Doves and Lovelies

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Jc Bell

Clara Roderikson lived within a district of Rainsomore on the right side of the wall. Discovering the truth about her city, Clara must find the Creator of 'them' - the dark, frightening monsters that fed on the Doves - for her to protect her family. To do that, she needed to become a Lovely to search for answers. Every three years the Talent Trials gave the Doves a chance to become a Lovely and move to the left and safer side of the wall. With the judges only selecting ten winners out of thousands to move to the City of Jewels, Clara's chances at succeeding appeared impossible.

Edgar Roald Wilhelm IV, prince of the Lovelies, vowed to dispose of the filth within his kingdom that fought to oppose his righteous quest for vengeance. Tasked to stop the Doves' Revolt, he aimed to gain his father's approval on tearing down the wall. If the Doves' resistance surrendered peacefully, he would succeed, but to do that, he must infiltrate the Doves to meet with their leader. By selecting a woman from the Talent Trials to marry him in name only, she could teach him how to look and act like a Dove. Once he finished using her, they would go their separate ways.

Table of Contents

The Wall

  (POV: Clara)  I wearily stepped out from the back entrance of the dressmaking shop that I worked at. Lig... Read Chapter

The Talent Trials

  (POV: Clara)  “What do you mean,” I asked without hesitation.  Judy ran her hand th... Read Chapter

Dauths Meant Death

(POV: Clara) As I stood and listened to Judy's screams, her voice grew fainter until I no longer heard her. I gripped the ed... Read Chapter

A Queen's Betrayal

  (POV: Edgar)  In the library, I sat in my father's large armchair with a fiction novel that I wasn't eve... Read Chapter

Plan B

(POV: Edgar) "We agreed before that if you gained eighty percent of the population's approval, I would remove the wall... Read Chapter

The Rules

(POV: Clara)  The soft clicking of the ceiling fan woke me, and while I watched its blades spin, I recalled the pas... Read Chapter

Family Choices

(POV: Clara) After spending three days in the hospital, they released me to return home. I learned Darla had sent a le... Read Chapter

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Yui Akihiko

Please read my work.

Sun, May 12th, 2019 7:51pm

Jc Bell

Nice start. Good work developing such a grim setting. Maybe just a sign of the times, but while reading this I really felt the hardship and depression the characters are forced to endure living in Desirable.
Looking forward to more,

Fri, April 17th, 2020 1:55am

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