Shady Hill Asylum

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Prompt: Walking through a dark asylum. Voices call out, what do they say?

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



Shady Hill Asylum


“Sweetheart, you get more beautiful every time I see you.”

A girl rolled her head bashfully.  “I-I do it for you, Dirk.”

Sharp pangs tightened his chest.  Oblivious, the girl’s wide eyes gazed into him; pursed lips exposed her submission.

Dirk resituated his stool, crossing his legs before her.  His foot lightly tapped the metal cage; she reached out to caress it.

Before her hand could touch, he pulled back.  “We can’t jeopardize these visits.  If they catch you…“ 

He paused to consider the next line.  “…I don’t think my heart can fathom it.”

Her eyes fell.  Rescinding that hand, she picked at her jumper.  “Do you think about me?”

“Would I venture into such a dungeon were it not for you?”

A voice chided from behind.  “Don’t you be stealing my woman!”

Dirk spun around.  A man with bandaged wrists peeked through a set of bars; his unflinching black pupils offered a challenge. 

Fumbling around in his pockets, Dirk accepted.  He fished out a chunk of metal and tossed it to the bandaged man.  “Take me from this woman if you dare, but I will fight with every ounce of my being.”

The bandaged man lost.  “Aww, you know I’m only kiddin’.  I can’t compete with you, bud.”

Dirk nodded, then stood from his stool, dusting off his slacks.  He picked up the chair and returned attention to the caged woman.  “My dear, time is up.  Do think of me as well.”

A large smile beamed across her face.  “I will! I will!  Next time, I’ll be even more beautiful…you’ll visit again, right?”

“Never could I not long for you.”

With that, he turned to retrace his steps down the dank corridor.  He passed by dozens of cells, each stuffed with occupants.  Ignoring their murmurs, he rang the call button at the end.

Security staff escorted him out.

A tall man greeted his return.  “Did you make any progress?”

Dirk considered the question.  “Yes.  Lucille’s facial lesions are becoming septic.  If she scratches anymore, no amount of antibiotics will save her.”

“Excellent!  She's been here too long already.  I appreciate your assistance.  Can you take on a couple extra clients?  It seems no matter how well you perform, admissions can hardly keep a lid on the influx.”

“Tuesdays are free.”  Dirk began to walk away.  “However, my trial rates have ended.  Do bear that in mind.”

He left the tall man to ponder his offer, stopping briefly in front of another door.  The guards buzzed him in. 

Only two more wings to go.

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