The difference

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There are people with abnormal powers. They live among the others. Some are vicious beings, driven mad by the oppression the Agency applies to them. They believe that they are anomalies and disturb the balance of the world. There are better ones too, who dare to save people and stop the disaster. Yet they are hunted all the same.

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



Ghastly lighting shots strike in the darkest sides of the sky. One, two, three, and comes a horrendous sound. Fearful screams are followed by each roar. They are terrified. The whole city is shocked. People are held prisoners inside. Sky is dropped to the level of the highest towers. Their heads are gone in the dark haze, sinking from the top into the vehemently wroth murk. The next attacks become more intense. The roaring vibrates through the widows, shaking them until they’re nothing but breakage. The wind increases, booming into the city, crashing everything that stands tall on the ground. There are agents all over the street. They try to describe the awe of the storm for their superiors. Their eyes are fixed with the blinding flashes of lighting. Their voice shatters by the burst of each thunder. Their guts are wrenching. He takes his way through them. No worries at them or the raging storm. His aims is steady. He can’t be afraid. Fear is what it has to offer. He doesn’t let it take him.

He can see it. It appears through a quick flash of pure light in the inky sky. So far from there. Has its back on the city, busy destroying that damn site. Shoulders are too high, too big that make the head seem so little. They are attached with sharp blades. Thorns all over its powerful arms. That’s all he can catch in that immediate picture. It disappears in the darkness again. A string of shouts howl. Not as ear-crushing as the thunders. But it has a strong tremor. The immense crump promises a formidable monster. He paces down the street when everybody’s running back. All of a sudden attentions are drawn up. A huge pick of concert is flying in the air. It is heading towards the skyscraper in the close avenue. There’s nothing to stop it. It will cut the head of the building. How many people are there? Hundreds? He assumes for himself. People in the higher floors notice their demise by the unstoppable pick. They scream for their lives. The cry for help shocks him off of his fear of exposure. No one can save them. No one but him.

The family blend into each other's arms as the huge concrete wall becomes bigger in the window frame. The mother holds her children tight. There’s no way to run. They close their eyes, waiting for the painful impact to happen. A sudden blast of unnoticeable air makes his appearance in the room. He stands in front of the windows and stretches his arms forward, his palms wide open, a powerful push through the air. The mighty wall gets surprised by his force. He gives it a shock, pushing it back from the building with all that he got in his arms. The mother has never seen such a thing. The concrete wall falls back. She stares at him with astonished eyes. The danger is removed from the residents of the skyscraper. But he needs to stop the wall from falling on the people below. He disappears in a flash of air just as quick as he appeared. The family will never know who was the stranger guy that came in a flash and saved their lives. But they will never forget.

The concrete wall falls into the river. He appears in the heart of the storm, at the gates of the damn lab, under the massive stature of the monster. It is taller than any skyscraper in the city. He can’t tell what it is made of. Its foot crushes stronger than anything hard. It has turned the building of the lab into a ruination. Its giant steps have left no standing wall. No mercy for the agents or any of the nurses who worked there once. Bodies are extended towards the jungle. It did not let them escape. They are burned by lighting or dead by sharp stakes. The wind is blowing at a hundred miles. His jacket is flapping. It’s hard to see clearly. His presence doesn’t bother the monster. It is looking for more to destroy. That’s its purpose. He must hurry before it decides to throw another random piece of destruction. He can’t focus. He wishes Emma was there. She could sense the force from several miles away. He has to use his best sense of assumption. He can spring through the ruins. But that would be just a pointless search.


"Stop the storm. You’re hurting people." He calls out in the wind.


His voice reaches no way farther than the area of the lab, losing weight in the wind. There’s no answer. The monster smashes the cables. Several swift traces of electricity runs up its leg but its no harm to it. It continues destroying at its normal speed.


"This is not necessary. Nothing’s gonna change like this. You’ll just make it worse." He calls out to the wind again.


No responses. Just wind blowing harsh and thunder thudding hard. Patience was never his best friend. He finds a broken dish nearby and throws it up to the monster. It hits with the back of it, making a clanging sound. This time he is answered, by a strong punch from the monster. It spins directly towards him to make him one with the ground. He springs away, appearing on the other far end of the area.


"Dammit." He curses.


The monster roars with annoyance. Missed a punch. It bends down to look for him while he hangs on the other side. Violence is not an option. He has to use some other methods.


"I know you’re afraid. I know you’re hurt. The agents are terrible people. We don’t have to be terrible beings. Look at what you have done. I don’t care for these monsters. But not everybody’s like them. Thousands of citizens are going to die if you don’t stop the storm. They have nothing to do with it. Leave them out of this. Stop the storm." He says that out load then desperately whispers, "please!"


The rage of the storm decreases. Thunders become less violent over the city. Comes through the ruins, the hazy image of a kid, slowly approaching into a better glance, gradually becoming visible as a little girl.


"Jill." He whispers her name with delight.


This is a great step. But he has to be careful. He knows that the kid has suffered. She is angry. Her green eyes brilliantly shine in that innocent face of hers. There’s nothing evil in her look but a great load of innocence that’s been treated cruelly. It hurts to know the kid's past. But he has to be the cure for her wounds and help her calm down.


"Can I come closer?" He asks.


The monster roars so powerfully, wiping any thoughts for getting closer from his mind.


"Ok. I’ll say it from here." He gets down on his knees, just to let her feel no little in front of him. "I have come to help you. I know how painful it is to hear this for the several time. They tricked you, I know. That was wrong! They wanted to use you. I don’t. You see that I’m with no harm."


"You hurt him." She says. Her voice is little, soft and innocent.


"I was tryina get some attention. I’m sorry." He is and afraid too. She is just a kid but too powerful that he might not be able to escape her if raged. "That’s a nice thing. I know you can create better ones, even bigger. But if destruction is all they know, then they’re gonna look ugly and people will hate them."


"I will kill them all." She says, no fear for her words.


"That’s the most terrible thing to come from you." He says, trying to reason with the kid. "Think, killing is what they do. Hurting is their job. Crashing people's soul is all they know. If you try these things, you won’t be so different. Difference is what makes us better. Different is what bring us together. You can’t be like them. Don’t!"


"Who are you?"


"I’m Allen. I know you. World is not a bad place. There are good days and bad days. But we shouldn’t take it so hard. If you come with me I’ll show you better ways, better things. I’ll help you Jill. I can."


"Why do you want to help me?"




"Because that’s what I do. I help people." As Emma said to him when he asked the same.


"... that’s what I do. I help." He says.


She makes direct contact with him through the eyes. He knows that she can see through him. But he’s not afraid as long as he’s honest. After a few seconds, she begins to approach, and he begins to feel better. She comes and seeks his arms for calm. He wraps his arms around her and holds her dearly, trying to give her the safe feeling that she’s looking for. As he lets her soothe in his arms, the monster begins to show some signs of destruction. It shatters like stone departing into pieces. They collapse over the area and splash some mud and water around. Her rage was what brought it to life. With the girl settled, there is no more need for the monster.


Storm is settled. Sky is still gloomy but no more thunders scare the soul out of the living. A gentle rainfall is pouring with chill. This is the calm after the storm. He has her hand as they walk down the avenue. He takes slow steps to let her catch up with his speed. People have left their houses, sought to have a relief from all fright and danger of the storm. Some discuss how terrible it was. A few of them talk about some weird sightings in the clouds. It is good that they are believed to be hypers, hallucinators.


"Don’t be afraid of what they say. You’re nothing like those names. They’re just afraid. They don’t know what really happened." He says to her.


His eyes are looking for suspicious gazes among the people. Agents can be around. There’s a little chance they have left. Though he’s sure that their styles are normal, but he’s got to be careful. Jill feels like an alien among them. She is afraid of the staring eyes and rough looks. Times that she had to spent in the lab were godawful. This is a relief from all the suffering she was forced to go through.


"Don’t look at them. They don’t understand you. Their eyes are confusing, full of problems, always troubled. They are not afraid of what you are. They fear you for what you can do. That’s the difference. That’s why we are called the differents."

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