A Love Untold

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The story is all about a love story of two teenagers who were forced to be away from each other for many years. Will they end up together?

Submitted: October 13, 2018

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A Love Untold The night sky didn’t fail to mesmerize me this time. I’ve always been watching twinkling stars whenever the sky is clean because it makes me happy. They are just so beautiful that I wish I could touch them even once in my life. I already have a long list of things which are beyond reach and touching the stars is part of it. I know that in reality, it’s just too impossible, so I’m just settling myself in watching them from a distance because that’s what I’m good at. I’m good at admiring something and someone despite knowing that I can’t have them. “Twinkle, where have you been? We’re so worried about you. You didn’t even tag along your Nanny with you. You sneak out again. I’m so disappointed. That is not a behavior of a proper lady. Upon arriving home, I was expecting that you are at the library and reading your notes. For goodness sake, you are in your final year in college and you need to take the bar exam for the next year. Being a lawyer is not a joke, now go, read your notes.” said an authoritative voice. “Sorry dad, I was just trying to get some fresh air at the park.” I replied. “No more unnecessary explanation, Twinkle.” he muttered. “Yes, father.” I mumbled before running up the staircase towards my bedroom. In my whole life I’ve always been a follower on my parent’s decisions. My father is a judge in the court, and my mother is a lawyer, as a result, they want me to follow their footsteps. I don't want to disappoint I love them, so, I took up law. Honestly law is not my cup of tea. I just want to become a chef, but that dream is beyond reach. In fact, it is also written in my long list of wishes. Tonight, I sneak out once again, I’m here at the park and doing what I always do, which is watching the twinkling stars. “You’re spacing out once again, Twinkle.” a deep voice whispered in my ear. “Why are you here?” I asked after composing myself from his sudden appearance. “What an amazing greetings from you, Twinkle.” he said with sarcasm. “My mother, who is basically your Nanny, is looking for you. You need to go home right now before your dad will arrive or else he will yell at my mom once again. I and butler Michael are here to fetch you.” he continued. “Okay.” I replied while looking at his worried face. Inside the van, I am sitting beside John. John is the only son of my Nanny. His father died since he was still seven years old. He is tall, handsome, smart, and always the serious type of guy. He is taking up engineering and is one of the benefactors of my father’s scholarship. And lastly, he is someone whom I can only admire from a distance. Last summer, I was able to tell him what I feel towards him but sadly he rejected me. Why? For him, we’re two worlds apart. He is poor and I am rich. He is free while I am chained. One night, I didn’t went home immediately, I made a stop at the park and tried to stare at the stars once again, while leaning at the back of my car. “You’re here again. Are you really that in love with the stars that you can’t help yourself from mesmerizing it?” someone said. I don’t need to look back because I already knew who the owner of the voice is. “Why do you always keep on bugging me, John? Stay away from me because the more you come closer the more I fall, and the sad thing is you’re not willing to catch me.” I said without thinking twice. “I heard Nikko is courting you.” he said, completely ignoring my melodramatic statement earlier. I looked at him and reluctantly nodded, as my response to his query. I’ve known Nikko since I started taking up law since he is also a law student. He’s been nothing but a friend to m. I even told him about my feelings for John and despite knowing that I am still on the process of healing, he still swore he’d wait and date me when I’m ready. “You’re compatible. He is going to be a lawyer and your parents want a lawyer for you. He’s a nice guy and I know he will take care of you.” he commented sighing. With knitted brows I barked, “You don’t have to –” “Unlike me he has the power. He has the blessing from your parents.” he interrupted me and my jaw dropped in bewilderment. Why is he bringing this up? “But I hope you won’t date him despite that because that would definitely…” he trailed off, fixing his gaze at the sky. I waited for him to continue his statement but he remained silent while looking at the stars, leaving me completely confuse. “You should at least finish that statement and give me a reason on why you don’t want me to date him.” I spat, slightly raising my voice. What he told me triggered my emotion to burst out. He can’t just show up and tell me not to date someone after rejecting me months ago. He has no idea what I have been through. When he didn’t answer, that’s when I knew that I should leave. I got my keys at the back of my pocket and stormed away. I opened the car’s door but he slammed it back and grabbed my arms tightly. “Don’t walk away, Twinkle. You have no idea how much it hurts whenever you’re avoiding.” he said. “And you don’t have any idea how much it hurts to see you closer knowing that I can’t have you.” I shouted and tears suddenly rolled down from my eyes. “Don’t say things you don’t mean John. I easily fall for words. It would be better if you’ll just act like you don’t care.” I continued. “That’s exactly the problem, Twinkle. I can’t act as if I don’t because I care a lot. It hurts that you can freely go with Nikko. It hurts me upon thinking that Nikko is better for you.” he said while crying. He may be easier to love, but do I love him?” I asked rhetorically. No, because no matter how big the difference between us I would always choose to fall for you, even if it means breaking the rules.” I continued. To my surprise, he suddenly cupped my face and searched for my eyes. I was caught by the reflection of my face when I looked at his deep-set eyes. I suddenly became the only woman in John’s eyes. “It would have been easier if I could stop loving you. I love you, Twinkle. And if it means breaking the odds so I can love you, I’d rather be a rule breaker” said he. I was stupefied by his statement but before I can react he bent and claimed my lips. We had a secret relationship since we both know that my parents would be against it. We couldn’t go to public places or else we’d be forced to stop the relationship. Amidst the struggles of not being together all the time, we stayed in love with each other. I can see that he is fighting for me and I can always fight for him no matter what. But then, I failed to realize that fighting doesn’t always entail winning. It was during my father’s birthday when everything got more complicated. It was just a simple celebration with family and friends and Nikko’s family was there too. Nikko seems drunk; he forcefully hugged me and was trying to kiss me. I tried to push him and he stumbled down the floor that’s when I realized that it wasn’t just my force which made him stumble but it was also John’s. Nikko, looking so pissed yelled, “Who are you to meddle with my business? You’re just the son of a servant. You don’t even have the right to show up in this celebration. Go away.” I was shocked by the turn of events but that didn’t stop me from being from seeing the teary eyes of the love of my life. “You don’t have h right to say that to him. You might be a friend to me but he is my love.” I shouted, making everyone gasp in astonishment. “What did you say? Are you having an affair with the son of your Nanny? Have you lost your mind? Nikko is going to be your fiancée. Stop doing this ridiculous thing, Twinkle.” my mom blurted out, breaking the deafening silence. “But mom, dad, I love him. All my life, I’ve been following the rules, but please let me follow my heart this time. I’m begging you.” I pleaded. But my dad sternly said, “A lawyer should only be for a lawyer. What are you thinking? He can’t give you all your needs. He has nothing to bribe about. After that hurtful statement from my dad, I grabbed John’s hand and we both headed inside the car without minding the loud cry coming from my mother. “Why did we run away?” he asked. “We need to runaway John, they can’t just mock you in front of other people.” I answered. “But they will look for us. Your dad is right. I can’t give you all you need, especially your wants. With me, you will face suffering.” he sadly said. “All I need is you John. I still have my cards here; I still have enough cash in my bag. Don’t worry, we can do this. I don’t want to go home anymore, that was a toxic life and I just wanted to be free with you.” I replied. “What about my mom? What if they will do something to her and kick her out in your mansion?” he asked worriedly. “They can’t do that to her. You and your mom, staying in the mansion is part of grandfather’s last will and testament. So, don’t worry about that.” I assuredly answered. “If this is what you really want, then, let’s fight together.” he said before kissing my forehead. After running away from the house, my parents blocked my account and I lost contact of them. Months later, my cash is decreasing in number, and I’m worried about our future. I and John can’t afford to go to school since dad only cut John’s scholarship. Then one day, he said, “I know that we are running out of money. I can work at a construction site in the nearby town and you can continue your studies. I don’t want to fail you. I will be the one who’s going to support you financially. I can even work 24/7, if possible. So, I continued my studies while John is working at a construction site. Day by day, I can say that he is struggling and all I can feel is a pang of guilt since I was the one who dragged him in this situation. All I want is to be with him, but life isn’t always about cupcakes and rainbows. One night, while we were eating dinner I asked him, “John, are you okay? You look so pale.” He replied, “I’m fine, Love. Don’t worry. I guess I just need some sleep. I -” But before he could finish his statement, he suddenly fainted. I rushed him to the nearest hospital and after checking him the doctor told me that John is suffering from a heart complication. He needs to undergo a surgery or else he will die. The earlier the surgery, the better the result will be. Hearing the news made me wanted to cry aloud. We don’t have enough funds for the surgery. Absentmindedly, I walked to nowhere in particular that night until I found myself standing in front of a church. I started praying, “Lord, where am I going to get money for the surgery. Please do enlighten my mind. I don’t know what else to do. Help me Lord.” As if on cue, my phone rang unexpectedly, “We heard the news; we were observing your actions throughout this time. We can help you but with one condition.” said my dad who is on the other line. “Dad, I’m so sorry. Help me, please. I just want him to live. I will do everything, just help me in the surgery.” I begged. “Okay, but you need to fly to US tomorrow and finish your studies there. You can only go back in the Philippines after 15 years. You must cut all your connections concerning John.” he said seriously. “But dad –” “No buts, Twinkle.” he interrupted me. “Butler Michael will fetch you any minute from now. Might as well say your farewell to John, baby. I know that this looks so cruel to you but this is just for your own good.” he continued before hanging up. After the call, I immediately went to the hospital and entered the ward where John is located. I was crying while looking at his face, trying to memorize all his features because it might be the last time that I can look at him in a close range. It’s very difficult to leave him but this is all that I can do to save him. Before leaving, I left a note saying that I need to go away and save him before it’s too late. I am now setting him free from all the heartaches that I’ve done and this would be the last. After years of leaving in a foreign country, finally, I am setting my feet in my homeland. I actually wasn’t planning to come back because I don’t want my past memories to hunt me down once again. Those years were heartbreaking but it’s long forgotten. I’ve already moved on, really? Let’s see. I am here in the Philippines right now because I initially promised Nikko that I would attend his wedding. The last time I checked, he was madly in love with me, but I rejected him a lot of times, so, he gave up, and he is now going face the altar with a beautiful bride. And so I’m here, heading towards the church, where the ceremony will be held. The mass had already started when I arrived; I entered at the left wing of the church and made my stealthy entrance so nobody would notice me, but to my dismay, somebody did. Standing at the front of the altar was the man in a white sotana, gazing at my direction. I stopped in my track when his deep-set eyes met mine. Fifteen years and his looks didn’t change – tall, white-skinned and pretty face. What a gorgeous priest. After the wedding, we went to the reception hall to continue the celebration. There I sat at the corner so no one would notice me, but again to my dismay, John went in my table and sat there too. I tried to compose myself hoping that he wouldn’t notice how he can still affect me after all these years. He sat next to me, we were sitting there for a moment, a moment that feels like broken promises of forever. “It’s nice to see you again, Twinkle. How are you?” he started the conversation. “I’m doing fine, Father. I’ve already solved a lot of case in an American Court. How about you? Why did you end up as a priest? I was actually expecting that you are an engineer as of the moment, but I was so shocked when you were the one I saw at the altar earlier, Father.” I spat him vehemently. “After my operation, I was so blessed that God has given me another life. He has given me a life with people who love me dearly and people who are willing to sacrifice their happiness for my own good. And I just want to thank you for all the sacrifices that you have done, Twinkle. And because of that I just woke up one day having the desire of serving Him for the rest of my life.” He answered whole-heartedly. Basing from the way he uttered those words, I can say that he is now peacefully happy. “I’ve been waiting for this day to come, Twinkle. I’m glad I’m finally able to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done. If you’re going to ask me whether I regret loving you or not, I’d say I don’t regret anything. I hope you don’t regret leaving me too. I was young back then, I felt the pain you caused me and I’ve lamented over it for years until I found my way to Him.” he said. “If you ever become a bride, I would be more than willing to be the priest of your wedding.” he continued with a gag which I feigned a laugh, but my heart is silently breaking. “Thank you, Father. So, I guess, I need to look for a husband as of the moment.” I joked and we both laughed. I guess, I’ll just need to be contented into merely admiring the stars again because stars are too hot to hold in my hand, they would burn me. So, I’ll just settle on looking at them from a far, alone in silence, until my heart would finally decide to move on. ________________________________END__________________________________

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