Facebook/Double Life PT2

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Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



Facebook/Double Life PT2

It’s like opening Pandora’s box

Found a key to a door that should’ve been locked

I could cry but it’s got me flowing with emotions

I’m sad, and mad…your spell has been broken

Everything that I thought was happening happened

I’m heartbroken…shattered am saddened

But I’m mostly disgusted, you’ve had so many women

You’ve touched, you kissed, you fucked, so many women

All the while I was faithful, to a man that was everyone else’s

I thought what we had was great, unique, so special

What I found was so unbelievable, it’s almost funny

Because, I never thought about what u were doing when your away from me

I would’ve never guessed you were living like that

You bugged up about 3 issues, but you had women 50x that

All I ever did was conversate cordially and I still felt guilty

Not knowing my man was out here living filthy

You should be ashamed, or at least feel some remorse

I’ve seen years of betrayal and lies, and you still add more

Yet you say it’s my fault, I don’t do what you ask

I don’t act like what your use to, I can’t upkeep the task

I’m thinking you cannot be serious, only real men deserve compromise

Only faithful and loyal men deserve to live up to standards of that size

I could give you the world, but am not sure if I want what everyone has had

You have been with over 100 females over the past 7yrs, and that is bad

Because we’ve been together for those 7yrs

Even though we had small breaks, it was 7yrs

7 of which I’ve always been loyal and true

I’ve opened this dark secret…. now I no longer know you


Charday Benson

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