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Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



"How can I find myself when I don't feel contentment of what I have?” The boy who has everything mumbles this question in middle of the night. "Will I find someone who can accept me?" The boy who is thirsty of love and acceptance blurted out this question. These two different individual feels uneasiness and emptiness. Will they find the missing piece to completely resolve the question?

There was a boy named Troi. He is a jolly person, nice to come with him have a sense of humor, intelligent person, sweet to everyone and most of all caring. He is not contented with all the characteristics he have. Because of all his friends he is the only one who has no relationship. He always blames himself for not being handsome. But the truth is, he is really a handsome guy. He is a single person since birth. He tries every single app for him to have a relationship but nothing happen.

One beautiful day, something pops up in his phone as if it’s a notification. He opens it quickly and he was amazed.

"Wow! A new app! I must try it! For me to be inform and to be updated about this new app", he uttered excitedly.

After logging in, the application notify him saying, Welcome to messenger! Find new friends to chat with.

Knowing the problem of Troi, he immediately uses the app saying, Thanks G! Thanks G! For the app!

He thanked God for the app. He is very happy on that day. He scroll, he chat, he laugh, he smile, and he do every single thing that is not seem to be like him.

For the past few months, he is very unsatisfied with the result because he did not find any chat mate that is made their relationship last longer because he is very picky and he always neglect the people who he don’t like or chat with.

On October 14, he received a message from a person named Samuel. He didn't expect to receive a certain message on that day. He reached his phone which is placed on his study table. The message goes like this,

"Hi Troi! Good day! I’m Samuel from Booy, Tagbilaran City. The purpose of this message is only to be your friend or let say for friendship and that’s all."

The message that Troi received makes him blush and idea on his mind. He accepts the message and on that day they chat and chat and chat. He was flabbergasted knowing the fact that he somehow found someone whom he can talk to and spend his time the most.

Troi and Samuel seem to be so close to each other. They already telling secrets and family backgrounds, sending photos and having video calls. Day by day the relationship of these two became stronger and blooms like a flower.

But the only thing is that Samuel only exerts effort specially in giving mobile load to Troi every time he runs out of load. It seems that Samuel is the only one who really put so much attention and it keeps on bugging him what is there true relationship.

Meanwhile, Troi thinks that Samuel has a huge crush on him. He thinks that maybe it is just his imagination and he just slips things away.

Months pass by again, they continue in chatting. They continue exchanging conversations each day and even exchanging the happenings in their lives.

Troi is very curious about what he feels and what Samuel feels.

He immediately gets his phone and hands shaking while typing these words. "Sam, do you like me? Or do you love me? Or do you have a crush on me?"

Troi is very dismay because Sam is inactive for 10 minutes after receiving the chat message. He was about to tell Sam that it was a joke but suddenly a message from Sam pops up. "Yes." With a happy emoji attach after the message.

Without any further delay, Troi replied him with a smile and pinkish cheeks paints all over in his face

After knowing that both of them have a mutual feeling, they decided to meet in the cinemas to watch a movie.

"Hey Troi, we should watch how to train your dragon 3? Sam invites Troi.

"Can we watch another movie, Sam?” Troi replied with irritated emoticons.

"Troi, just for this once, Can you go with me?  Sam pleads. "Fine, let’s meet on Friday." Troi said with a dismay feeling. As days pass by, the two of them finally meet. They hug and formally introduce each other. As they watch the movie, Sam notice Troi is sulking on his seats and not uttering a single word. So, he doesn’t bother Troi asking what his problem is. When the movie ends, Troi slowly face to Sam and said "Nice meeting you, Sam. Maybe I should head home first, my mom texted me to go with her to buy some flowers in the mall. Thanks for the day. Bye. “He turns around and run as fast as he could. He can't bear to listen on Sam's excuse again. Troi thought that it is only Sam who is enjoying the movie considering that it is their first meet up.

As he reach his pad. He directly close the door and go to his bedroom. He unconsciously cried. "I hate this feeling. I don't want to talk to him anymore. “Troi blurts out with anger and pain. He cried so much that he didn't notice that he fell asleep.

Ding dong, the sound of the bell rings. He indolently opens the door. As he raises his eyes it is him, it is Sam. He is about to close the door when Sam stop him. "Can I talk to you?" Sam asks Troi's permission to talk to him in order to settle the misunderstanding.

Troi nods and he leads Sam on the living room. They talk to each other. The real reason why Troi went home and Sam explained why he wants to watch How to train to train your dragon 3 because it is his favorite movie and he wants to watch the movie with his special someone. Somehow, all the circumstances ended up with a rainbow. Everything is already fine now.

Samuel propose for the relationship to be confirm, true and valid. And then Troi automatically answer him yes with a joyful face, with a blushing cheek, with a jump that is being so happy about the event happen.

Many years pass by, Troi really changed a lot. He feels satisfaction and real contentment in life. He thanks God first of course, for changing his way of living and his perspectives in life. He is now very glad to meet the one change him, the one who fills in his emptiness and the one who puts color in his dim world. It is Samuel, his one and only Sam.

People come and go in your life. Some stays while others leave. It doesn't matter who leaves what matters the most is you find someone whom you can lean on and trust you the most. To someone who can brings out the best in you.


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