Chosen - A Curse Within a Curse

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Abducted to be the bride for a cursed king, Lily Jacobson needed to discover the truth behind the shape-shifting citizens and their cursed fate. If she could not break their curse within a fortnight, they would force her to remain within the City of Silver Stone until death. With vague, hazy memories of their enchanted, mystical world, Lily felt drawn not only to the mysterious, immortal people but also to their king.

Table of Contents

The Cursed Ones

The Great Mother's iron and gold tower stood from the far reaches of the City of Silver Stone, shrouded in an eternal fog. Like ... Read Chapter

Who is Cherem?

Gulfport, Mississippi  May 2018    Zyler Beauton stumbled down Interstate 10 betw... Read Chapter

Date Night Blues

  Lily Jacobson was in trouble. Her date with her brother's partner was in two hours, and she could not choos... Read Chapter


With a muttered curse, Derek reached for his cup of lukewarm coffee. Despite the slimy taste, he took a swig and set the ha... Read Chapter

His Secret Place

Dimension Xi - Silver Stone  At the edge of a lake, Cherem, the King of Silver Stone, sat on the grass and gazed do... Read Chapter


    A few days earlier  Gazing out the stained-glass window across f... Read Chapter

The Prophecy

  "Alestair?" Lily whispered after waking up in the dark.  At first, she was afraid, but then ... Read Chapter

The Lake

  Near the edge of the Thousand Year Forest, Alestair dropped to his knees at the spot where Lily last stood.... Read Chapter

Broken Memories

  "What do you mean they abducted her?" Cherem shouted while astride his black and white speckled horse. ... Read Chapter

The Dungeon

Cherem dreamt of the day he saw her face to face, but this was not how he wished to meet her. Why did he leave her safety in the... Read Chapter

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