The Cherry Blossom Tree

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Submitted: October 13, 2018

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Submitted: October 13, 2018



Clara held her hand on the branches of her cherry blossom tree in the park a block away from
her house. She took off a pedal as she inhaled, then exhaled. She sighed, and felt no trouble.
She realized that coming to this park, this tree, helped her feel less vexed. She put the pedal
into the front pocket of her overalls and forgot about it. She went there every single time
when she felt sick, tired, or just needed something to calm her down. this was her place. She
also liked that no one ever visited this park so she had no other noises surrounding her, but
the sounds of the pedals rustling in the wind.
But it was too beautiful to Clara, she found that fact to be unbelievable. She believed that
everyone should visit this park to have this amazing experience.
People never believed her when she said that this was where she went for therapy. People said
they would rather go to an actual therapist and pay, but Clara denied that. Clara's therapy was free.
Sometimes she felt emotional, and she would spend hours sitting next to that tree, sobbing. It was
comfort for her.
She grew up with that tree. She watched it grow from 5 feet, to three times her size. She was only 7years old when she saw it for the first time. It was the most beautiful tree she had ever seen.
She loved it.
And that's all what mattered to Clara, the 12 year old girl who was obsessed with this
tree who was only a few years younger than her.
She would hug that tree, allowing her hair to blow in the wind. It was getting tangeled, but Clara
didn't mind. She owned a hairbrush. No one even went to that park, so no one would see her.
But Clara never realized that you shouldn't get too attached to things like that. She never knew
that the owners of the park were going to officially close down the park and cut down the tree for
it's wood. When Clara found out that they were going to cut down the tree, she wanted to go to the
park for calming, but she knew she couldn't. For the first time in 5 years, her mother saw her cry.
Everytime she cried, she would go to the tree and tighten up all her muscles, and let out the tears
that she tried to hold in but she just couldn't. Because it wasn't there anymore.
She realized that they should've closed it down as soon as people stopped going there so she wouldn't get too attached. People used to go there all the time.
5 years before the tree was taken down, her mother took her to the park to see street preformers.
Then she saw it. It was the most beautiful tree she had ever seen, and to her young eyes, she
enjoyed just simply looking at it. She would sit there for hours and just stare. She would count it's
pedals, and enjoy every second of it.
Clara had forgotten about the tree a year later, as she was going through old clothing in her closet to give away.
Then, she found the overalls she wore the day before it was cut down. The pedal was still in the front
pocket, right in the same place she had put it.
Tears streamed down her face as she realized this was the only momento she had of this tree she loved for years.
She took the overalls, and put then into the corner of her closet where she would see it every time
she went in there.
She would take the pedal out of the pocket, and stroke it for good luck and confort. When she felt
sick, tired, or just needed something to calm her down. That pedal was it. The only trace of that
tree, was left in her palms. It was so precious, she would try her hardest to not get any tears on
that pedal. She didn't know what would happen if something like that occured. It would just make
her cry more if something bad happened, which just made her even worse. It was the only trace of it left.
Clara had it held in both of her palms as she was asleep in her closet, the door cracked open. A
slight stream of light covered her left eye as she laid on the carpet, fully dressed, looking presentable.
Her mother walked into the room, and opened the door, to see her lying there. She smiled, as she opened
her palms too see the pedal, sitting in her hands. Her mother picked it up, and said,

"This is what calmed her down, this one pedal. People dont believe it when she says so,
but I believe it. I haven't seen her cry for years until that tree got taken down. This one pedal is the onlytrace left of it, and this is the only thing that had ever calmed her down."

She began to cry.

"All because of this one tree that was accidentally planted by me in that park. Is it my fault she
is so attracted to this tree? Clara goes to that tree for confort. I should feel proud."

She opened Clara's palms, and placed the pedal in the middle, not realizing that she had gotten a
few tears on it.
When Clara woke up, fprgetting thte pedal was in her palms the night before. She sat up, realizing she couldn't find the pedal, so she bagan to cry. And what made everything worse was that she knew she had nothing to comfort her.
She was going to go ask her mother where she thought the pedal was, until realizing that in her
backyard, was a large cherry blossom tree, three times the size of Clara, the tree she had went to for comfort.

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