying to change the mood of the room.

“Hey Mila what's this in your bag,” Olivia said.

“Um I don't know, I found it on my porch after I left the coffee shop I didn't get a chance to read it because I went over to your house.”

“What does it say,” Camryn said impatiently.

“I wish I could tell you but it's in some weird code,” I said. “Olivia why did you just text Milia and not Carmyn and Lillian and  I,” said Natalie. .”

“Guys we need to tell her,” Olivia tried to say but then the doorbell rang again, I answered it and a folded up piece of paper was left I picked it up and read it allowed

“ No, no Olivia that's not your secret to share!” We froze in fear for what would happen next, I looked at Olivia as she started to cry. Then the phone rang Camryn answered a voice that was covered by an app or something said the last lyric of pockets full of posies, “ashes we all fall down.”

“What that's a messed up prank,” Nat said.

“Did you give your lake house number to a crazy person “Mila, hey where is Milia,” added Lillian. We all started to smell something burning within seconds of the call, the lake house was on fire.

“ Help guys come on we need to get out of here *cough.” I said running to the front door, “Nat help I can't see,” I hear Camryn yell. We all stumble out the door, coughing up smoke since our lungs were filled. As we got out of the house we looked back as it was engulfed in flames. I looked around and saw Olivia nowhere Lillian was already on the phone with the fire department that would be here in a matter of seconds. “Olivia!” I scream as loud as I possibly could.


Olivia Sealy

Two weeks after the fire, Oliva never did come out of that fire that night. I have been held up in my room the past two weeks because I am afraid someone wanted her gone and we never found out what had happened. I haven't seen the other girls since that night, I think it's hard for everyone to cope right now, but I'll see everyone tomorrow since the school gave the 4 of us cope time before we went back. This is not how I pictured my senior year to start. My mom has been a helicopter parent lately after everything that has happened to us, which I understand why I just wish I had some time to myself.

“ Mila honey is you hungry,” my mom said as she whipped into my bedroom. “Yes but I think I am going to go out.” “Are you sure.” “Yes, mom I am sure.” “Hey don't be too long we have to go down to the station, the fire department knows what caused the fire in the lake house and make sure you take your pills with your lunch because I see you have missed a couple.” I just stood there looking at her, I hated taking those pills they made me feel funny but when I was five I was diagnosed to have dissociative identity disorder. Which sucks to have but with my pills it makes it better. I asked my mom”It was a natural cased fire right.” “No they haven't seen a natural fire like that swallow a house ever,” my mom said cautiously so it would put me over the edge. I hurried out, as I felt a tear slip from my eye. I went to my favorite sushi place to try and take my mind off it. “Hi welcome to Tasia, were sorta busy right at the moment for tables but if you sit at the bar there is no wait,” the hostess said to me abnormally happy. “Um yeah, the bar is fine.” She pointed in the direction of the bar, there was only one guy sitting at the bar so I picked the furthest away from where he was.

“Hello, what can I get started for you,” the bartender said casually. “Yeah, I would like your dragon roll please with a side of seafood sauce and a sweet tea.” He walked away to put in my order, then my cell phone rang, “hello mom.” “Mila there's something you should know,” “what mom what.” “Olivia's body was never found in the remains of the house.” “What I saw the housing collapse with her inside.” “Honey she was not in there.” I was speechless, I hung up with my mom to call Natalie, no answer so then I called Lillian, no answer, then Camryn and nothing. So I did the most unexpected thing and called Olivia's phone. I heard ringing, wait I know that ringtone, I turned next to me and the man was holding up Olivia's phone like I was a dog and it was my chew toy. I get up to leave and a hand pushes me back into my seat. Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck and started to doze off.


Somewhere far from home

“Mila wake up!” “Huh, Camryn what are you doing here.” “I don't know I woke up just a minute ago and saw you.” “Where are we!” Camryn looked at me with a blank face, we were stuck in a room with no windows, nothing but concrete and an old 19 century swinging light above us. “How did you get here Camryn.” “I was walking joise down the street and I think someone came from behind me and put something in my neck and then I woke up here.”

We heard a scream which seemed close by, but this place was just a big cave, so voices bounced off the walls. “Hello Is anyone there, let me out of here.” Wait I know that voice, “Natalie is that you,” I said. “Yes, Mila is that you,” Natalie said like she was scared out of her mind. “Its Camryn and I.” “Oh Camryn's there too, she said relieved.” Yeah yeah, it's me too,” Camryn said absolute annoyed.

Camryn noticed something in the corner of the room blinking, it was a camera, someone was watching us the whole time. That set off something in Camryn. “WHAT THE **** are you freaking kidding me, you perv,” said absolutely infuriated. “Camryn holds your chill, that won't solve anything,” Natalie said like she was a mom. “Don't you dare tell me what I should and shouldn't do right now,” Camryn said. I just sat in the room trying to keep my cool and think about the events that led to this point. Like where was Lillian where was Olivia, who screamed. There were so many thoughts that were going in my head, I was losing it. Who took us, why would someone want us, did this have something to do with what Olivia was going to tell us. “Beep Beep Beep!”

The metal door opened. A voice came over an intercom “Please exit your cell Milia and Camryn.” The voice wasn't a real one it was like a Siri or a virtual voice.

I looked at Camryn like if she would reassure me that we would be okay, but her face was as blank as mine. Natalie was asking what was going on but I wasn't able to speak. Camryn and I exited the cell and saw a long bright red hallway with like outdated lights swing in the hallway. There were also three other doors in the hall.”Guys, please don't leave me,” Natalie cried behind her cell wall. We heard the voice repeat and repeat for Camryn and me to leave and follow the lighted hallway. “Natalie its okay we will be okay,” I said to try and clam her scared mind. Camryn walked in front of me, I could feel the ground shift and I knew we were walking down. So wherever we were at was definitely built underground. I grabbed Camryn's arm she looked back if she was about to do the same thing with my arm. The virtual voice stops as we exited the red hallway and entered like a carpeted cafeteria.

I screamed Lillian was tied up to a support beam in the room and her body looked lifeless. “Oh My LILLIAN,” Camryn screamed at the top of her lungs. We ran over to her, I untied her hands while Camryn untied her legs. She wasn't waking up, I checked her pulse, it was there but faint. “Lillian wakes up,” Camryn said while lightly slapping her face. “What, wait for what where am I,” Lillian said totally disoriented. “We don't know where are, do you remember anything before you go here,” I said to try and get pieces of everyone's story.

“All I remember is I was going to Olivia's house and Mila you answered the door and that's where I draw a blank,” Lillian said. “Lillian that is all you remember you obviously did something else because we all woke up in cells and you woke up tied to a support beam,” Carmyn said to Lillian like a snob. “Look Carmyn I can't remember what happens,” Lillian said but before she could finish her sentence we heard an in distress scream.

“Natalie,” We all thought. We get Lillian up on her feet and try to go back down the hallway but a metal door was blocking the entrance now. I was freaking out, how would I be able to get to Natalie. We all banged on the door, screamed over and over until our throats were course. Then heard the virtual voice again louder than the last few times “Go to your separate rooms.” The metal door swung open, Natalie plopped on the floor in the long red hallway. I ran to her “Natalie,” “I am fine I just screamed because I thought I saw Olivia,” Natalie said like it was the most normal thing in the world. “Nat Olivia is gone,” Camryn said with a clear voice. “I know I just thought maybe, just maybe she wasn't,” Natalie holding back her tears. I thought I should tell them what my mom said, but it would probably make matters worse. We each walked into the hallway to go to our rooms, but something was different at the end of the hallway there was another door that wasn't there before. I walked passed my room towards the door, as I did my feet were getting cold. I looked down in shock to see the vents were gushing with water into the hallway. “Guys get out of here,” I said panicked. I looked behind me and saw the metal door slid shut, we were stuck. “Omg how are we going to get out here,” Lillian said frantically. “Clam down this is what the person wants, they want us to suffer,” Natalie spoke softly but loud enough to hear over the running water. I looked at them and walked over to grab their hands, even though the hallway was compact we sat by the exit door as the water flowed over our heads, we all took a deep breath.

I know what you did

The metal door slid open we all flushed out like fish. “Hey is everyone okay,” Camryn said after coughing up the water she swallowed. “Yeah we're good,” Lillian said. “How long were we under the water,” I said. “Not very because none of us are purple so we held our breath for about a minute and 20 seconds,” Lillian said like smarty pants. I was exhausted, it was like my body was giving out. We were back in the underground, low cleaning, carpeted room with the stench of old people. “Guys we need to get back in the hallway and see where that door leads,” I said optimistically. “Are you crazy, we almost drowned in there,” said Natalie. “No your right Mila it could be how the person gets in and out,” said Lillian. “Okay I know you both have short-term memory loss, that hallway is a metal coffin that someone controls to torture us,” Natalie added. We stood up with our wobbly legs. The out of the corner of my eye I see Olivia, a tear pushed out from my eye, I couldn't believe it. “Olivia you're alive,” I spoke holding back my leaking eye. She looked so life like she was glowing, she did not look like someone who supposedly should have been burned alive. Something wasn't right about her, I had so many questions how long had she been here? Did she know who took her? Was she apart of this plan the whole time? Was she staying in that room at the end of the hall? How did she get out of the fire?  Then Natalie said the question we all wanted to know “Olivia where have you been,” said Natalie. “Guys I don't have a lot of time to talk, I am sorry you guys are here, it's all my fault but ill make it right I promise,” Olivia said scared. “Did the person who captured us, making you do something you don't wanna do,” said a concerned Lillian. “I am sorry I can't talk about it now,” Olivia said. “What,” I said in disbelief. I wonder why she could never tell us anything because this was the second time. “Guys I'll be back soon and tell you everything, just stay calm,” Olivia said and then vanished. The intercom sounded as Olivia disappeared, I was begging to think this was Olivia doing this to us the whole entire time, but the girls wouldn't believe me until I had proof so I am going to get into the metal door tonight.

All I had to do now was wait for the intercom to sound and tell us to go into our rooms and wait until everyone else was in their room. Then the door slides open to the dark red hallway and the intercom sounds “Mila please enter.” “No Mila doesn't go in there,” Natalie says holding me back by my sleeve. The intercom goes again “Enter now or else someone will get hurt.” “Guys I have too, I'll be okay,” I say. I look back at their faces and hope to make them smile when I come back saying I found a way out. I walk into the door frame of the hall and the metal door slams shut behind me, I couldn't see them and they couldn't see me.

Doing what I do best ( Olivia's point of view )

“Guys, I don't have a lot of time to talk, but this whole time I have been thinking about how I was going to tell you what you needed to know,” I said to a bunch of shocked faces. “Wait Olivia are you the one who trapped us here,” Camryn said madder than ever. “No, now stop talking so I can tell you before it's too late,” I said aggravated. “Stop no, we need to help our friend in there, who knows what this person will do to her,” said Lillian. “Don't you get it I am trying to help her,” I said. “Okay let her say what she needs to say,” said Natalie eager to know. “ Mila she stops taking her pills again,” I said with a crack in my voice. The last time Mlia got off her pills, she did something she could never take back. It was close to 2 years ago when she found out that her dad had been with another woman when her mom was in the hospital, she stops taking her pills because both of her parents were distracted with the divorce. So none but us were there to get her to take them, but she got smart and started hiding them under her tongue and acting like she was taking them but wasn't. When she doesn't take them is when her second personality surfaces and its usually that person that gets her to not take them.  So the day she was going over to see her dad, they got into a fight about not taking her medicine and the next thing she remembered was that she was sitting on the floor in tears with down her face and blood on her hands. She called us, she called us she sounded hysterical, we went over to her house immediately. Then when we arrived she kept saying the same words over and over “what have I done.” My heart was breaking for her, we knew that this was because she wasn't herself. I picked her up and cleaned her up, we all made the decision to say it was a suicide. That was that and the next morning Mila forgot everything, all she knew was that her father committed suicide and her mom paid off the cops so that no one could connect her to the crime as long as she would never have this happen again, but it is happening now.

“What do you mean Olivia,” said Natalie. “Exactly what I found out that her split personality wasn't taking her pills, so I said I would tell her mom about it,” I said but before I could get out another word I was interrupted. “Wait where are you going with this,” Camryn said. “So I told her mom and since her mom can't really confront her about this she was going to put Mila in a psychiatric facility so she could get help. Then Milas split personality found out, and I texted her to come to my house so we could talk about what was going to happen if she didn't take her pills. She didn't take it well and started to yell and get physical, thank goodness for Lillian showing up when she did or Mila might have killed me but she knocked Lillian out in the process and so I hit her on the head.  That's when you found them both unconscious and at the lake house I was going to tell you guys everything but before the fire started she came into the Kitchen where I was and told me that if I didn't do exactly what she said she would kill you all like she did her father. So, therefore, I faked my death like she asked and brought all of you here.” I looked at everyone's jaws as if the were permanently dropped down to the floor. “So this whole time it was her all along,” said Camryn like she was ready to sucker punch Mila in the face. “ Look you guys need to remember that what she has done is not her, it's someone else in her head,” I said hoping they would all agree. “Is that why she always blacks out and stuff,” Natalie said. “Yes it's something that makes her unaware so that she doesn't know that she even did anything,” I said. “So what are we going to do,” said Lillian. “We are gonna break out of here tonight and get far away from here,” I said optimistically.

Leaving the damaged behind (Milas Point of view)

I walked up to the metal door expecting for me to have to lose an arm and a leg to get it open, but it just slid across the cold metal bar and had a loud “Beep” after the door was open. I slowly gliding to the room, it was pitch black I had to mess around to find a light of some kind. “Got it,” I said as I flipped the dim flickering light on. I thought I would found Olivia in there enjoying herself watching us suffer, but there was no Olivia. When I walked further into the room I saw things that were familiar, It was my stuff all my things from my house were here. As I was stepping out of the room a paper fell to the ground, it was a drawing of myself and one other furiger but it was none I remember, as I looked I felt a change. I remember my heart began to sink into my chest, “It's all my fault.” I have to get out of here and warm my friends that I am not the only person here in my melon. I run down the hall and bang on the door and yell “Guys I know what I did, I know what you were hiding from me, but it's, not me she's trying to frame me I am not crazy everything she has told you is a lie.” I said knowing that her hooks were in them to deep. I can't believe she was making me take pills that make me disoriented and confused and that she this whole time knew that I didn't kill my dad and that he didn't commit suicide but it was her mom that he had the affair with, and she wanted revenge for her father and she shot him in the head while I was over there and I was sitting down by them while she called Natalie, Camryn, and Lillian and blamed it on me.

“Guys don't listen to here it's probably not really her.” “Olivia did you just say that, are you the one that locked her in there,” said Lillian softy. “Guys I had to or we won't make it out of here,” said Olivia. “Come on guys, believe me, I didn't do the things you're accusing me of,” I said worried that I would b left here. “You know what fine guys stay with the crazy psychopath person, I will make sure you all rot in this place,” Olivia said. I heard the beep of the door and then it slid open, I ran out afraid that it would shut again to find myself alone in the dim dark room with old swinging lights flickering. They were gone and I was here stuck underneath concrete like my own coffin.

2 months later “Hey there chief I have a 10-67 at the old basement of the Meadow Hill cafe, white female age looks in her teens, the cause of death dehydration.” the policewoman said. “Okay will be there shortly Officer Sealy,” said the chief of police.

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