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Its about a shy boy who lives in a small town.
one day his sunshine finds him.

This is my very first short story.
Hope you will find it worth reading!

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



In a small town of taxes

A boy living in poverty with an old lady

He never knew his parents and he did not even care

He was fearless as he didn't have anything to loose

He used to work at a car mechanic shop

Old lady was a teacher in her early years.

She had a lot of books

He used to read them

Some of them he liked

He wanted to be a singer

But he thought he did not have a good voice

Also he could not remember lyrics

He used to listen music all the time

But he could not gather the courage to sing

He never sung in front of anyone not even the old lady

He thought this is something that would never happen for him

He would go to car shop and will be a mechanic

And that was it for him

One day he was all alone in the garage


Then he heard a voice

Hello Is anyone there?

He went to front desk and saw a pretty girl standing at the front gate

He said hi, how may i help you?

She said her car is broken and she needed help

He checked the car and said that it will take some time to fix it

She would have to leave it till tomorrow

She said she has to go somewhere urgently and does not have any alternative

She looked very worried

Boy wanted to help but he was not the owner so he could not give the spare car without the permission,

But then the owner called and asked him to pick some stuff from a nearby town

 She was also going to the theater in nearby town

She was an assistance director of a theater

In the car she played the music and then they started to talk

Girl was impressed with his music knowledge.

She asked if he knew how to sing

He hesitated as he never discussed this with anyone.

He said yes maybe

She insisted him to sing something.

He just sung few lines of his favorite song

She looked impressed

Boy was feeling shy

He dropped her to the theater

She invited him to watch the play.

He said he has to pick the stuff

But  if he got free he will come and watch

She said good bye and went inside

Boy thought for a moment and with a cute smile he also left

He wanted her to know more and he was comfortable with her


He picked up the stuff early and then went to the theater

She saw him on the chair and smiled

He watched and then she came to him and told about the show

She invited him and then they were in the  car going back to the town

She said you sing a really well and you should sing in front of an audience

He smiled and said as you say.


He was thinking about her all the night

His mind was just thinking about her he could not control it

Next day she came to check on the car

And then they talked a little bit and she went

After few days he went to watch the show

He could not stop looking at her as she was looking so beautiful that night

He was so mesmerized

That night he wrote a song about her

And wanted to play for her

He decided that he would sing in front of the world.

He told the old lady that he likes singing and want to pursue.


And he met a girl

Old lady was very happy for him

Few days past one day he met with the girl and tried telling her

He sung the song and she liked it

She was astonished with his voice

She motivated him to be a singer

And he tried and tried hard

Few years later he got famous for his singing talent

Got a lot awards and numerous record deals

She was the sunshine of him.

She encouraged him to be what he truly was.



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