The Hapliarus

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Submitted: October 14, 2018

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Submitted: October 14, 2018



No scale , she decided unexpectedlyo to be one of that huge crowd with a greedy trepidation , with colossal crevice in her essence till the existence she said "yes..I do" , readily the nonentity found its quit way to start the writing of her diaries her lethal scenario without any prolegomena , Monica die after the very first edge ..after the very first kiss and she woke up one day on her first vacuous page beside a man named to be her husband,she took a black pen throwing on a very old wood table beside the bed she tried to find something to write on it but nothing around her can be the instrument of a real remembrance only that white linen dress can possibly be but how to hide the trace without touching the stale fabric , her first night was so far to be touched by the blue sky . "What are you doing?" Suddenly Tomas said "You freaking me out " said Monica while closing the dressing she turned to Tomas and add " I'm looking for something to wear " " oh yes I forget Sofia brought you some clothes last night they are in the kitchen beside the sink in a brown leather bag " " but I can't go down like that !" "Like that "He replied sarcastically then added "You can nodoby is in the house " she went down the stairs as if no one was watching her straight away to the kitchen to take the bag , and when she get close to the sink she noticed that she never heard about Sofia before and keep asking herself about who is she when unexpectedly someone knock on the door and from the kitchen window she saw a grey-haired man wearing a blue grubby jumpsuit , she quickly climbed to the bedroom to tell Tomas that a stranger came to visit them , "There is someone outside " "And what! Did you see who it is ?" "No I can't he is an old man apparently a farmer " " are you serious ? Oh Monica this is a new game or what " "Why you said that " " Because you were so whimsical last week and yet " " Why you said this to me I only meet you twice last week I cannot understand why you are so churlish to me " " Alright I think that we have to see the doctor again "

In the moment where no place to be her shulter after many years of struggles to reflect a body of another soul she decided to tell Tomas the truth about her and James Ronand .

The story began tweenty years ago when Monica was only seven years old and she started to see some strangers came and appear continuously around her family house in the beginning she ignored them and she think that they are a new neighbours started to live in her town so she forget to tell her parent about this till the day and when she was on the yard someone came and sit in front of her saying nothing she said surprisingly " who are you ?" The man remain silent just looking into her eyes she added " this is not polite this is a private territory you are not allowed to enter " she tried to scream but she can't like this stranger fixed her something like a spell or hypnosis , the man keep silent then suddenly wake up and go and as she cannot turn to see him vanished .The man visited her almost daily since that first day and she started to notice some things unusual happened every time he came

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