Prevent, Before You Regret

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Mother Earth is in danger; life on Earth is in danger. Let us do hand in hand together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth as what the Lee family has made.

Submitted: October 13, 2018

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Submitted: October 13, 2018



Loud noise of vehicles, air pollution, polluted land and water, burning of plastics, kaingin and deforestation are some of the common doings of the people in the Enamel City. In a faraway city which is the Enamel City lives the Lee family. Mr. Chan Lee is the head of the family. He is running a business in London with his wife Mrs. Kim Lee but their four loving children just choose to stay in the Philippines. Since their children are financially stable enough, they do not care that much of the environment. Cherub is the eldest. Cherub is an accountant who graduated at the University of the Philippines. She is a strong-willed woman who is a very responsible eldest sister towards her siblings. Next to Cherub is Kris who is also working in a company. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Office and Systems Management at the University of Sto. Tomas. He is a happy-go-lucky kind of person. He doesn’t really care of the thing that is going around. He just goes with the flow. Allesa is a graduate of Architecture at the Far Eastern University. In her room are paintings, sketches and drawing. She is really into arts. Mae is the youngest of the siblings. She is currently taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in English at the University of the Philippines. Ever since they are little, Aling Marsha is already taking care of them and their house. While Aling Marsha is preparing for their dinner, Allesa, Mae and Kris gathered themselves at the living room.

Allesa: Kris, can you turn on the lights, it’s getting dark already.

Kris: Ok Allesa, no problem.

(Kris literally turned on all the lights. Including the lights outside, in the bedroom and at the kitchen)

Mae: Kris, did you see already this post? (giving her phone to Kris)

Kris: Oh, that? The tragedy in Naga, Cebu? Yes. I already saw that post. It’s really tragic and heart breaking.

Allesa: Really? May I see? Can I see? (Kris giving the phone to Allesa)

Allesa: Is it really true? For sure many of them are dead.

Mae: That’s for sure. It’s very scary and quite alarming Give me my phone.

Aling Marsha: Kris, Allesa, everyone. Let’s eat.

Kris: Ok Aling Marsha. Let’s eat guys.

While they are busy eating, Aling Marsha happily watch a television in the living room and noticed that all lights are turned on. She checked the lights outside, in the bathroom and everywhere all over the house and yes, it was all turned on.

Aling Marsha: What’s this? What’s with the lights? Who turned on all the lights? Is it you Mae?

Mae: It’s not me Aling Marsha. T’was Kris.

Aling Marsha: My dear children. We should conserve energy. When the light is not that needed, we should turn it off. We should just turn the lights that are mostly needed.

Kris: Why so Aling Marsha? Well in fact, we could just immediately pay for it.

Aling Marsha: Not because you have money and you have all the riches in life, doesn’t meanyou have the right to waste and waste energy.

Allesa: Why Aling Marsha?

Aling Marsha: Because everything in life is all temporary including the electricity. Time will come that everything in life will all vanish.

Kris: Sorry Aling Marsha. I promise to not do it again. I’ll just turn the lights that are needed that much.

Aling Marsha: Good. Go to your rooms now and go to sleep.

Mae is still making her project in her room. She’s very busy working on her stuffs. Everytime she has a scratch paper, she just directly throw it outside the window. Including the cellophanes and the unneeded papers that she used.

The sun rise, the rooster crows and the birds chirp. Aling Marsha woke up first. She prepared their meal and clean the inside and outside part of the house. And suddenly, she noticed the garbages outside Mae’s room. She cleaned it directly and throws it in the proper trash bins. Aling Marsha is done cleaning the whole surrounding of the house. She enters in the house and wakes up the children.

Aling Marsha: Children, wake up! It’s morning already. Time to eat our breakfast. You still need to go to work and school.

The children wake up, took a bath and gathered themselves in the dining table. Aling Marsha talked towards Mae about the mess she made outside.

Aling Marsha: Mae, why did you throw your garbage just outside the window?

Mae: I’m in hurry Aling Marsha, and I have no time to throw it in the trash bin.

Aling Marsha: Why? You have a trash bin inside your room. Is that hard to just directly throw your garbage in it?

Mae: Well, I’m already tired last night. I need to finish my project as soon as possible.

Aling Marsha: Do you know what Mae? Throwing of garbage anyway is not a good thing especially nowadays. It could destroy our mother earth. Do you know that?

Mae: Ok Aling Marsha. I’m sorry for that. From now on, I’ll make sure to throw my garbage properly. Anyway, Cherub, will you go to work today?

Cherub: Yes, I’ll go to work later. Would you like me to drop you at your school?

Mae: Could you drop me by the school Cherub? Cherub: Sure. No problem.

Allesa: I’ll take a bath first Mae.

Mae: Please hurry Allesa, because I’m running out of time. Allesa: Ok. I’ll go now.

While Allesa is taking a bath, she just lets the water flow even if it is full already. After taking a bath, she brushes her teeth without using a glass for the water container. Aling Marsha passed by in the comfort room and she heard the water flowing.

Aling Marsha: Allesa…… Allesa!!!! The wateeeerrrr……. Turn off the faucet! The tub is already full.

Allesa: Aling Marsha, I’m not yet done taking a bath, I still need to brush my teeth.

Aling Marsha: Turn off the the faucet. Allesa: Ok. Ok. Ok. Aling Marsha

Aling Marsha: We all should conserve water. Because water is life and surely, many years from now, we could experience scarcity of water.

Cherub: Aling Marsha, you’re getting annoying already. You just always scold us. Scold here, scold there, scold us everywhere. It’s no need already Aling Marsha because weve all grown up already.

Aling Marsha: Yes, you’ve grown up already but life is a life-long learning process. There is still a lot to learn in life. You should listen from elders because we have a lot of experience than you have.

Cherub: Ok Aling Marsha, I am sorry. We’ll go to school and work now. Goodbye.

Cherub and Mae paved goodbye while kissing Aling Marsha’s hand as a sign of respect. Cherub dropped Mae in her school. She go to the place of her company, parked her car and while she is entering on her office, she bumped on a wise old woman. And the wise old woman said.

Wise Old Woman: Watch out. A catastrophe is about to come. You people are not taking care of the environment. Look at the seas! Full of garbages. Look at the air, it gets polluted because of the vehicles and factories. Look at the trees. The no mercy people trying to cut them all. The mother nature is about to get her part already.

Cherub: Wait, wait. Are you threatening me? It’s not even a good joke. What are you saying?

Wise Old Woman: Watch out and be prepared. The wise old woman directly walked away. Cherub was bothered the whole day, thinking about what the old wise man has said. She finished her work and went home still thinking about what happened until she fell asleep.

Cherub: Guys, I’m home already! Mae & Allesa approached Cherub and hugged each other. They changed closed and went outside, placed a blanket and have a star gazing, but unfortunately, there are no moon, even stars.

Allesa: How unlucky are we, there are no stars outside. I think it’s gonna rain.

Mae: Surely, it will rain.

The three of them went inside the house, called the rest of the siblings including Aling Marsha and ate their dinner and afterwards, a sudden tremble of the grounds happened.

Allesa: Did you feel what I feel?

Cherub and Mae are in doubt. They made an eye to eye contact.

Cherub and Mae: Earthquake?

Siblings and Aling Marsha: Waaaaahhhhh!!!!!!! Earthquaaaakkkkeeeee!!!!!!!

Aling Marsha: Everyone, cover your head. Go under the table. Faster!

Everyone followed what Aling Marsha has said.

Cherub: Keep calm guys, it’ll just pass by.

The flashes of lightning and the roaring of thunder followed. It also rains cats and dogs.

Mae: Aling Marsha, I am really scared.

Mae cried while Cherub is taking an eye after her siblings trying to keep them calm. The earthquake lasted for about a minute but the heavy rain continued. The flash floods reached the two-storey houses. Garbages, logs of trees, dead people and animals are floating all over the Enamel City. Screaming and crying people asking for help are heard all over the city. Even the houses of the poor and rich people in the city are ruined. The siblings were separated due to the uncontrollable current of the flash floods. All of the people around are striving for survival. Kris luckily made it to the third floor of their neighbor’s house, while May and Aling Marsha’s body were missing. Allesa and Cherub held hands all throughout but unfortunately, they parted. Allesa loses force in holding the hand of Cherub because of the strong current of the flash floods and get to the flow of the flash floods. While Cherub cried out loud and was suddenly hit by the floating log. At that moment, she’s hopeless already. She thought she would die. The only thing she thinks about that certain moment is the old wise woman. What the wise old woman has said happened exactly. She regretted everything that the people around are doing, including her siblings. If only she could turn back time, surely, she should change their perspective and act for what is to be done. She’ll make sure to contribute and help for the betterment of the surrounding and the environment, to save mother earth. And suddenly, toooooooottt~~ Cherub collapsed and wake up from a nightmare and a deep sleep immediately. She’s sweating too much and trying to catch her breath. She directly went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water.

Cherub: What a terrifying dream. I thought it was real. It feels real but it’s good t’was just a dream.

Cherub prayed to the God almighty and directly went back to sleep. When the morning comes, during their meal, Cherub opened up her dream to her siblings and to Aling Marsha and they were also scared of what Cherub has said. From then, they were alarmed of the happening now, not just in the Enamel City but in the whole world and country. Since they were alarmed, they think of an idea to start observing the conservation of energy, proper waste disposal, as well as conservation of water and the like, since they believe that changing the country or the world at a time should always start with themselves; at home.

Few months had passed and they started to practice such thing. They wanted to do it on the higher level and planned to start joining coastal clean-up, mangroves and tree planting activities and the like.

Many years had passed through. A clean, fresh air and disciplined people in the Enamel City are observed. Since they worked that early for the betterment of the city, they prevented what the wise old woman has said and what the dream of Cherub could be. Instead of a great catastrophe, a best place to live was made. Thanks to the wise old woman who warned them that made their sleeping sole woke up.

Mother Earth is in danger; life on Earth is in danger. Let us do hand in hand together to save our life-giving and life-saving Mother Earth as what the Lee family has made.

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