The Young Skinny Bloke.

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The young men at the swimming pool took it out on the skinny bloke.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018



The three young men at the swimming pool were extremely harsh towards the young skinny bloke. Every time they saw him, they would laugh him to scorn. They didn't think he was much; and they had this way of showing off to the girls that were there. The young skinny bloke would come in every Wednesday, take no notice of the other boys, and do his swim. One of the boys approached him one day, and said to him, ''You're as skinny as can be,'' and started laughing out loud. The young skinny bloke said nothing, and went away.
At home, the young skinny bloke looked at a picture of his hero pasted on the wall. The eyes said quite a lot. The standing posture, he admired. The skinny boy had been watching night after night films of his hero. He often looked in the magazine, staring for long periods at the pistures of his hero. There was one picture that really captured him. He practised daily the position he saw in the magazine; and he became very good at it. The skinny boy stood in the middle of his living room and started imitating his hero; speed and concentration were very important. He learned the breathing technique well. Bringing his right foot up and controlling it as if was a stick, he was very good at it. Now he had nothing to fear.

The next time the skinny bloke went to the swimming pool,he was confronted by the three boys. They began to take the mickey out of him, just like they had done before. he faced them,started his breathing process, his chest started swelling out, his eyes penetrating watching them deeply, then a step forward, crying out loud. The three young boys hastily ran away from the pool.

The End.

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