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Leo is a citizen of Miriam whose boredom of the regular world made approval in him to do something and save his enthusiasm from dying. He wrote a book but in a society of two billion people not a single person tended to read it. However he kept writing for his own enthusiasm, to keep himself going, creating hope in himself to not end up where others are going. But shortly after an incident he will realize something terrible. Something huge is wrong with the people and everything.

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



"Miriam, the city of thousand orders. Two billion people in one vast creation of concrete and steel. Children, teenagers, young and adult all following the very same and simple rule of life, to live on. No one gets involved in crimes. In Miriam nobody is sentenced for robbery, smuggling, or murder, simply because there's no room for crimes. Everyone follows a powerful order defined and applied to all with every means of possibility and occurrence. Nothing goes wrong in the definition of this system. Nobody lies, nobody tricks the other one, nobody gets angry over abnormalities and issues. An ideal world for humanity to live life without worrying about wars. No intruder, no threat. Safety is always on. Disaster is unknown. Humanity have been never this safe and meaningful. But even with all the orders and balance, the system lacks in something huge. Nothing ever goes wrong. The system won’t let it happen. This all good have taken away humanity’s greatest character. Unpredictability. If they are set to do the regular rule, the everyday same job followed by instructions, then they are but programmed intelligence. Feelings have become strangers. Love is suppressed. Hope is exiled. And fear is alien. Death is not unknown."


A thunder bursts, announcing the start of a rainfall. Sky is all grey, a sad bright color that wipes the blue away. This isn’t much of a morning. More like an eager evening. Leo leaves his humble house. That one bedroom apartment. He lives in the quieter parts. He doesn’t like too much noise and lights. Tranquility is what he needs. Writing is all he got. He feels like walking after a long night staying up. When he steps on the stairs to go down, the rain has already begun to fall. It thrums on the roof, pelts the windows and batters the ground like an amateur drummer playing his naive song. He minds not getting wet. This is the kind of mood he likes. The one that inspires him. He’s up to have a walk to catch some motivational sights.


"Here’s a saying: it never ends. What never ends? Simply everything!" He walks the sidewalk along a noisy street, traffic and people with umbrellas. "Right now that I said, you’re scrambling in your mind to find something against it, trying to find the opposite, something contrary to what I said. Why are we like this? Always looking for the otherwise, always looking to prove that it’s not right. But how could they know if they’re not wrong?"


He takes a look up at the raining sky. Some drops touch his face with a sweet chillness. He stumbles into someone. Just a gentle impact of their shoulders. He makes apologize. The guy just passes him on without a word. He slightly gives a sneer and looks at the mindless guy as he gets away.


"The world is a weird place. The minds of the people weirder. So many thoughts and so many different personalities."


Their faces look like senseless sculptures. It appears that the sculptor forgot to pour some feelings into them. All eyes are down or fixed forward. Simply no interest for the world around.


"Look well and you’ll see that there’s not much that separates them from each other. I’m not talking about the color of their eyes or shape of their noses. It’s just all the dull looks and senseless eyes. It’s like I’m walking among a traffic of intelligent zombies. Kinda hate that name, but that’s what’s becoming of this people. It’s an all day same walk. I can’t see the purpose. How can it be so dumb?"


He stumbles into another one. Taken from the last encounter, he prefers to save the apologize. He just turns back to see the girl in hurry. She gives him a smile, trying to show that nothing serious happened. Just fine. That’s something new for certain. Finally some face with a sense in it. Odd but quite nice.


"Sorry." She says to him and keeps walking, no time to stop.


"My bad." Leo responds.


That was a delightful smile. What in the word? He asks himself out.


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