Ibn Haldun University: An Embodiment of Academic Excellence and Torchbearer of Intellectual Independence

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ibn Haldun Univerity, a young, vibrant, and energetic university in Istanbul championing the philosophy of Open Civilization and Intellectual Independence.

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018




Ibn Haldun University: An Embodiment of Academic Excellence and Torchbearer of Intellectual Independence


By Lassana V. Donzo


Under the powerful voice of a farsighted and visionary world leader, H.E Pres. Recep T. Erdogan

A voice is echoed! A voice heralding the skies with glad tidings of the birth of a magnificent vision

A vision is entrusted to the industrious hands of TÜRGEV, the staunch backbone of youth’s education in Turkey

Behold! From the happy and friendly hilltops of Basaksehir, Istanbul is blessed with a light!

A light is shined under the auspices of TÜRGEV! A brilliant light of a unique university

A young university is awesomely given birth by the motherly spirit of civilization

Blessed in the honor of Ibn Khaldun, the forerunner, pioneer, and father of all social sciences

A young university built concretely on the pillars of open civilization and intellectual independence

An academic lighthouse covered by the golden shadow of scholarly brilliance and research excellence

A university on whose head rests a great vision far greater than Mount Erciyes

A unique university moving on the academic pedestals of three beautiful mother tongues;

Where the tongue of English is the key to the modern global village, Turkish the door to Turkey, its rich history and culture and Arabic the gateway to the Middle East and the literary world of Islam

A university sculptured with the ornaments of academic excellence and intellectual enlightenment

Where avid seekers of knowledge drink adequately from

the fountains of knowledge, eat from the pearls of wisdom and expertise of

the creme de la creme of Turkish and international academia and intelligentsia,

Of top-notch academicians who have drunken sufficiently from

the fountains of knowledge of some of the best universities on the face of planet earth

ranging from Istanbul to Cairo, From Oxford to London, from Harvard to Yale and Columbia

A university clothed by the garments of profound academic research and rigorous intellectual growth

Where the future Ibn Khalduns, Imam Ghazzalis, Ibn Sinas, Katip Çelebis, Al-Farabis, Ibn Rushds, Ibn Arabis, Fatima Al-Fihris et el, are nurtured, nourished and cooked with the nourishment of academic excellence



A university covered by the blue sky pouring the rain of abundant opportunities on its golden students

A university flying under the dovelike banner of open civilization, peace-building, open-mindedness, humanity and progress

An academic powerhouse where universality and global citizenship are preached, promoted and propagated from a different angle of a breath of a fresh air

A university on whose giant shoulders lies the mammoth bastion of trust of giving a new face to academia

A university on whose giant shoulders lies the Herculean task of making ‘intellectual independence’ to reign across the breadth and length of the nation and beyond

A university whose heavenly arms are wide open to students of every race, religion, ethnicity, civilization, and nationality; where the monster walls of discrimination and segregation are nonexistent

A university starrified with knowledge-hungry and wisdom-thirsty students from the four corners of the earth

An academic arena of the brains, critical thinkers, innovative minds, aspiring and youthful intellectual giants

An outstanding academic institution of higher learning where quality is flagged as a precious blue diamond,

whereas quantity weighs on the scale of preference lightly like an empty peanut blown by the dusty wind of the Sahara

A university whose first body language is generated by smiles, where smile and happiness are being shared as charity from faculty staff to students and vice versa

A university whose second-to-none professors are moons from whose brilliant lights students get illuminated

An academically sophisticated faculty who are the golden luminaries of their students

A university whose professors are innovative polymaths and whose students are philomaths

A university where extracurricular activities are prioritized like priceless treasures

An academic institution where health is wealth, quality education a diamond, culture a gold and sport a silver

An academic temple where students are not imprisoned with the indoctrination of ideas but are left to swim freely and independently in the pool of their own unique ideas and philosophies

An exemplary university which has no rooms for academic barrenness and dependence, academic malpractices, intellectual thievery

A young university whose excellent reputation is spreading on the face of the earth swiftly like the speed of light

Whose glorious reputation of academic excellence has made it a magnet of attraction for both knowledge-seekers and imparters of knowledge

A university whose rich research center is a reservoir to countless up-to-date academic and research materials

A university whose rich library never sleeps, whose eyes and mouths are open to students around the clock (24/7)

A university covered by the blessed spiritual atmosphere of moral and ethical uprightness

A university whose state-of-the-art campus is as gorgeous as ‘Madinat al-Zahra’ and as clean and breathtaking as the streets of paradise

A university whose faculty staff are as committed, dedicated, kindhearted and down to earth as heavenly angels

A university whose Professors’ hearts are golds, in whose eyes students are a world of precious jewels

An internationally acclaimed faculty who are the intellectual figure-fathers and figure-mothers of their students

A university of ideas, where the production, innovation and sophistication of ideas, theories, methodologies, and techniques are mothered

An academic phrontistery cemented on the values and virtues of academic freedom, uniqueness and originality

A young but giant university whose brilliant star of excellence is outshining its centuries-old counterparts in the competitive sky of academia

A sophisticated and goal-oriented university whose heart is tied solely to the noble objective of enlightening the next generational constellation of academic stars

Of men and women who will remedy their nations and societies from the epidemics of academic poverty and intellectual dependence

Of stars who will shine their brilliant lights together in their quotas for the revival of the dead intellectual heritage of the Ummah (Ümmet)

Intellectual revolutionaries who will give an intellectual ‘’Ottoman Slap’’ to and disprove the groundless myth born on unenlightened minds that only the West is gifted with fertile minds/brains for the production of social ideas, thoughts and philosophies

Of men and women of astounding brilliance who will be the modern reincarnations of the dead scholars of the Ummah

Of men and women of ingenious scholarship who will be the architects and engineers of the revival of the Golden Age of the Ummah



A university whose motherly hands treat students gently, tenderly, and lovingly as fresh royal eggs

A university whose vision is tied to driving on the path of reaching the pinnacle of the humanities and social sciences

A university walking on the trajectory of being the breadbasket and think tank of ideas and solutions for the consumption of the nation, globe and Ummah

A university where future, astute world leaders and administrators are born, nourished, and polished

A wave of well-seasoned and vision-oriented leaders who will rise to the sublime heights of changing the colours of the current status quo of the world

Of conscious men and women who will ride the vehicles of open civilizations and global citizenship to ‘’making the world bigger than five(5)’’

Of leaders who will be embodiments of academic sophistication, intellectual inclination, moral rectitude, social responsibility, political consciousness, religious tolerance and zero-degree ego

A student-centered university where the voices of students are sacred, where everything done lies at the bottom of the hearts of students

A university where critical minds are embraced and handed platforms to philosophize on the tenets of logic, ideology, research, civility, substance and construct

A university under whose unifying arms students build unbreakable, untouchable, impenetrable and indivisible friendships on the concrete walls of eternity

True friendships pillared on the values of mutual respect, love, humanity, universal brotherhood, solidarity and sodality

An academic breeding ground dedicated to the breeding of the future ‘men of letters’, sages, researchers, ideologues, pen pushers, thinkers

Noble men and women whose  ideas will be at the forefront of the global market of ideas

Men and women who will champion the cause of excellently writing their civilizations on the golden pages of authentic history

An academic shrine of ideas where scholars, academicians, intellectuals, writers, philosophers, enlightened minds, and experts congregate for the birthing and cross-fertilization of ideas

An international university which has tied the knots of academic friendships with leading overseas universities of the age

An academic arena where the forgotten masterpieces birthed from the inks of the Ulama of the Middle Ages are symbolically brought back to life with a fresh vitality



A university which doesn’t becloud with dust the brains of its students by the limitedness of a one-way curriculum but are instead handed a taste of the light of a comparative curriculum

A university which is a giant beacon decorated with the heavenly daylight of hope for the future of its students, the nation and the entire Ummah

A university which doesn't only grant academic degrees but also bestows on its students the honorable gowns of dignity, integrity, morality, humility, gentility, and discipline

A highly sophisticated and technology-friendly university where modern and up-to-date technology is second in command to professors

A university where students taste from the fruit of a plethora of new skills, experiences, talents, explorations, and exposures

A university where students lay the solid foundations of their awesome dreams, future careers, and aspirations

An inspiring academic arena where students are inspired to dig and discover their God-given, hidden potentials and talents

An international university where students are opportune to taste from and appreciate the juicy nectars of diversity and multiculturalism,

A world-class university flying with the academic wings of the Ottoman heritage of education

A unique university which is an academic Bosphorus bridge blending the academic literatures of the West and East into a unique and balanced curriculum in the intellectual light, spirit, and shades of Ibn Khaldun

A university whose heartbeat is knotted to the conducive global atmosphere of learning for its students

A university whose heart hails the security and well-being of its students as a top priority

A university where the intellectual curiosity of students are satisfied, where their thirst for knowledge is quenched and where their hunger for wisdom is satiated

Ibn Haldun University, a crystal clear symbol, and embodiment of academic excellence, intellectual independence and open civilization


Lassana V. Donzo, an undergraduate student of the Department of Sociology


© Copyright 2019 Lassana V. Donzo. All rights reserved.

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