Signs and Synchronicity

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Life signs which are a part of creative reality.

Submitted: October 12, 2018

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Submitted: October 12, 2018



  You won't find the term in a standard dictionary, it was coined by the psychotherapist Carl Jung. He believed in the importance of meaningful occurances.

When two or more things coincide, seemingly at random, there exists the belief that the 'coincidence' is actually a sign to be heeded.

For instance, someone may have a dream of a spider during sleep, and the following day one appears in the shower. This is considered to be a probable part of the prediction of possible future events.

Perhaps you meet a person, someone who was a stranger before that encounter, then you discover that there is a similar date of birth, one which is shared between the person and someone within your family. These are signs of a connecting which is meant to happen for some reason.

Synchronicity occurs, calling for us to pay attention to our lives and to the connect with others who we meet during our lives. It points to a concept which states that all of our choices and actions can affect what will follow within our lifetime and beyond.

Using the sign posts of Synchronicity means you can observe, be aware, and perhaps begin to participate more fully as a conscious part of the continuance.

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