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A short piece that I wrote 2 yeas ago about three friends and a summer that they will never forget, whether for good or for worse.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018



Three children can be seen sitting on a log near a stream. One of them looks up at the sky and says “So this is the final day huh…” Staring at the multitude of clouds above, his mind wandering to the near future.

“What do you mean?” Looking back down to earth he looked over to his right to meet two large green eyes staring into his. In front of him sat his longtime friend Mashiro, a girl with a plethora of spirit for only a eleven year old. He had known her since birth, his parents and hers were close friends.

Mashiro had a slim figure for a eleven year old. Puberty had already taken hold. Her hair was a light golden brown, complimenting her already lively eyes. Her face was sharp and well flushed her nose small but cute, her cheeks a rosy red with freckles sprinkled across them giving her a friendly appeal, one that you would love to get to know. Today she had picked out a nice white T-shirt and blue shorts that came just below her knees, these already dirtied from there play also giving her a rugged feel something he always admired her for, her ability to take so much as well as dish out even more.

Looking into her eyes I could tell that she hadn’t been told, her eyes, sparkling with life, confident and undeterred but, deep within they betrayed her true feelings. A look of confusion and fear trying to escape. It always pained me when she did that, holding in her true feelings masking them with her ambition, and determination. Looking into her eyes I hadn’t noticed how close her face was to mine, but when I realized it I reflexively jumped back. Forgetting that I was on a log I fell backward off the log and onto the grass behind. With a thump I cringed and gasped, the pain so sudden and unexpected. I rose onto my elbows and rubbed the back of my head, I could have sworn I had a lump there now, but when I looked back up I saw Mashiro blushing and giggling her hand trying to cover her smirk. “What so funny?!” I said exasperated and embarrassed.

“Oh nothing” She said turning and giggling some more.

“Oh great now I’m a laughing stock…” Smirking I stood back up and brushed off the grass on my shirt and walked back around the log to sit back down.

Next to my friend was J a new kid on the block, but me and him had gotten together quite well, even if he was only an eight year old he was a well matured eight year old. He had short shaggy brown hair that came just below his eyes almost like blinds to hid his eyes and true feelings but I had gotten past that quite easily. He had pale skin for a kid that spent most of his time outdoors, he had a League shirt on with black shorts that seemed a bit too big for him. When I first met him he was quite a recluse but over time I was able to slowly bring him into the light of life, it was hard but worth it.

“So what did you mean by, day…” Mashiro asked looking at me again this time not hiding her emotions, she was obviously very worried about that statement.

“” I couldn’t believe she hadn’t known, my parents said they would tell her, but why hadn’t they? “ it was nothing just a thought of mine..I’m sorry I worried you…” rubbing the back of my neck embarrassed now, I tried to smile but I could only half heartedly do it. I couldn’t lie to her but I also didn’t want to hurt her, damn why couldn’t my parents have told her.

“Are you sure, you look… Troubled… Did I.”

“No, no, no, no not at all it’s not you, it’s nothing truly don’t worry about it” I don’t think I helped comfort her, but she seemed to drop the subject, for now that is. Staring down at my feet I had so much going through my mind, too much, bad thoughts, good thoughts and dreams that will seem to never come true anymore. I didn’t, no couldn’t tell her, I would hate myself to much for distressing her, worrying her and the like.


”Yes?!” I said looking up at Mashiro meeting her eyes once more, those beautiful eyes, you could lose yourself in them for sure, hey now, pay attention stupid. I mentally slapped myself. Looking up at her I waited for her to continue “Where do you think we will be in seven years?”

“ be honest I don’t know, graduating high school hopefully…” I watched from where I sat and saw her nod as she looked past us to the field beyond.


After a few moments I turned and looked into the field as well, watching with her the grass dance in the wind. The bees busily going from one flower to the next, the smells of dirt and flowers drifting over to us.

I can’t believe this will be the last time we will be here, all three of use, together. Sighing I looked back up into the sky and lost myself again in the clouds, the ever changing clouds. Breathing deeply I tried to relax but couldn't, not with all that was on my mind. It seemed like only a minute, but when I felt something on my arm I returned to reality. That was when I noticed that the sky had already turned orange, I was surprised, had I lost track of time? Looking around J had already left, his curfew earlier than mine. But what bothered me the most was what was touching my right arm. Slowly turning my head which was already hard enough to turn with aching muscles I noticed that something just wasn’t touching my arm, but hugging it.

“Ma..Mashiro!” My skin turning a bright red and already my back perspiring, my eyes widened as I watched Mashiro leaning against me, dozing. Her body was pressed against mine her warmth almost unnatural but comforting. It’s been years since she had done this, but it wasn’t unwelcome, it was just, unexpected. All I could do was stare at her, wondering why she was cuddling with me, I saw older people or couples do this but-”Hu?” I stopped myself as I heard something.


I tensed as she tightened her grip on my arm her chest pushing against it. “Uh...Ma, Mashiro you okay?” All I got was a nod from her, her face buried in my chest, her eyes closed. This situation was getting quite uncomfortable for me, but at the same time, not. I don’t know how to explain it but- “William.”

”Ye..yes…” Wait, did she just call me by my full first name?

“Don’t, go…”

”Uh...what do you mean…” I replied, my voice faltering. She slowly rose her head and at the moment I saw why I had heard something strange, there were tears streaming down her face. “Mashiro…”

”Don’t…” She rebutted, her eyes hardening, tears still running from them “Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving...Why Will.” Mashiro said starting to sob. I had no response ready, I never wanted to tell her because I knew she would be heartbroken that her best friend would be leaving.

“J…” I muttered

“He told me while you fell asleep.... Why didn't you want to tell me?” Her sobs cutting in every other word.

“I...I never wanted to worry you or...or…” I lost my train of thought as I looked into her eyes, they were trembling just like the rest of her body. “I never wanted to hurt you in any way Mashiro I-”

“You didn’t want see me like this…” Her sobs getting worse as she continued to speak “You never do! It is always what you want or what you think is best for someone else… But have you considered what anyone else wants?” This time she broke out crying her words lost in the sobbing.

“I-I…” I just couldn’t say anything to her, she was right I always did think about myself trying to control how others would think, the very thought of it making me sick to my stomach. Closing my eyes for a split second I readied myself to speak to her, to explain to her, but when I opened them she was looking me straight in the face.

“Why do you have to go…” Her sobs less erratic

“I have to go, my parents…”

“No I know it wasn’t their choice it was yours… that you wanted to leave this backwater town!” The last words hitting me like a punch to the gut.

“Mashiro…” I tried to reach for her but she moved back, standing on her feet she looked me in the eye and said “I thought we were friends! Best friends… I thought best friends weren’t supposed to keep secrets from each other...” Sobbing with tears streaking down her cheeks, she turned on her heels and ran, she ran down the hill, across the stream and past the field towards town.

“Mashiro…” My arm outstretched towards her disappearing figure, closing it into a fist I slammed it into the log. My skin broke, and blood poured from the cut vigorously, but I paid no mind to it, grimacing and crying, not because of the pain but because what I had chosen was because of her, because of what could happen to my friends and family if I had stayed. “I chose to leave... Mashiro, to protect everyone…the only true reason why I’m so selfish”

That day was the last I saw her, not even the day I left in the large moving truck did I see her waving goodbye with the other kids. I regret that I hadn't been able to explain it to her, even if I did, she wouldn’t have understood. It has been seven years since then, today I’m turning eighteen and heading into my final year.

I could never tell her the truth, I would lose too much if I did. “Mashiro…”

“Come on Krieger or we will be late for the first day of school.” Jolting back to reality a sudden thought popped into my head. I am going to be late for school! Oh man. “Coming Matt!”


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