Ode to a Merman

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The only thing about this poem I am not "set" on, is the title. Although it makes sense to me, I can understand if it seems totally off base to you, the reader. If you have any suggestions, or thoughts, please throw them my way! I hope you enjoy!

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



Your forest eyes
calm this turbulent mind
like gentle moon rays,
they light me up 
from the inside.

Serenity laps in abundance
around my heart's shore.
Feelings rise efforvescently
from the sea floor.

Never before
has my soul
felt this safe
or secure.

Your bravery spans miles
kindness sensationally sage.
with unwavering, effortless beauty,
that lions heart remians unchanged.
I thank the heavens each day.
The breadth of your soul
will never fade. 

Like your radient smile
pearlescently shinning in the sun
I am brimmed with joy
and jubilance,
always having fun.

You are the eye of the storm
a rock in chaotic seas,
my anchor undertoe;
as the world tornadoes 
around me.

You are a dream
Pinch me.

I pray a love like ours
is bound to succeed. 

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