The Last Ride

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Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



The Last Ride


I was relieved when I finally saw the last bus for Lanogan. I received a call from my aunt saying that my uncle met an accident and his life is in terrible danger. I am working as a call center agent in a telecommunication company. I hurriedly packed my things and told my boss that I have an emergency. I was able to hire a cab, I felt anxious as the driver stared at me through the mirror. He told me that he can't see my head and something might happen to me. I was shaking because it was the first time it happened to me and I don't know if it’s true or not. He said that he will take me to another route to the bus terminal to keep me safe. Before getting out of the cab, he said that I should burn my clothes to prevent anything from happening.

I was lucky enough to catch the last bus, it was the first time the bus company allowed a bus to travel to Lanogan at midnight because of the winding road and the absence of streetlights. As I stepped inside the bus, cold wind embraced my body. I looked around and as I counted there were only ten passengers inside the bus. I gasped as I saw the driver grinning at me. His eyes were covered by the shadow created by the black hat he was wearing. "Welcome to the last ride", he said with a very deep voice. It was like they knew I was coming and they were all waiting for me. I was horrified thinking what the cab driver said might be true and thought of stepping out of the bus. But I was too late, the driver already closed the door. I was about to approach him to let me get off the bus but I remembered my uncle, he needs me. I sat at the back of the bus near the window. I found the situation disturbing since all the passengers were sitting at the front part of the bus, wearing either the shade of white and brown, they were sitting in the same position, head looking straight at the road. I disregarded my observations and decided to go to sleep since it is already one in the morning.

Few minutes later I woke up with a loud scratching sound. To my horror the bus was running very fast, I felt my soul being dragged outside my body because of the force. I tried my best to walk to the driver since it was hard for me to balance my body. I grabbed on the handles and finally reached the driver. I shouted at the top of my lungs for him to stop. He tilted his head and looked up to me. His eyes were black and his mouth was full of stiches. I froze, he was looking at my eyes straight to my soul. I shouted as I found the strength to run, tears flowed down my eyes as I hurriedly went to the other passengers. I was about to approach them when I saw all of them covered in blood, with big black eyes and cuts around their bodies. I shouted so loud that I felt my throat exploded. I ran to back to my seat and dialed my aunts’ number. I felt my soul lifted as my aunt picked up the phone, I screamed and explained my situation but all I can hear from the other line was a loud laugh from a man. My body was shaking as I turned my cellphone off. I looked outside the window hoping to see any house but the surrounding was pitch black. The lights inside the bus turned off, I heard the driver whistling a song that gave added chills to my body. I am breathing so heavily, I felt my lungs being squeezed and my heart pounding very fast. I opened my bag and got the rosary my mother gave to me. I held it in my hands and uttered a prayer, I thought that that moment was the final payment for all my sins. I can’t even remember the last time I attended a mass and here I am asking God for help. I can hear the driver laugh so loud. I felt footsteps getting closer. The passengers were getting closer. As they approached me, they held my body and lifted me. I shouted and cried, I continued my prayers and shouted the name of God. Then I remembered the Latin prayer my grandmother says every time she feels that there is a bad spirit around. I uttered it loudly and clearly holding tightly the rosary. Then, I felt my body floated and heard the driver shouting loud. I closed my eyes as I felt the bus stopped and I was pushed outside of it.

I opened my eyes as I felt someone holding my hands. My aunt is looking at me with worried eyes. She told that I was found in an empty road not far from Lanogan full of cuts. While crying I said to her the whole story which left her in awe. She told me that years ago a bus fell in cliff near Laguna. Eleven people died including the driver, only one survived and it was also the last ride. It is said that the bus is still searching people to complete the number of passengers so that it can finally go to the other dimension.

A week after I visited the site where the bus fell. My body is still recovering from what happened but I thought there is still a chance the bus can have another victim. I talked to the priest and begged him to bless the site. I brought 11 candles and flowers hoping that the souls in the bus can finally be free. I contacted the survivor of the incident and explained to her what happened to me. She said that she has not moved on from the incident and she is still being haunted by the past. I was able to get the names of the victims by the help of the only survivor. I talked to the bereaved family and asked them to pray and visit their loved one for them to attain peace and forgiveness.

This incident taught me to always have faith and believe in God. Never waste time because it might be your last.

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