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A sci-fi fiction story, taking place in Asgard, a futuristic artificial city built far in the galaxy, and Valkyries are the guardians of it, advanced soldiers trained for special events. As a catastrophe breaks out inside a lab, Kyrie, a special member of Valhalla Department of Protection, is sent to discover the problem and rescue the survivors.

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



Science Laboratory of Transgenic

An Experiment Pending


It is absolutely dark. Voices of scientists come as they communicate and exert the preparation of a serious project.


"Program V-012 is ready. Project DF-ED is in five seconds."


"Signal stabilization is superb. Applying requisition count: approved. We have direction."


"Initiating construction... present! Doctor Wellz?"


One of the scientists asks for permission from the lead of the program, Doctor Rebecca Wellz.


"Begin." Dr. Wellz gives permission to begin with the program.


Sounds of the application hears out. All of a sudden an error occurs and puts the scientists into shock. Sounds grow tense shortly as well as scientists going nervous.


"What’s happening?"


"The formula is variably changing. It’s fickle."


"Let it proceed. It will get stable eventually." Dr. Wellz is oddly assured and calm.


"Too dangerous!"


Dr. Wellz groans.


"Dr. Wellz?"


No response from the doctor. Apparently she is in a bad situation.


"Shut it Down!!!"


The building shakes violently. Someone screams. The project fails. Everything goes silent in a sudden. The tape is over.


"That’s it?" The Commander asks. Her eyes are fixed with the black screen with a dark frown.


"Yes ma’am. All signals from the lab have been jammed out. It’s been twenty hours. No reports came in after the incident. We know that an experiment was ongoing. Something might have gone wrong and failed the program." The informer informs the Commander.


"Is that all?" The Commander asks impatiently. Nothing about the laboratory incident can satisfy her as all they know is very few. "Any survivors? Any call for help?"


"We are poor on the information. Unfortunately the entire system in the lab has been extinguished. We don’t know what’s going on. Our engineers assume that an explosion is the possible cause of the system disruption. It is not far from reason." The informer says.


"Reason?" The Commander whispers. Her eyes lower, focusing on a point of concentration. "We need to search the lab. Set up a mission. Select the best. I want the lab checked out and full reports within five hours. Search for survivors, find the cause of the error. Find out what happened in the lab."


"Yes ma’am."


Day after day terrible news keep rolling in. She has no authorities or responsibilities over the genetic experiments that goes on in the laboratories. Eliminating the threat and keeping everybody safe is her job. But with everyday passed and no progress they get one step closer to disintegration. S.L.T was proceeding with some good news in the recent times. They had almost succeeded to find a new source of life for the survival of their race. But with this final incident things have gone astray from where they could see it going. If they have failed, that means the entire human race is failing. They must figure it out what happened with the scientists.

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