My Simulation Theory

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My thoughts and opinions on how the world we are living in, may not be how it seems and that everything we experience on a daily basis is just a simulation.

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



My Simulation Theory:

Right, this is my theory that the life we are living in is just a simulation controlled by AI. Let's begin, first of, our universe isn't real. Our world was created from a computer and our world is not the only one. I believe that there were many prototypes were created and ours was the most successful and the rest were discarded. Maybe in the other worlds created there was a lot more poverty or war, too much for the digital humans to deal with so the AI deleted that world and started over from day 1. Our world so far has been the most successful so we haven't been deleted but say if things start going wrong, badly, to the point where the humans in this world can't fix it, a world wide disease that knocks out a lot of the population for example, the AI would delete this world and start over. In my views we essentially live in a Sims game. People were created to be tested. People were put on this planet to be diagnosed with diseases. Sounds messed up I know. Every human has a purpose, no one was put on this planet for no reason. Now, for the most intriguing part in my opinion of my, deluded theory. We are all hard drives, when we die, our lives for stored in a massive database and at any point an AI can take us out, plug us in and watch our lives. For example, an AI might go back to Albert Einstein's hard drive and watch how he became the smartest man to ever live. Then they could duplicate that hard drive and implant it in a babies memory so that baby will go on to invent all sorts of stuff and advance the human race even further. There is an end of days, and it's up to the AI when the world ends. Scientists know that many many many years down the road the sun is going to expand and absorb all the planets and that's how I believe the AI is going to end the world. To put it in simpler terms the AI inserted the Sun like a circle shape on MS Paint and every now and again they grab the corner of the shape and expand it. Another theory I have is that, Deja Vu is just just slightly remembering something from one of the previous prototype worlds. Since all the worlds were similar but everything just worked out slightly different. My final point is that, the likelihood of all this being true is literally 1 in 1 Trillion but just maybe , just maybe, our world is controlled by AIs that put us here to see how well we advance and the world we know today, has been the most successful. -Ben David Griffiths

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