The Moppet's Choice

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Jenny, a 13 years old child, who once lived in a blissful and peaceful family had experienced an indelible nightmare that forced her to make the biggest decision a child could ever do. The choice that changed their lives forever. It all started on the 12th day of September in the year 2010, when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit their place, destroying every single infrastructures, killing numbers of innocent people and shattering every single hopes and dreams of poor children.

Submitted: October 13, 2018

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Submitted: October 13, 2018



Jenny, a 13 years old child, who once lived in a blissful and peaceful family had experienced an indelible nightmare that forced her to make the biggest decision a child could ever do. The choice that changed their lives forever. It all started on the 12th day of September in the year 2010, when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit their place, destroying every single infrastructures, killing numbers of innocent people and shattering every single hopes and dreams of poor children.

“Ate, are we going to be okay?” asked Jenny’s younger brother. “Yes, we will Ed. Everything will turn out just fine. Let’s all pray to God for His guidance and protection. No one is mightier than Him”, replied Jenny as he comfort her little brothers and sisters. Jenny’s mother was not with them when the incident happened. She was working abroad to provide their daily needs. When her mother knows about their tragic situation, she immediately packed her things to go home, but she couldn’t. She still have signed contract to comply from her work. Jenny talked to her mother and assured everything was fine. Due to her situation, she decided to wait for the contract to end with a worry heart.

One night, when everyone was sound asleep, Jenny aroused in the middle of the night and realized her father was gone. She got up half sleep to look for his father. She went outside the tent and heard some voices, she followed it and saw her father conversing with some guys.

“Papa?” she said sleepily while rubbing her two eyes. “Jenny what are you doing here? Get back inside the tent, now!” furiously said her father.

Bewildered by his father’s tone of voice, Jenny went inside the tent running and crying. She immediately went back to sleep with a crying face. The next morning, a frightening incident was reported in their barangay, alarming every single woman in the place. A 22 years old girl was found dead alongside of the road. It was believe that the girl was a victim of gang rape.

“Papa what’s happening? Why are there so many policemen in our place?” Jane curiously asked her father. “Jenny, get your brothers and sisters inside the tent and make sure you’ll never let them out, okay?” his father said aggressively.

Confused by her father’s actions, Jane immediately followed his orders and led her siblings inside their tents. Many felonious exploit happened in the midst of the tragic situation. Such ruthless people takes advantage of the susceptible situation of the public. The police officers started to investigate the incidents and found out that the suspects were living together with the people in the said place. Some suspects were captured and forced to spill their accomplices. Some of them told the authorities that Jenny’s father was one of them. The policemen captured Jenny’s father and held him in jail.

“Papa, what’s going on? Why are you here? Did you do something wrong?” confusedly asked Jenny to his father. “Everything’s going to be ok, Jenny. I’ll be out here soon. Please take care of your brother and sisters for now”, replied her father.

“Why papa? Did you really kill that lady?” Jenny asked with a teary eye. “No Jenny, I didn’t kill anyone. Please don’t cry. Your aunt Cecilia will take care for you now. You all behave well okay?” Jenny’s father said convincingly. “No! You’re lying! I saw you that night! You were talking with those guys!” Jenny was whaling. Jenny’s aunt tried to stop her but Jenny keep mumbling. “Why did you do that papa? You’re so bad. You killed that lady. I hate you!” Jenny was unstoppable. Her father did not say a word and remained silent. The policemen helped Jenny’s Aunt to shush her and they were directed to go home.

The news about the captivity of the suspects spread all over the barangay. All their relatives came to have known the involvement of Jenny’s father in the incident. Since then, her mother and father’s family was not in good terms. When her mother’s family were told about his father’s crime they all went furious and started to rant hurtful words to Jenny’s father.

“How could you do this to your family?” Jenny’s grandfather said in a heavy tone. “You could have done better if you allow us to take care of our grandchildren and leave my daughter a long time ago. You imbecile! I know this would happen. I should have never let you be with my daughter, aside from your poor background, you are irresponsible!” fiercely added by her grandfather.

“You even let your daughter witnessed the crime you did. What kind of father are you? Jenny’s grandmother said in anguish. “From now on, expect nothing from us. I will get my grandchildren and file a custody for them. I’ll make sure you will never see them again. We will explain everything to my daughter. You deserve to rot in jail after what you did. You murderer” Upon hearing the involvement of Jenny’s father in the incident, her mother agreed to let her parents take Jenny and her siblings with them. Jenny, on the other hand, was still in doubt about his father’s wrong doings. She chose to leave his father in jail to pay his crime. She was driven by anguish and disappointments to the point that she despised him. The next morning, Jenny and her siblings were told by their grandparents about leaving the country tomorrow and staying in Canada for good by the consent of their mother. Jenny was shocked about the news. She doesn’t know what to react so she immediately went to her room. While, Ed, Jenny’s younger brother followed her without her knowledge. “Ate, I miss papa so much. Can we visit him tomorrow?” asks Jenny’s younger brother while running towards her. “I don’t think we can visit him, Ed. Lolo and Lola will be out tomorrow. No one will accompany us to go there. Maybe some other time” Jenny’s said while embracing her brother. “It’s raining hard though, papa might be cold. Let’s bring him some blanket and jacket ate, please” begged Jenny’s brother. Jenny felt like her tears are going to fall down. She just realized what she has done. She set a barrier between his father and her siblings because of her heedless decisions. But what she saw that night keeps pushing her to hate his father. She saw it with her own naked eye and she just can’t ignore it. So she gathered all her courage and strength to make the biggest decision of her life. She decided to go with her grandparents abroad and leave her father to face the consequences he made. Though leaving his father behind was very hard for her, she just want the best for everyone. She wants to protect her siblings and let them forget the indelible nightmare they’ve been to.

The next day, Jenny’s grandparents already prepared all the papers for their departure. “Jenny lets go, we will be late on our flight!” Jenny’s grandfather said. “Lolo, can we say goodbye to father before we leave?” asked Jenny. “I’m sorry dear, but we don’t have enough time. We will be late on our flight. We’ll just visit him when we come back, okay?” her grandfather said. Jenny didn’t seem to agree, but there’s nothing she could do to convince them to do so. She was hoping that she could see her father for the last time and say sorry for what she said. While they were on their way to the airport, Jenny’s siblings kept on crying.

“Shush now, Ed.” Jenny said while trying to shush her younger brother from crying. “Ate, why are we leaving papa? We can’t just leave without saying goodbye to him”, Jenny’s other siblings said. “Lolo said we will be late in our flight if we did. Don’t worry we will visit papa when we come back, okay” Jenny said downheartedly. She was about to cry too, but she tried to be strong for her siblings. She then realized the biggest mistake she had done and started to regret all the things she said to her father.

"What I’ve just done? This couldn’t be happening. If it’s not because of my heedless decisions, nothing would have gone this far. I should have listened to what my father should say, instead of disregarding him. We should be the one helping and encouraging him in times of difficult situations, just like what he usually do to us. I’m no good to him as a daughter. I left him in the jail” Jenny said in her mind.

She realized that his father could never do such things, yet she was blinded by fear and was bemuse about everything she saw. She wanted to tell her father how sorry she is and how badly she wants to stay by his side, but this is somehow impossible. A few minutes later, they arrived at the airport. Jenny’s siblings were still crying while walking towards the departure area. Jenny frequently takes a glimpse behind, hoping his father would come and take them back, but no one came.

That day, Jenny’s father were out of prison due to no reliable evidences that would prove his crime. It was proven, however, that Jenny’s father was only accused by such indelible deeds. He recounted the night Jenny saw him talking to those guys. He heard a loud scream of a woman, so he immediately went outside to look for it, only to see five men running towards him. He was threatened by those men to harm her daughter if he will spill out what he saw. When Jenny came outside, he was affrighted and told her to go back to the tent. Jenny’s father tried to remain silent for he was afraid for her daughter’s safety. “Thank you sir” Jenny’s father said to the policeman who released him. “Go and see your daughter. The last time she went here, she was so disappointed of you. You are a good father. You have to tell everything to your daughter before it’s too late.” The policeman said. “What do you mean?” the father said in response. “I unintentionally heard you’re in laws talking to General Lim about your situations and how it would affect their intention of taking your children outside the country. I’m sorry to tell you this, but I think they will be leaving the country today”, the policemen said. Jenny’s father was dumbfounded, he immediately leave the police station and went directly to see her daughter. He run as fast as he could and tried to grab some taxi on his way but no one stops. Jenny’s father was so frustrated. He will never let his children leave the country. He loves them so much and he will do everything he can to protect them even if it means sacrificing his own reputation, dignity or his life.

“Thank you sir, here’s my fare” Jenny’s father said hastily and runs fast to the airport. “Sorry sir, we can’t let you in.” the guard said. “But my children are leaving, I just wanted to say goodbye to them. Please officer, let me in. It won’t take long” pleaded Jenny’s father. “I’m really sorry sir, we’re just following orders”, the guard said. “Please just let me in, please” the father said while forcing himself inside. He was forcedly brought outside by the authorities because of the commotion he did. Jenny’s father found himself crying outside the airport. He saw the plane took off the place. “How did these things happen? How could I let my children leave? I am useless and irresponsible father. I could not even protect them. But, I should be happy now. They are in good hands. They can give my children a better life more than I could.” Jenny’s father said while crying.

"How could you give up your children that easily? You are indeed irresponsible, but you are not a useless father. You just did what you need to do in order to protect them. You are just being a good father to them. We’re sorry for judging you without knowing your real intentions.” the familiar voice said. Jenny’s father was surprised to what he just heard and slowly raised his head up to see where the voice came from. He was surprised to see Jenny’s grandparents looking at him. “Where’s my children?” the father said while crying. “We just couldn’t let our grandchildren left with a broken heart. They love you so much and it would be so evil of us to break you apart”, said the grandparents while pointing something behind his back. He look back and saw her children running towards him. They immediately gave their father a big hug.

“My children, my beloved children” the father said while hugging them. “We miss you so much papa” they said in unison. Jenny who was still standing with tears falling from her eyes, said “Papa, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.” Jenny said while crying hard. “No need to say sorry Jenny, it wasn’t your fault. You were just confused about everything. That’s all, please shush now”, Jenny’s father said while extending his arms to hug her.

On that day, everything was cleared. Jenny’s mother and father were back together. Her grandparents apologize for their hasty decisions and Jenny learned a lot of things out from those experiences they had. The real suspects were jailed. Jenny’s family decided to forget everything in order to start a new one and rebuild what was broken. Indeed, life may give you unexpected challenges in life. These might break you or tear you apart and might lead you to a choice that would change your life forever. Every single moment of your life hangs on the choice you make. That’s why making good decisions became essential to one of us.

Usually, good decisions comes with good consequences and bad decisions comes with bad consequences. However, it does not apply at all times. If you tend to commit bad choices in your life, you must not feel bad, rather try everything you can to make up for it. We are not perfect at all. What matters most, is the attitude you display while facing these consequences you made. Whatever decisions you choose, all you need to do is to be responsible enough. Be responsible and comply what is needed to comply and you’ll find everything turning back to its place.

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