Untold Part

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Her untold part...

Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



[I’ve got way too much time to be this hurt

Somebody help, it’s getting worse

What do you do with a broken heart?

Once the light fades, everything is dark

Way too much whiskey in my blood I feel my body giving up

Can I hold on for another night? What do I do with all this time?]

It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply. This bruised and broken love scarred my being. The memories we made is feeding my thoughts inside my chaotic mind. I took a very deep heave and exhaled pessimism from my sleeve, but what can I do if this pain is long overdue?

It was 9:54 in the evening when you beeped my phone through chat. You were a stranger to me and so am I to you. You said “hi” and that’s how we started to morning the night. Exchanging of corny jokes made our chat alive. I was amazed because you had the heart to laugh out from my entries by typing your intense “HAHAHA!”

Days passed and our communication is stable—phone calls every day and night and of course, chat. One time on our phone call conversation, you expressed your feelings towards me. You, alien! I was caught off guard! I didn’t imagine you’ll say that because we just knew each other recently. What I respond was the basic—are you serious?!

Countdown started for our first meeting and that is one month to go before my birthday: you’re already inviting yourself to come. Yes, you read it right, he’s inviting himself. And imagine everyone, we came this far, we still have our communication. Mabuhay! Okay, halt, I suddenly came into this thought, “Why am I feeling this abrupt happiness? Is this for real?”

There’s already a week left and on that night, we had our petty sort of fight. We were middle in our chat when you didn’t reply. Alright, what was that? Why am I having this kind of strange feeling? Then your message suddenly popped up. I read it. Wow, that was a blow! He’s busy chatting with his ex-girlfriend. That’s an “I don’t know what to reply moment” for me though. So what I told him was to take his time on her. He showered me messages after that but I didn’t bother to read any of it. Childish? No, it’s not. I just let my emotion driven me. Several minutes, I decided to read his messages. His reply made my heart to beat rapidly, “ARE YOU JEALOUS?” Yes, it was in all caps lock. My jaw dropped, am I jealous? No, it couldn’t be! I don’t have any feelings for this alien.

So, the day of judgment came. I mean, my day of birth. He called me that he’s already outside our house. I was an instant Flash-like and there he was, standing and smiling from ear to ear. I was astonished by his presence. He looked so fresh! I slowly made my way to him and so he is. He hugged me so tight that I hardly could breath for a minute. He let go and leaned towards me to level our height. Looking straight in the eyes for a moment, he then tenderly kissed my forehead.

I can still remember that vividly. It’s recorded and saved and sealed in every corner of my mind. That moment was so surreal. That euphoria I felt must be kept; must be treasured. Memories don’t hold daggers but why does remembering it pains me? That past has passed and I need to let it go…

Your graduation was approaching and you requested me to be there on that special day. Yes, I came and I was sitting at the last part of the auditorium. I was so proud of you when you got your diploma. Who wouldn’t be, right? Studying in college is not a piece of cake; it will consume the every part of you until you’ll fall and stand up again. I can’t help but to imagine that you’re already wearing your police uniform. I remembered what you shared to me that you like to serve the country. But that scene was cut off. Who is she? Why is she hugging you like there’s no tomorrow, babe? I went blank for a moment, and there, your eyes landed on me. Shocked was evident in your eyes but I managed to plaster my smile. There’s nothing to be worried about, right? But fate is cruel. Sounds cliché but it’s more than true. You went to me with her behind your back. You hugged me but I didn’t wrap my arms around you. I said my warmest congratulations to you and shyly presented my small gift. You uttered your small thanks and smile. In a snap, you remembered her. You held her hands and said, “We’re back together.”

From there, I realized what this childish feeling I am holding for long is. As much as I wanted to curse you death for the pain, all I wanted was you stay for me to feel how forever feels, but I need to let you go. I need to set aside this feeling of mine. Loving someone doesn’t always mean you fight for them. Sometimes loving someone means letting them go. If happy is her, then I’m happy for you. This pain should make me stronger. These tears should make me braver. This heartbreak should make me wiser. Therefore, we should grow through what we go through.

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