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A poem for owls and my sister nicknamed Humphrey the Owl.

Submitted: October 12, 2018

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Submitted: October 12, 2018





Owls are a beautiful, unique creature

With wings as brown as sand

Displaying their famous hooting feature

And being a fine part of any band


I have encountered people like one in particular

From Winnie the Pooh Bare

Who is always articular

Plus often sitting in his rocking chair,

Telling all his friends his stories from long ago

To help them picture a satisfying show


The one who started this character comparison

Was the neat Humphrey the Owl

Who, like the character, uses ceresin

And a lot of furniture boulle

While also remaining caring and collective

To ensure her siblings are protective


Our Winnie or mom once told us a story

About three baby owls and a cuddly mother

Who would love to give her glory

And make her feel like no other,

Which was one of the greatest memories

Us or anyone thinking of the night bird

Would love to have and remember every word,

Thinking of their kind things and soft feathery


Even after nearly living for 80 million years,

These creatures have proven to be majestic

Flying over trees and bushes called furze

And for some to be even domestic


As Humphrey and others, including a Mr. Potter,

Continue to respect and support each one,

Let us make their home filled with a lot of water

Feel great to fly and lay in the moon and sun

As farmers, such as Scottish cottars,

And us do it with great fun!

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