Anna's Wish- Flash Fiction Challenge

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A short story for day eleven"s prompt. I didn't choose prompts over the weekend because I was too busy. If nothing else it gave anyone following along a chance to catch up.

Sorry if it feels like I stopped in the middle of the story. This prompt needs much more than 1500 words to do it justice. So I apologize in advance.

Submitted: October 15, 2018

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Submitted: October 15, 2018



Flash Fiction Challenge Day Eleven

A young girl writes about a fantasy world and one night is transported there. She has until dawn to find a way out.


Angry, muffled voices, reached the small upstairs room. Anna sat on her bed, a composition book lay open in her lap. Her pen scratching furiously across the paper. Writing was her escape. Whenever her parents fought she opened a notebook and lost herself in the fantasy world she was creating. Killkata was a magical place full of elegant elves, brave knights, strange creatures and constant adventure. She heard a glass shatter down stairs. She ran her fingers over the blue letters in her notebook. If only the magic of Killkata was real.

“I wish I could leave this world, I wish I could join Sir Devin Drake, or Ephanie the elf huntress,” she whispered. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Tears left cold lines down her cheeks before falling, dotting her paper with sad blemishes. The red glow of a bright light shining on her closed eyelids caught her attention. She opened her eyes, dropping her notebook in surprise. White light as bright as the summer sun radiated from the pages. A gust of wind ripped around the room. Anna got to her feet and inched closer. She leaned over the book and looked into it. It was as if she was looking through a window. Tall green grass covered a rock speckled landscape. Two figures fought, their swords locked in a pattern of attack, parry, repeat. Each one waiting for the other to make a mistake. She recognized the scene, it was from her story. Sir Drake was fighting Jaak, an Orc war chief. She covered her mouth with her hands, she had just written Sir Drake would fall to the orc. She had to do something, she had to rewrite the story.

Anna grabbed the edges of the notebook in a vain attempt to close it. It felt as if it weighed a literal ton. Panting from the effort she gave up. She watched in horror as the two battled on.

“Look out!” Screamed Anna. Sir Drake paused, quickly looked over his shoulder looking for the source of the scream. A simple mistake, but more than enough of Jaak to exploit. Anna’s jaw dropped open as Jaak brought down his two handed great sword onto Sir Drake’s helm. The orc was so strong, and delivered so much force the knight’s helm folded in on itself crushing Sir Drake’s head. Fresh tears welled in Anna’s eyes. She lifted her hands into the air with the intent of hammering them down on her notebook. Instead of paper and wood floor her hands met open air. Losing her balance she fell forward landing on her stomach amongst the tall grass.

Anna sat up on her knees and looked around. The wind moved the grass like waves on an endless sea of green and yellow. Her eyes widened. Not ten feet in front of her was the lifeless body of Sir Drake. Anna heard the rushing of sharp deep breaths like a dog sniffing for food scraps. Jaak lifted his nose tot eh wind. He had started to walk away when Anna’s sent reached him.

“Where did you come from?” growled the orc as he started towards her. Sir Drake’s bastard sword lay in the grass in front of her. Jaak re-drew his sword quickening his pace as Anna grabbed the dead knight’s sword by the hilt. It was too heavy, she couldn’t lift the sword. Behind her the hole formed by her notebook was still open. If she could get back to it maybe she could get away.

“Get over here! Where do you think you’re going?” Jaak said in his gruff voice.

Anna looked over her shoulder, her foot caught on a rock and she fell. Jaak laughed, “Pathetic human.” He lifted his great sword over his head. An arrow glanced off the steel of his half helm. Then another sunk into the green flesh of his shoulder.

A black and white striped shadow cat leaped over Anna tackling Jaak. Together they rolled, savage growls and roars from both parties.

“Are you alright? Can you walk?” Anna smiled up at Ephanie.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she took the elf by the hand and together they ran for the tree line in the distance.

“What about Night?” Asked Anna looking back at the shadow cat.

“He will catch up. Trust me, when I say, he is strong,” Said Ephanie. A pair of elves stood at the tree line shooting arrows over Anna and Ephanies heads’.

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