I Remember The End

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Marcus meets the shy Patricia, and learns the truth in what will be a summer he would never forget.

Submitted: October 13, 2018

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Submitted: October 13, 2018



It wasn’t chance. From the second he saw Patricia Sun, Marcus grace knew that she entered his world, even if it was accidently. He was a quiet but popular kid, he was even more popular with his teachers as he was one of the only straight A students in the school. Patricia was a new student, but she shared one class with Marcus, and he noticed her today. She was sitting in the back all alone, dissecting a frog, which she did with surgical precision. The bell rang; school was out for summer! Marcus packed all his books in his backpack, waited for his friends to get out of their class and walked out the red double doors to the outside world he rarely got to see. There she was sitting on the bottom step to the left of everyone to avoid any unwanted confrontations. Marcus said goodbye to his friends and told them he would meet up with them later. He gathered himself and does his best to seem as socially awkward as he was. He practiced what he would say in his head as an opening line, but nothing ever sounded good, but he couldn’t hold off any longer or he might never see her again. He sat down a little way from her but scooted over inch by inch until the only thing between them was the hand rail.

  She heard him, but didn’t want to acknowledge him, but he didn’t want to give up.

“I’ve never seen you before and I thought I would introduce myself. Anyways I don’t want to bother you, you’re probably waiting for your parents.” It was that comment that made her turn her head towards him. “Anyways I’ll leave you alone um…”  ‘Patricia, my name is Patricia.’  “Hi, Patricia. It’s nice to meet you.” After he introduced himself a black car pulled up with a man inside, sitting in the driver’s seat, he didn’t at her, or roll down the window, but she rose from the step and walked to the car and got in the back and put her head down and they drove away. Soon after Marcus’ mom pulled up and he ran to the car with a wave and a rush of excitement.

A short time after, Marcus walked through town with his parents, they arrived at the movie theater to see the newest David Archer film; it was the first one in the series to be rated PG-13, and he begged his parents to take him. He had seen the previous films, but only the parts his mom didn’t fast forward through, he understood the gist of them though. This was the first one he could sit all the way through and he was excited. Before they got to the ticket vestibule, he spotted Patricia out of the corner of his eye. She was standing on the corner, looking up at the tallest building, which to them both, was tall, but to his parents it probably wasn’t at all.

He broke away from his mother’s grip and quietly stood next to her and looked up at the same building, “I think it’s a bank.” She snapped out of her zone and looked at him, she again wasn’t aware of his presence until he spoke, “What?” He looked at her square in the eyes, “The building, I think it’s a bank, my friend Reggie’s dad works there.” She gave him a simple ‘Hmm’ in response, “Hey, would you like to see the new David Archer movie with me?” “Who’s that?” “He’s the best treasure hunter in the world, he fights monsters and he found out he was part demon in the third one, so he can summon help when he gets in trouble. Anyways, I’ve been saving up money from chores and good grades, and I have enough for both of us to see it, if you want to.” She didn’t answer right away, but she knew he was just being friendly, and it was just a harmless movie, “Sure, I would like that.” He smiled; they walked to the vestibule and he asked for two tickets and handed over his money. His father held the door for them to walk through and they all found their seats. His parents sat above them, so they could watch the movie with a little bit of privacy.

After the movie, they walked out of the theater with smiles on their faces. She was glowing, he looked at her eye’s and they had changed color to a dark purplish red from the brown they once were. She looked at him and whispered to herself, “Not here.” He brushed it off and his parents offered to take her home, to which she agreed. The next day Marcus was at the mall at a friend’s birthday party, and he saw Patricia again, standing in the center of the mall, looking up at the ceiling. “Patricia!” He called out and she looked down at him and broke a small smile, “Hi, Marcus. What are you doing here?” “My friend Reggie is having his birthday here at the arcade, and then we’re going to the pool, would you like to come?” “I don’t have a swimsuit.” “That’s okay, I’ll get you one.” Marcus was raised to be generous, he always cared about other’s happiness before his own. She tried on several different ones but picked the one with her favorite flower on it, a daisy. He purchased it and they left to go to the pool. The water as perfect, they all splashed and practiced how long they could hold their breath. Then they dried off and enjoyed the chocolate cake whilst the happy birthday boy opened his presents. Marcus and Patricia were again standing next to each other and she again whispers to herself, “Not here.” Marcus hears her and looks at her, she reaches over and locks her fingers in his and they both smile; her eye’s change to a brighter red and the hair on her arms stand on end.

After the party, he walked her to the lake that was behind his house, but right in the middle of town, and they walked awhile, until they found a bench and they sat to watch the sunset. Geese started to gather in the lake and Marcus wished he had some bread for them. He wanted to talk to Patricia, but he wasn’t sure how to start. Patricia put her head down and folded her hands, “Are you okay?” he asked. She raised her head and looked at the last remaining moments of the setting sun, Marcus sat next to her silent, wondering if he said something wrong. She took his hand once again, but this time she brought it to her chest where her heart would be; instead it radiated intense heat and he felt a slow ticking like a clock. “It’s here, Marcus. I need to tell you what I am, I am an experiment. I was sent by a team to observe the town and it’s people, I wasn’t expecting to find someone like you.” Marcus couldn’t deny that he was confused, he thought of what his own face looked like through her eyes, would it be emotionless or was it stuck in a puzzled gaze? He pulled his hand away from the heat as it grew hotter; her skin started to glow a low yellow and her eyes changed color to match. “I have been given the choice to save one person from all of this, and I’ve chosen you, Marcus.” She starts to levitate from the bench, Marcus stands and grabs her hand again to try to keep her from floating away from him. Her gaze doesn’t leave his, but his eye’s have tears, because he was scared.

“I’m sorry I can’t save everyone, but I can’t hide my true purpose from you. I was sent here to destroy, I wish there was time to tell you more.” Marcus’ tears have filled his eyes, and he bears the heat of her hands just to be close to her. She begins to glow brighter and radiate hotter, her hair stands up on end and becomes frayed. She opens her mouth and a loud siren echoes through the air; Marcus lets go of her hand and covers his ears. She raises her hands and floats higher in the sky, her glow increases until she becomes bright enough to light up the night sky. Marcus feels a bubble of protection all around him; He shields his eye’s trying to see her through the blinding light. Then in an instant the light was gone; he lowered his hands and looked around him, searching for any sign of her, but didn’t see her. He saw rubble every way he looked. His own home and his school were gone; everything he knew was gone, taken away. He looked down and brushed his feet through the perfect circle patch of grass that was beneath him. He wondered if he would ever see his family again, if he would see Patricia ever again, but it was the thought of why she chose him that would plague him until he became an old man, walking through the rest of his life as the man who saw the end.

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